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  1. Hello, Just heard back from the people that make these - they've got 25 left of the new batch if anyone is still wanting one,
  2. oh dear - was ignoring this link thinking I'd seen it all before - already sent the email ordering one.....
  3. Nope door closed.....and the result is...... (It looks increadibly dusty - but I promise it isn't - just something to do with the harsh flash on the camera ) Thanks to everyone, we have a nice warm burner this evening - and Zip firelighters weren't used at all!!!
  4. Yep - I've got 2 pekins, 3 ex-bats and 3 hybrids all living together in a cube. They all have the option of blue eglu too, but all the girls go in together every evening so they must like each other!
  5. right - just lighting the burner now ( ver y cold here this evening). I've lit a load of paper first to get heat in the flue. Now - all vents are open (2 - both on the front), and loads of paper and kindling on top..... good news - the kindling has lit,............. but as soon as I've put wood on - all the flames have gone So - added more kindling, and blown on it for a while until I got flames again, and the flame are looking quite promising now. Fingers crossed baby boris doesn't get cold this evening!
  6. Hi All, I can confirm it doesn't need sweeping, it was only installed in December, and isn;t used every night. I do use loads of newspaper, and then have kindling (normally free pallet wood from my dad), and then add bigger logs. I'm at a loss really. We had a Woodburner installed in the last house, and that would light really easily, and stay going until about 5.30am when we got up, but this new one - no chance. We even use really good seasoned wood (2 years since cutting- silver birch). It's from the same people, Franco Belge, just a bigger one - but strangely it burns wood a lot slower??? At the moment we'll put a bit log on overnight, and when we come down in the morning it;s gone out rather than burnt all the wood??? I'll try again this evening and let you know how I get on.
  7. Hi, Can anyone help. We have had a lovely wood burning stove fitted (as more economical and safer than an open fire) - however it's a real pain to light and then I can't get it to stay lit overnight. Do you have any tips on how to light it effectively, and than what I need to do to keep it going as ZIP firelighters are making a fortune from me at the moment! Thanks
  8. Wow - what gorgeous girls - now they've got to be added to my list.....
  9. I got a MC from Thornes about a week after Jo. We called her Lola, and she is the biggest of all my girls, very pretty, but not too friendly. I got a silver nick, coral and columbine at the same time, the columbine was by far the friendliest, but unfortunately she died quite suddenly. The silver nick is really friendly, and the coral is a bit flighty to say the least. In terms of eggs, Lola lays dark brown eggs, and again like Jo's girl, she didn't start laying until about 24 weeks. She stopped completely for a week about 3 weeks ago, but has started again, and we now get on average 6 eggs a week from her. Do you know what else Thornes are getting in next week? I'm allowed 2 more hens when they get more in......
  10. That was the whole plan - get the work done while Leo tiny, hence when I put him somewhere he stays were I put him! I think we'll end up staying here, as you've all said, if someone isn;t here they tend to stop working! And I definetly want contracts drawn up, as I don't want this slipping anymore that it has already! Lisa33 - I may well take you up on the offer!
  11. Hi, Thanks to all for the responses. The work the architect has estimated will take 6 months (but he keeps making things up) so who knows! Luckily we haven't unpacked most things as we knew were were doing this, so still have boxes of stuff everywhere. Tom's theory is that if it's cheaper for us to move out by as much as the rent would be then we should move it. The caravanfor cooking sounds like a plan though - although I'm sure the hertitage foundation has issues with caravans in the front garden, and we could get it round the back now, but as soon as the work is done it'd be stuck!
  12. Hi, As some of you know Tom and I moved house in August last year to what I can politely describe as a "dump". The actual shell of the house is lovely, but the internal decor and the state of the windows leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway, we have hired an architect to draw up plans (we did this 3 days after moving in), and after planning etc we are now in the position to hire builders. The architect has delayed the work no end, in that when we originally hired him he said we'd be able to start work in Jan, hence middle of Feb we are only just getting the quotes back from the builders so it will be another 3 weeks yet before they can start (don;t get me started on him!). My dilema is we had thought all along we were going to stay put, and the builders work around us, but this was with leo being 6 weeks old, so in no way moving at all on his own. Now being 3 months later, Leo is starting to try to roll over. Do you think we should move out if we can afford to do so? The work involved goes on in every single room in some way. Very minor work in the 3 exisiting bedrooms in that only windows are being replaced and some rewiring, but the rest of the house is getting completley changed. We are also on holiday for 3.5 weeks during the work so this is when we've said they need to do the major work inside, which we are still fine with - but if we move out then we are paying the mortgage on our house and paying rent on somewhere else. What would you do?
  13. Hello, Boris my dog is a lurcher and an absolute nightmare with our girls. From being scared of them at the begining, and happy to watch them, he now wants to eat them. They have a huge pen that they live in (which Boris can't get in to) which Boris chargers down to at full speed every morning before running round it and launching at them! This same sequence happens everytime we let him out in the garden. When we just had the pekins and we lived in the old house, they'd come out to freerange - but if they were out, Boris is in - my husband gently reminds me everytime I suggested trying Boris with them "what would happen if he accidently killed one and then you hated him for it" - so it's easier to keep them apart. He's fine with the cat though - but I think that's because Bert fought back! Good luck - can you let us know how you get on?
  14. So sorry to hear about your girls, fingers crossed for Saffy x
  15. Agree with Jules not before 37 weeks - I took it 2 days before Leo arrived, if it did give me a better labour then I'd be amazed as 19 hours of full on contractions from the word go was awful (maybe if I didn't have the tea it would have been even longer!) I lived on lucazade as I needed the energy, and couldn't stomach anything else - I was never sick though just felt dreadful all day! Oh, and Accupunture really helped!
  16. I would guess that three quarters of us have added to our original girls. Me included - I started with 4 pekins, now have 2 of the original pekins left, 3 ex batts and 3 hybrids - oh and hopefully 2 more for my birthday! I've got an eglu and a cube - eglu is in the run completely unused at the moment - they all sleep together in the cube! Cleaning out - both as easy as each other, only difference is the cube probably takes 15 seconds longer as there's another tray to clean out!
  17. It was achieved by taking over a 100 photos today, at least 70 of them were bums!
  18. Jerry enjoying her new life with me - and she's actually got feathers now.... And this is her in November a week after getting her.... I can't believe the difference a few months out a little cage has made!
  19. Hello, I've tried to do my first ever freecycle deal this week. A sofa bed that unfortunelty Boris has ripped the cover on. Three replies, one jsut saying they'll have it when can they come and get it. Anotehr asking why I sated it needed recovering and requesting a photo, and the final one again saying they'd have it. I wrote back to all three, offering it to the 1st person who replied, who has since turned it down, as did the one abou the recovering. A guy is coming round this evening to look at it - so fingers crossed it will go. I think everyone is so egar to get things and type quickly manors just seem to go out the window - which is a little unfortunate really as they really do cost nothing!
  20. Hi, Grit I put in a little pot for them. Poultry spice and garlic I just lix in with the mash (I changed to mash rather than pellets as the local poultry place said it keeps them occupied for longer - and it sure does. it was also easier to mix everything in with).
  21. Ummmmmm- yummy now theres a thought - now all I need is a recipe and a sleeping baby.......
  22. Hello all, Wasn't sure wher to post this - but thought the nesting box got a lot of traffic.... I made a yummy merange with some of my deliciuos girls eggs, but now have 4 yolks to use up. Any suggestions for what to do with them as I need to use them this evening and an omlet seems a bit boring! Thanks
  23. Probably biased but I'd opt for Paris every time! I used to live about 10km away from central paris and would go there every weekend. In terms of prices - you just need to know where to go - i.e. don't go to the hugely touristy bits, try walking 2 streets away and you'll find restaurants that are a lot better value. Also - they all do "menus" where you get a better deal on 2+ courses of dinner. And remember - wine in France is very reasonable if you buy a carafe rather than a bottle - it may put hairs on your chest though - so be warned! Accomadation - try IBIS hotels - very very cheap, then with the train over there it wouldn't be too expensive. Also - a nice area to stay is south of the effiel tower near the ecole militaire, very close to the main sites, but not in the thick of the US and japanese tourists! On the note of passports - I got mine and Leo's done this year, even with a photo issue for leo's (he wasn't looking directly at the camera which I have to say would be impossible for any 3 week old baby), they only took a2 weeks to come back!
  24. I haven't done a major shop at tescos since Leo was born at the beginning of November. I got fed up with the produce being rubbish etc. I am in the very lucky position of having Sainsburys, Waitrose, M&S food and Morrisons within 5 miles of each other - so can pick and choose. However, Tescos I must give credit for - they actually had the most selection of free range chicken - I resorted to them after not being able to buy it at 3 of the above 9I have written to complain but no responce as yet!). Even more shocking - the price for 2 skin on breasts was only 80p dearer per kilo than the really cheap horrible looking breasts - so I cleared the shelves to stock my feezer!
  25. funny you should mention this - my husband got pecked at the weekend, my fault entirely. I had some grapes for the girls which they saw, but then I got distracted by a neighbour over the fence, and he went to go into the run with some ash for the dustbath - and whoops - Barbara thought he was a grape! She broke the skin too!

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