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  1. Hi, Meant to add the link for the private cellar offer at the moment that is a bargain http://www.privatecellar.co.uk/PC/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=49&Itemid=1 May be buying some more of this myself........
  2. Hi Annie, Thanks for the link - too many to choose from!
  3. Hi Just got a catalogue from Scotts of Stw and hte have a fab egg spiral http://www.scottsofstow.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?language=en-GB&product=1043397 I think it's great - a better way to show off the girls hard work than egg boxes!
  4. Hi, We use www.privatecellar.co.uk a great company. They take a couple of days to deliver as the wine is stored in London , and they are based in Cambridgeshire, - but it is well worth the wait - as it is delcious. They are really good to talk to - and you say what you like - and they will recommmend wines. A great deal of experience in the industry - most of them used to work for Corney and Barrow - but have struck out on there own and only been running a year. Definitely worth a call - 01353 721999
  5. I wish my dog Boris would do that - if he was off the lead in the garden and the girls were out, I wouldn't have any chickens left
  6. I know - I haven't worked at all today!
  7. Well Tom's birthday present has been installed. Click on the link to see it in action. http://www.tomandvicki.co.uk/ then click View Video. If there are no chickens, it's either raining, or they are out and about free ranging in the garden. Can you let me know what you think, Thanks
  8. That sounds very familiar - I've got at least 3 ongoing, possibly more. Although a ckicken one would possibly get finished quicker than the others!
  9. Hi, I've had my 4 pekin bantams for just over 4 months now, and am gradually wearing OH down into getting a purple eglu too. I'd like to get some big chooks (rescue hens), but was wondering about how noisy big ones are as opposed to the bantams - who are geting noisier and noiser when they see me - as I = nice things. No complaints as yet (fingers crossed). Has anyone got both? I'd keep them separate - maybe letting them out to free range together if they got on OK - but they'd sleep and live all days separately. Thanks Vicki
  10. We did the same - but got them from Homebase on a 10%. We still loose some mud / gravel - but it is so much better (OH doesn't complain anymore)
  11. Oh has asked for one for his Birthday last week, and we ordered one yesterday. Can't wait to spy on the girls while we are at work!
  12. I may have to get them. as a side thought - I get all my books from www.thebookpeople.co.uk They are NOT a book club - buy what you want when you want to, but do really good books at a fraction of the cost of WH Smiths - 10 holiday book for £10 - can't go wrong really! everytime you buy from them - you get book points which you can then spend on more books. Vicki
  13. Hi, I've got 4 pekins - I fell in love with their trousers - 2 are footballs and 2 quite slender. There are more photo's in my out of dated blog too I keep mine on bark - but will be moving them on to Auboise next time we do the run (only because we've run out of bark though). Dhylis is the friendliest of them all - and does the shuffle when you go near her - so you can pick her up. (Dhylis is the mising girl in the photo as she was next to me when the photo was taken). The others I can't pick up easily - but they do come running over when ever they see me - I've trained them well in that I = food. They are really sweet girls, but in the 4 months I've had them - Penny has been broody for 10 weeks (continuously), and Sylvie has been broody twice (I caught her in time last week - so only on the next for 2 days - but no eggs yet from her. They go through phases - in the fist month - I had over 70 eggs from them, but last week I only got 5 from all 4 chickens - and they were all from Dhylis - not sure what's up with Marj, but she goes from laying loads of eggs (10 in 12 days), to none. One word of advice - if you do go for pekins - check their feet properly when you get them, as their trousers cover their toes so you can't just see if there is a problem. Edit, claret - I have sorted that link for you
  14. Hi, We are doing a challenge at my work where if we raise a certain amount of money - and get a certain number of people involved - the company will donate $10K to our charity. We have chosen the Red Cross - and I've been asked to organise a charity auction. So - my question is - if you went to an auction - what kind of items would you bid on? for example - does a gift voucher from a shop appeal - or 1 homemade cake a week sound better? Any ideas gratefully received - please help - I'm struggling!
  15. yep, completely clear - no sign of lice for the last 10 weeks after they were deosected, and the eglu and bars treated. Any other ideas?
  16. Hi, Penny was broody for 10 weeks (the record I think), and is now a happy chicken in the run - but now she's pulling all her feathers out???? (and still no eggs) Is this normal? She's a Pekin bantam - and should have lovely trousers - but she's pulled all the feathers out of her feet too - so looks like a normal chook now. Her belly has always been bald, but having no feet feathers is a bit strange. The garden is completely full of feathers! Should I be worried? Am I going to have a completely bald bird running around the garden that I have to put suncream on?
  17. Just had to let everyone know - Penny is no longer Broody.......10 weeks after she first sat herself on the nest - she's snapped out of it! (With a bit of help from me - Sylvie was going broody again - so I put the small bars over the nest box for 3 days). Now I just have to wait for an egg (from her and Sylvie). It's very strange seeing 4 girls again - I was starting to think I only had 3 as I hadn't seen her in such a long time.
  18. I've been mentioning the purple eglu (and some ex bats) on a regular basis at home in the hope the OH may take the hint.... and it may have just worked. We now have a deal. We bought a new car at the weekend - which will be OH's toy (even though I'll drive it every day - good deal for me too). The deal is - for every mile extra I manage to get out of a tank of petrol, than we set at the weekend - I can have 10p put asdie for a purple eglu. It may take me a while to get there - but at least it isn't a "NO" now!!!!!
  19. Hi, I've planted runner beans and lettuces so far - at the correct times. Am I too late to plant anything else this year in time for harvesting? If not - any recommendations? Thanks
  20. Just finished making this - it's on it's 5 minute rest now - hope I';ve done it right - or very runny jam. A very easy receipe - Thank you
  21. Boris70


    I know what you mean. We planted a tree a tree last year, and got zero cherries from it. This year we actually had about 30 cherries on it - which we were on holiday for - so the brids had a nice tasty feast
  22. They sound delicous - I'll have a look at some old issues when I get home though.
  23. We spend anything from £40 - £100 on food at Tesco - but hopefully no more...... I've found a great local butcher - 2 chickens quatered and de boned for £10. The best steak (for OH - I only eat chicken / turkey and fish). Veggie and fruit box being delivered on friday - £15 for both). Wine - a great website www.privatecellar.co.uk as tesco were rubbish, and this is local for us. So that leaves all the washing powder, bread and milk from Tesco - until I can find a new supplier. I hate Tesco - the fresh fruit and veg has been getting worse and worse in quality over the past 3 months - hence the veggie box.
  24. We've just ordered from http://www.rivernene.co.uk/produce/thisweeksbox.php? I've no idea if the are good value or not - as the boxes haven't turned up yet - we are so exctied bu need to wait until Friday I'll let you know if they are any good - but they do deliver nationally.

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