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  1. Thanks to everyone - now bidding on the dreaded ebay - gone for a stylish silver set to keep the wildness of my colour choice to eglus in the garden!
  2. Sounds silly - but try BA. Sometimes as they need to fill the seats they actually work out cheaper than easyjet etc. Same as everyone else said - book early, and try not to travel at peak times, e.g. mid morning. The more unsociable the time to get you to the airport - the cheaper the flight normally is! Good luck
  3. Hi All, What scales do you all own to weigh your eggs on that are good to 1gram? I've got some posh ones but they only work to 5gram divisons which isn't very helpful when trying to work out the biggest eggs! Thanks Vicki
  4. Wow - just checked the nest box and we've had 6 eggs today. One each from, Blanche, Bianca, Lola, 2 of the ex batts and Dhylis. Only missing an egg form one of the ex-batts that is still on strike, and Sylvie one of the posh pekins! So happy it's silly!
  5. Hi, I had the same thing re very thin shells that would break when I went to try to pick them up, or just egg everywhere in the nestbox. I went to our local chicken place (Thornes for those who are local to me) - and Frank suggested the following: Poultry spice, dose more that it says - so about a teaspoon per chicken and mix with feed. Also - change the food to growers mash rather than layers mash- as it has more phosphorous in it. Also - only treats late afternoon, and not too many! I did this 3 weeks ago, and we haven't had a broken egg for 2 weeks now! I had the issue with Ex batts - are yous ex-batts? Good luck
  6. Thank you everyone, I can;t believe how big he's got since the first picture I posted!
  7. Here you go - as requested a photo of our baby - Leo (or baby Boris as he's known here) He's now 12 weeks old, and is smiling all the time, and defintely getting fatter - now 13lb at the last weigh-in.
  8. what is the plural of eglu? DH has just suggested Egli - but is it Elgus?
  9. hello, It depends on where we are going. european we tend to book ourselves, as we've done with Oz this year. It just depends on the deals the travel agents can offer, if they are cheaper I book via them, if not I do it myself. easyjet - we flew to Barcelona with them and Hollands, no issues - just get a meal deal in Boots beforehand - a lot cheaper than the food on board!
  10. The good news is OH sat in the shop for 2 hours on friday and me being in there for over 7 hours (we've been in this shop for over 14 hours in total) - is that my contract has hopefully been cancelled - number doesn;t work anymore anyway. I have my original phone number, and I now have a new phone from mobilestoyourdoor on a better offer - so I'm happy now (well I can sleep again - and sleep is precious when you have a 12 week old baby!). Glad some people have had a good experience, I have written to head office when I was sold the phone as it took so long, but they didn't say anything (I felt better though!) - coincidently this was the same day I wrote to M&S complaining they had no freerange chicken on sale (they are yet to reply!) Thanks for the support!
  11. Hello, Just feel I need to warn people about the awful Phones4U service. As some of you may know we moved house in August (so I could get more chickens and OH got a new job). My old mobile phone didn't work in the house, so I wandered into town 3 weeks ago and got a new phone from Phones4U. The phone was great - service was rubbish, but a great new phone. I then ported my old phone number over from the old network, which took a week, then tired the phone with my built in car kit - and it didn;t work - some compatibility issue apparently, so I took the phone back within 2 weeks to the shop and cancelled the contract (which took over 2 hours to do, and I had to feed my little baby boy while there as it took so long). 1 week on from this - I find out that they haven't cancelled the contract at all, so I'm still being charged for it even though the phone has been sat in their cupboard for the past week - some issue about the changing of the number has made it impossible for them to do anything, but they couldn't be bothered to tell me. Even more infuriating, I've been into the shop twice and have also phoned them on 2 ocassions to be told - yep all cancelled. It's so infuriating, OH has just been doing a sit in in the shop for the past 3 hours to get this sorted. He;s just got home with all the documents saying that everything is cancelled, but that it has to be logged as a call - so we'll see what has happened to this contract. Am I the only one this kind of thing happens too? Feel a bit better now - sorry for the rant,
  12. Hi All, I rescued 3 ex-batts at the beginning of October and they kindly produced us 2-3 eggs a day. I was in hospital having our baby for 5 days and they stopped laying - now I thought it was due to me being away and them missing me (wishful thinking), but I've been back a month and giving them attention again - but still no eggs. I can remember watching Jimmys farm and his ex-batts stopped laying for a while - I think it's when they get a taste of what life can really be like - but any idea when approximately they start again? Thanks
  13. I really hope you find her. When we lived sat hte old house it was really really windy - and I kept having nightmares about the girls being blown over the fence and not knowing how to get back - they got so bad I didn;t let them out on a windy day (no consolation to you now - sorry). Fingers crossed she turns up safe and well for you soon.
  14. We bought the Quinny Buzz for Leo. He's only 3 weeks old today, but I love the buggy. Very easy to fold, and stores v.small. We got the carrycot, buggy and car seat (and easyfit bases for the car). It wasn't cheap, but it is great - and comes in cool colours too! He spends all day in the carrycot, and the nights in his moses basket - so we are really making us of it! Other friends bought the icandy, quinny buzz again, bugaboo, mammas and pappas or silver cross - no complaints from any of us yet! (congrats)
  15. Is it easy to clean out? Doesn't it end up down the holes?
  16. Hi, What do you all use in the nest boxes? I normally use straw (as easy to grab when cleaning), but I've just run out - so may be up for trying something new?
  17. Hi All, My new hybrids are now 19 weeks old and are attempting to lay - which is good news however what we are getting aren't exactly what you'd call eggs. Some of the eggs look like they are creased and some were soft shelled - is this right? Also - one of the girls is laying perfectly formed eggs - but they are the size of quail eggs????? If this is normal - how long does it take for them to learn to lay "proper" eggs?
  18. Hi, Ours was built this summer - it's 4.8M x 3.6M. In all I think it cost between £300-£350 - but we got the wire for free - which would have cost a lot. It's completely enclosed, wire all the way round including skirt of 2ft on the floor, and plastic corrugated roof. We've got 3 bantams and 7 hybrids - I was going to get more - but this is enough given the size.
  19. Hi All, We're finally home from the hospital - attached a couple of photos of the long awaited arrival! In a chicken suit already..........
  20. after 19 very long hours we can announce the arrival of baby Leo. born at 7 minutes past midnight on 7th november weighing 8lbs 7oz mum and baby still in hospital but doing great and thought we would put you all out of your misery
  21. How many chickens can you fit in an eglu cube nest box............... Judging by last night - 7! Unfortuntely no photo - but they were all very sweet, and must have been lovely and warm together. The ex-batts were the ones to miss out - Margo and babara on the cube bars, and Jerry in her own private blue eglu.
  22. well still here - thinking maybe the fireworks may bring he/she out - of not he/she is scared and staying put! Thanks to everyone - definitly fingers crossed things will start moving soon
  23. You're not the only one - still here today - before you all get excited! Off to clean the chooks out now and spend some time in the garden with them as the weather is so fab!
  24. A freind sent me this link - to prepare me for what I've got in stroe being a Mum.... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uISuvTiTYJA It really makes me laugh
  25. I'm still here - not much of anything is going on - just hoping it is going to be soon. Feel shattered today, so won't be doing much - oh, unless labour starts and then I'll be really busy!

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