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  1. That's my problem too, hence we are looking at new houses for us now, that have a big garden, so we can get winter eggs. We do seem to have gone to the extreme though - we are now looking ast houses with an acre or more to turn it into a small holding! All this for winter eggs.......
  2. I'm giving up on my girls, I have had no eggs now for about 5 weeks. Penny has been rubbish - only 14 eggs since we got her (we love her lots though). Marj was broody and then moutled - so has an esxcuse - as does Sylv - who has done the same thing - but they stopped 6 weeks ago - and I've been patiently waiting. Dhlyis was my star layer - until she went broody 5 weeks ago, and is still broody. I know winter is here, but I thought eggs would drop off - not cease altogether!!! I even had to go and buy some eggs - and couldn't believe it when 12 organic free range were £3.59........ ..........so now we are looking at new houses with more land so we can get some big proper chooks who will supply us through the winter ! I never thought chickens would be so addictive!
  3. Hi, Just been delivered some Kholrabi in my organic box this week - any ideas what I can do with it? Thanks
  4. Hi, Try this website http://www.eco-watch.com/homeandgarden/index2.htm this is going to be our next purchase too
  5. Great Photo's- glad Beryl is settling in nicely.
  6. I got hooked on http://www.ourchickens.com/hencam and then had to buy one so I could watch my girls while I'm at work. Needless to say - I'm addicted as our my collegues! No work gets done now! http://www.tomandvicki.co.uk then view video. I really want a proper site - but haven't had time - this does the job for now!
  7. Hi, You'll probably find your rabbits and bonking to find out who is tp rabbit - usually the older one is the one doing this. If you want to sex them, this website show you how http://www.debmark.com/rabbits/sexing.htm It is really difficult to sex baby rabbits - but the basics are , if it's a v shape - it's a girl. if there's a circle it's a boy - when they are young. I used to work in pet shop shop - so got a dab hand - but it is very difficult when they are young. Hope this helps, Vicki
  8. Am I missing something - there are no pictures of chickens here? I want to see them too?
  9. Skinny latte for me please, and one of Kate's cookies!
  10. Thanks Kate - I's Boris now! Dan - thoughs shoes are wonderful!
  11. Hi, Thanks for the offers - I've just emailed Kate a photo. Dan - she sent me a PM which is why she won! But with my new photo - you will all finally see who Boris is!
  12. Damn, I spent so long finding one - now it appears to have broken Looks like i'll have to scour the web again..... or does anyone know how to save photo's small enough?
  13. What a great idea - I;'m going to have a go at some - how can we work out how many the omleters have made?
  14. That's my plan - I'm off to Las Vegas next week, twice the security searches Oh vegas - you'll have to give me some tips - we're off for new year - and in two minds whether it will be too sureil for us! Not flown since the new alerts, but flyng next week on business - so I'm looking forward to some space now - as I always turn up a bit late!
  15. What is Lumie Bodyclock? I just end up sleeping all winter, as I've been awake all summer! Definitely not ideal!
  16. Congratulations Martin - very green with envy. I'd love to get some hatching eggs, but need a bigger garden first so I can fill it with Chooks.
  17. well I managed to buy the magazine today - but it's supposed to have 15 chickens on it - so they've printed the instructions for 9 in this issue - and the next 6 will be in the next issue. Bit of a scam really - considering it's £3.99 each - and I only wanted the one pattern!
  18. Thanks noeglu. I've looked on their website - and the link doesn;t work - so I've just emailed them.
  19. Hi, Any ideas where I can buy the magazine? I've tried WH Smiths, and a local newsagents which sells every magazine possible ...... except this one?
  20. The silent auction being held in aid of the Battery Hen Welfare Trust. AnnieP is running it and folks are bidding for a piece of chicken themed needlecraft. Go on have a go you know you want to! Oh , oh, where is the link - if you don;t read all the red tags at once - you loose them and have no idea what is going on!
  21. Very funny, thanks for making me smile
  22. Have a missed something - what are people bidding on - and what will be annouced on the 1st? Thanks Mel for the diameter info - I think the eggs are too small - they only weigh 35g if I'm lucky!
  23. Hi Mel, A question then if you already have one - swhat is the diameter of the holes? I've only got little bantams - so the eggs are huge - and I don't want them failing through the middle! Thanks Vicki

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