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  1. hope you're feeling better? I feel lousy today - but thats probably due to being just under 9 months pregnant now (5 days and counting...). Check out my blog - as it has lots of chickeny things, and some pictures of us building the run. http://poshneighbour.blogspot.com/
  2. Hi, Just had a thought - would it be possible to get a dusk dawn sensor that could be attached to the eglu doors to automatically let the girls in / out? I know you can get these for the wooden type houses but wouldn't it be fab to get them for the eglus too? (it may save us all the embarrassment of running down the garden in our nighties first thing in the morning to let the chooks out!)
  3. I've read that too - funny how that bit of research was carried out by a man!
  4. We put a roof on ours - corregated plastic - 1 to keep the girls in, and 2 as the british weather is so awful to make sure they could come out whenever during the day (oh, and it's great if it's raining as we just stay in the run with the girls being nice and dry!)
  5. Hello, I added my exbatts to my 3 pekins about 3 weeks ago. I kept them separate in hte blue eglu and run for about a week before letting them out together (I didn't get really poorly batts either). Penny the blue pekin was top chicken - all I can say is no more - The ex batts rule the roost - with all 3 of them being in charge (Jerry, Barbara then Margo). I've just added 4 more young hybrids - no real fighting - ex batts are still in charge - very surprisingly!
  6. Thanks everyone - it's made me feel a bit better knowing that I'm not the only one that goes through this. Yep - I know first babies are nearly always late - just had it in my head the whole time that the baby will turn up early. I really wish I could go for long walks - my lungs are the size of peanuts - so I'm exhausted doing the normal dog walk with Boris. I thought I had "the show" on Sunday - it was smaller that I thought - but defnitely not normal - so was hoping that was a sign. Also - Baby is most defnitely engaged - the head is hitting my cervix all the time - it is so painful! Fingers crossed it will be soon. (Happy birthday Seth)
  7. cor - I really hope things are moving, it's strange how you just get to the point where you are so big you can't really do anything!
  8. Hi All, A couple of weeks ago I posted about what to do with my maternity leave before the baby arrives, suggestions of christmas shopping, taking it easy etc we raised, and I have started my Christmas shopping, and I do now take it a bit easier. BUT There is still no sign of the baby - it's due a week today - and I'm huge, I can't sleep (so tired) and I've got dreadful indigeston all the time. I thought last night it might be happening as I was starving at 2am (never ever happened before unless really jetlagged!) so I came downstairs and had a cup of tea and some biscuits. I've had some cramping over the since Saturday - but it lasts for a few minutes, then comes back a few times over the next hour or so - and then disappears. To all you Mums out there - does this sound familiar? If so - how long after the cramping does the actual event start? Also anything else I can be doing - I can't buy anymore chickens!
  9. I didn;t know what else to call them - "headless chickens" I hoped the ...... meant that it wasn;t bad news! Glad you all like the photo.
  10. Hi - we too have just got a columbine - apparently she will start to lay at about 25 weeks plus, and should yield about 250 eggs a year. Temprament wise - they said she'd need a lot of work to become tame - 36 hours into having her she's really happy to have a cuddle - and closes her eyes when you stroke her. She is "bottom" chicken in the pecking order - but definitely likes humans. They had loads of different colours from light grey to browny ones - we chose Midget as she had cool hair!
  11. I wasn;t quite that bad - we have 3 Ex batts, and came back with 4 hybrids - it as supposed to be 3 but when it came down to it DH was fine - he encourages me more and more so we were lucky to come out with 4 which are: Lola - Cuvee Maran Blanche - Coral Midget - Columbian ??? - Sliver nick - still can't decide on a name... Couperwife - just feed it dry - they spend ages and ages eating it - and it's keeps them occupied - just make sure you've got lots of water - as I (not the chickens) imagine it's a bit dry!
  12. Thanks Lisa, I was too excited about getting my chickens on Friday to do anything other than pick up the first sack of Grower's Mash they had there, I didn't want to ask _too_ many questions! If I go organic for the food I'll have to sneak it past hubby - he doesn't really believe in paying a premium for organic! Jo Hi - yep Thrones do sell organic mash - however after speaking with them about organic - the guy who does the talks (sorry can't remember his name) - said for the hybrids we got yesterday to keep them on growers for 2 sacks fulls (we've 7 big chickens), then move to layers mash - but normal layers mash as organic could cause them to prolapse (not sure why though). We'd be ok to move them onto organic when they were 30 weeks old - but not before. The chicken guy also recommended mash rather than pellets earlier in the year as it does keep them busier - best advice we ever got - so they;ve been on mash ever since!
  13. My dog would eat my girls given the chance - he's a nightmare with them! All I say is that the chicken netting does wonders as he can't get them in that. I know probably pointing out the obvisous - but may be worth trying to find out how th edogs got in as they'll be back (if anything like mine). Hope the hen is ok?
  14. Yep - I went to Thornes - I'm a nightmare everytime I go there! They do seem very keen on egg colour there - I just go for waht looks like a nice hen though! Oh - forgot to mention the coral - I'd forgotten about that one (rather than a white star as temperment is better and egg colour only just off white) - so that's 4 now - how do I break the news to my husband?? We did want a white egg layer called Blanche and a brown egg layer called Betty - however we've got 3 ex-batts which lay brown eggs - so we may not need another brown egg layer - although the silver Nick was a wonderful looking hen. Decisions, decisions...
  15. Hi All, Have you heard of a Silver Nick? (is it spelt like that???) - I've been chicken shopping today - and saw what they described as a silver nick - but can;t seem to find any info on them on the web. I'm looking at getting a Skyline, silvernick and probably a bluebelle - any comments about these 3 breeds welcome. Thanks
  16. Hi All, Just been to check on the status of my purebreed chickens - and have found out they have blue egg laying hybrids in at the moment. We were going to get 3 hybrids at the same time - but have now decided to get them tomorrow instead. What I'm writing for is advice on what is the best way to get all the hens together. I have a cube (no run) and an eglu (with run). I'm thinking of moving the 3 pekins back into the blue eglu in the run (so they can have some piece and quiet), and letting the hybrids (3 or 4) in with the ex batts (3) in the big run - where they can then sleep in the cube. The ex batts are the top chickens - and need a bit more space than the pekins. Or shall I just leave them all to get on with it and see what happens? What do you think - ideally by tomorrow as thats when I want to get the others!
  17. i've had no eggs from my pekins for 3 weeks now - only one has laid all summer the others went predicable broody and then gave up - same last year too. The ex-batts are still laying well - 1-2 eggs a day from them - fingers crossed they won't stop over the winter - as it is quite a novelty having eggs still!
  18. Cor - loads of local chicken people - I've got my name down on Thornes list for some pure breeds - hopefully ready any day now! One of the reasons we moved here was the local chicken nursery - I can't think of a better way to spend a saturday afternoon (however DH thinks otherwise)!
  19. The funny thing is - the little girls go mad for the treats, the big girls come over and chase off the little girls to see what is going on - and then just leave it and look at me while the little girls run back and tuck in. Chickens are very strange but very loveable just the same!
  20. Hi, Any suggestions for my ex-batts - we've have then since the 6th October - so only just over 2 weeks. They are out in the big run with the little pekins - and are definitely top chickens. They've learnt to dig, come running when I go out to see them - and take themselves off to bed....BUT.... they have no idea what treats are and that they can eat them. The pekins go mad for corn, bananas, cabbage, brocoli etc, but the big girls just wander over and look at it and head stright over for the mash. How long will it take then to learn that these treats are nice - and that they should eat them (so we get yummy dark yellow yolked eggs)?
  21. Do they fit in an eglu/ eglu cube? I heard that they wouldnt hence have got any yet - but if they fitted - then I would need to discuss with OH - but could definitely be interested.
  22. I've got a ball too. NCT website - they are £17.99 +, but tesco sells them for less than a fiver. As someone else said - great for posture - even if your not completely balanced in the wrong direction!
  23. I gave up looking - and now eat bantam eggs poached - as no need for an egg cup then!
  24. I have to say I'm going to blot out the reposnses about the really long labours - I like the one about the 6, 4 and 2 hour labours, now they sound good to me! I still think Christmas shopping will do the trick for the next couple of weeks, as I can do that out at the shops or off the web. I must resisit more chickens....I must resisit more chickens!

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