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  1. Sorry Boris, not sure why you want child/pet-proof traps when you're setting human ones Whoops - maybe that should say "Humane"
  2. Hello, Not been on the forum for what seems liks an age, building work and baby keeping me very very occupied, and now it appears rats. After the rats getting a bit brazen about living near hte girls, and spending more time in the feeder and eating more food than the girls - I have decided it's war. I bought 2 human traps, and set these up overnight, we remove the food, and leave the trap in the same position - after abit of tweaking we caught what we thought was our only rat (how naive!), about 5 days latter, and my kind builders dealt with it while I was out. Now ratty's little friend has arrived, after a week of setting the trap again, no joy, this rat is clever, and eats the bread from the hook, so not setting it off. We tried cheese and turkey last night, but it didn't touch it. So poison and walk in traps it is - any recommendations please? Must be animal/ child friendly. And where do you set them? My rats seems to ignore anything that isn't where the layers mash is - are the poison ones safe to set in the chicken house? lots of questions, hopefully someone will know the answers??
  3. Just goggled to fin out where Darlington is (UK geography is rubbish), too far away from me otherwise I'd of had them too. If the breeder won't take them back, and there isn;t anyone on here - is it worth trying the RSPCA as an interim measure? Hope they find a home soon, can't believe some people!
  4. is your biggest egg? Lola has just laid a whooping 113g egg, I'm amazed - it's double the size of her normal eggs! Is this a record?
  5. I have harmony!!!!! I took the run out on Saturday, decided they had to fend for themselves as the pecking was never really nasty, they were just wimps and hid all the time. So - run was removed with all the girls out to freerange, and a few odd pecks is all we have had since then. I glad I used my instincts as when do all seem happy now - oh and I've had my first egg from Pollo (i think) already! Thanks for all the advice,
  6. I've never had any problems before either - I've mixed wyandottes with pekins, ex batts with pekins, hybrids with pekins and ex-batts and all have got on famously after the odd peck that lasted a day. This just seems different - the new girls just seem very frightened (I can't blame them), and rather than fight back they just submit, but even then the old girls don't leave them alone unless they are all out freeranging, then there is harmony after a few pecks - but as soon as they are in the run again - the newbies are on top of the run.
  7. Right, I have tried my girls in again together - they are now 19.5 weeks old, and still no joy. They've been out freeranging in the garden, and there a couple of squabbles when one of the old girls sees them for the first them, then harmony BUT it's a completely different story in the run. The new girls just fly up on top of the run, and stay there. I have ample food containers - 3 in there on completely different sides of the run. Do you think it's time to let them go it alone (remove the run)?
  8. Hi, Thornes in Letchworth do have bluebelles sometimes. They get a delivery of hybrids every 4 weeks I think - and it depends on what they get. Next lot due in 2 weeks now - maybe worth giving them a call to see what they are eggpecting ( ) 01462 675767
  9. Thanks, I know it will get easier. I suppose I am lucky in that the nursery is only 2 minutes from my work, so I can get there if I need too! Roll on some sleep!
  10. After being on Maternity leave since the middle of October I'm due back to work on Monday. My work has let me go back 3 days a week to begin with, so Leo is off to nursery for 2 days and one set of his grandparents have offered to look after him for the other day. I wanted to go back to work to keep my mind active, and also because the pharmaceutical industry moves so quickly in terms of technology, if I was to take off more time I wouldn't be able to go back to the same type of job. Now it's just around the corner I feel so guilty about leaving Leo, I know he needs to interact with other children, but it just seems so unfair. I'm not sleeping well either, it was because he has just gone into his own room at night, jet lag, now it's just worry about leaving him. oh well - I suppose this time in 2 weeks time everything will be fine, and I'll be a bit less tired.
  11. Fantastic - just looked at my cabbages and brocoli and something has been snacking on them....... war here I come!
  12. I was going to say - you may miss the first egg - and given how I wsa when I got mine (beaming for a good hour, phoning husband who was in a meeting and yelling excitidly down the phone - yep - everyone heard!) - you may want to be around for that!
  13. Hi I'm trying to introduce 2 new girls too - have been doing it slowly - they were in there own eglu and run in the large run for 10 days before letting them free range together ..... and the pecking just didn't stop. I've put them back in there own eglu again now and will try again in a few days time - so just be warned - sometimes it does take longer than a week.
  14. I thought as all of the attacking through the run bars had stopped they'd be ok - and they are 18 weeks tomorrow. I've relented - I've just caught them both and shut them in the run at the moment - they both looked very upset at being shut in, but then went straight for the food and water. I feel a bit happier for them now. It's really strange, but the ex-batts which are 1 and 2 in the pecking order don;t care about them at all, it's the pekin, and the 3 hybrids who are down the bottom that are worried!
  15. Hi, I need to clean out my girls run - it's currently got 10 big bags of bark in the bottom of it. I don't have any flower beds - what can I do with the bark? Sounds a silly question, but I don't really want to driving it to the tip - do you think people would want it for flower beds - as it'd be nice and nutrious with all the chicken poo hence free cycle? Thanks
  16. Hi, Do you compost your egg shells? I have been. but when we moved it yesterday - all of the waste was composting nicely - but there were whole egg shells left - is this normal? Thanks
  17. Hello, I got 2 new hybrids - 16 weeks old on the 23rd May. They've been safely housed in my blue eglu with run while my original 6 girls were in the large pen for the past week. I've let the new girls out into the new pen, and things haven't exactly gone smoothly. The new girls seem quite happy, they are currently on top of the eglu run, and spent most of yesterday there too - because as soon as they go on the floor - the old girls attack them- obvisously trying to sort out the pecking order. They went to bed last night in the cube with everyone else - of there own accord - but today they are still on top of the eglu run. I know these things take a while to settle down - but I'm getting a bit worried that they be getting hungry - as all of the food is on the floor level (I did try putting some food on top of the run for them - but the the old girls flew up there and started pecking them and knocked it off). My question is - should I just leave them all to it - they'll come down when they are hungry - surely? or do I catch them and give them an hour or so in the safety of the run - before letting them out again to run the gauntlet of the old girls? (When I've introduced new girls before it had settled down a lot quicker than this)
  18. Damn - just phoned - and I too got the no blue egg layers for about another 3 weeks. Makes sense though - as I only got the new girls on friday - and they didn't mention them then - even though he knows I want them. Just have to wait another few weeks..... just when I get one pecking order sorted, it'll be time for another one........
  19. Oh - And me - made the mistake of going there after my hols - and guess what happened - we are up to 8 girls now - just waiting on some skylines now......
  20. The flights were fine - long but fine. Leo slept quite a lot, and didn't cry at all - we were very lucky!
  21. Hello, We are back from Australia - and still jetlagged. Here's a picture of me in an omlet T-shirt - and Leo who was more interested in the view than his Daddy taking the photo!
  22. Hello, I've more sad news. Jerry took a turn for the worse on Sunday, had perked up a little on Monday, but was poorly yesterday. I took her to the vets and he said the same as I thought, that the problem she had a month ago was back, and this meant it wsa here to stay, so she was put to sleep. Really sad, but as Tom says - she had a much better life with us than her previous life as a battery hen - and I know she was happy.
  23. Leo was born to silence in the end - not planned that way.... I had the lovely relaxing music of Ludovico Enaldi playing whilst I was in the birthing pool, but 5 hours later, with the ipod going on continuous play the midwife and my husband finally asked if they could have some other music on (I'd switched off by this point!). So Tom selects shuffle, and we are listening to anything and everything. Then as things still weren't progressing quickly enough, and I was exhausted, pain relief was needed, so out of the pool into the normal room...... and we completely forgot to turn the ipod back on! I did say it would of been an experience if the baby was born to eminem though!
  24. Hi Lisa, Hope Andys head had recovered a bit by the time you got back after lunch? Congrats to Stotfold - fingers crossed for all the younger teams now!
  25. I have good news to report - Jerry is almost back to her old self. The vet did say she should perk up, so I just need to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't deterorate again. So finally things are looking better for us.

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