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  1. We use Auboise in the bottom tray of the eglu (on Kooringas recommedation) as it doesn't smell at all. We put bark in the main run, but will be changing to Auboise in that too when we next celan it out. We've got pekin bantams, and their trousers get really mucky on bark - so hopefully this will be cleaner.
  2. Hi, I've just read this article - very interesting reading for anyone trying to be green, Vicki http://www.readersdigest.co.uk/green-living-i-69.html
  3. Just checked the water company - and of course - no free water butts where we live, I've had a look at crocus, what a great website - I didn't know you could get wall mounted water butts, or ones that looked so pretty. Thanks again, Vicki
  4. Hi, Has anyone got a space saving water butt? We want to install one in the garden but they all look huge. Does anyone know of a small one? Thanks
  5. Did you ever get an answer on how long to cook the eggs for - I want mine soft boiled (oh, and a glass of wine!)
  6. Hi, Well I've now had 4 eggs in a week from my 2 star layers (the other 2 are a bit distracted I think), and I've sat watching them for hours to work out who is laying. As it's Easter Sunday today - we are going to eat our first eggs - and I wanted to boil them - does anyone know how long a very tiny bantam egg needs to be soft bolied? I really don't want to ruin our first eggs by overcooking them (after all the hard work the girls have out in!), Thanks Vicki
  7. What a great game - too addictive - I should be working now!
  8. Thanks for the reminder - I've missed the all of them so far - I'm really looking forward to it after reading this thread, Vicki
  9. My local pub does a great range of Homemade soup, one of the more eccentric was Carrot and Orange, I just had to try it - as it sounded so strange - and it was delicious - I now make it quite a lot!
  10. Hi Martin, I think B would be better - another question though - what way does your garden face - as your chooks probably don't want to be in full sun in the summer as they would get too hot. When do you get your eglu?
  11. Can I be added to the list too please. As so many people have read it - I want to see what's it's all about, Thanks, Vicki
  12. Hi, Just been to the shops and have found a baby duck hiding in the door to the CO-OP, I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to find it's mum to no avail. We have hundreds of ophan ducks in the village where I live and as everyone is quite rural they let them fend for themselves which I just couldn't do - survival of the fittest and all - she would stand a chance. I had 2 baby ducks last year (they were suicidal in front of my car), and I grew them up to about 5 months old when they could fly before letting them go. With this little wee girl - I think I'm better sending her to a rescue centre as I get my chickens on Saturday - and the duck run was dismantled last year after they had flown the nest - does anyone know a duck rescue in Suffolk/ cambs / norfolk - or known anyone with any pet mallards who'd like another one?
  13. I hope your cat has returned by the time I write this. We had a cat, who was the only pet in the house, then we got a big scary black dog - the cat left home for 6 months (I think she was punishing us for having another pet to look after), and went to live 8 doors away. Out of the blue she came back one day (obvisously thinking she had punished us enough), and lived quite happily with us again, and the big black dog for 12 more years. Maybe your cat is just jealous or your new chickens? This winter we've also had somenone elses cat lodging with overnight - we think he was shut out, and it was so cold he just wanted somewhere warm to sleep (the big dog and other cat didn't seem to put him off either). The thing with cats is that they use you for food and cuddles when it suits them! I hope it's back now, if not definitley try the local vets and neighbours as already suggested.
  14. Conggratualtions Martin - when's it being delivered? Bet you really can't wait now - I know I can't until I get mine!
  15. Well decision made - I couldn't wait any longer - unlike Murdo the decision was made in less than 48 hours (as I'm so desperate to get the chickens now). As you can see from my signature - Blue won. Delivery hopefully by the weekend, as the chickens are coming on Saturday - 4 pekin bantams (as I just fell in love with Kooringas). A blue, lavender, buff and silver partridge. I'm so excited now - don't know how I'll last until the weekend! Vicki
  16. thanks for that - I missed it the first time round and everyone said it was great!
  17. Hi, Has anyone got any photo's of the following colour eglus - Pink, red and Blue? We went round to Kooringas yesterday and visited her wonderful chickens, and now I just have to have an eglu! I sat down at the computer last night (immediately on my return from the visit) - credit card in hand - and now just can't decide what colour to buy! In the catalogue they all look such virbrant colours, but as soon as you add them to your shopping basket - the colour completely changes and they look really dull (the pink looks the best when added to my basket). I've just spent the last hour trawling though everyones photo's on the forum, but the colours look so different in every picture. If you could help out adding pictures in the rain and sun, I may actually be able to make a decision and order! Thanks, Vicki

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