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  1. I had success with my of my girls who had a prolapse with Haemorrhoid cream. Just applied it (was wearing my marigolds) and kept her separate for a few days. Good Luck
  2. Last year my husband made a big WIR for the girls when home on leave. This year, his project for the summer was to add a cover area to over winter them and to protect from bird flu if it occurs again. Here are the pics (te nicely coloured pegs are holding the felt down while the glue sets!): /img] [img[/img] http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah82/Deb_Davenport/WIR%20Extension%20Summer%202017/DSCN0881_zpsbmhcpjwn.jpg' alt='DSCN0881_zpsbmhcpjwn.jpg'>/img]
  3. Photobox is a great website to create a memory book of any photos you have. It is easy to use and photos are easily uploaded -https://www.photobox.co.uk/ . I have done little memory book for my boys when the left home for uni, starting at their baby photos, through nursery, primary school secondary school etc.
  4. Hi, I have been a member for this forum for over 10 years and have dipped in and out of it. I have also for the past 10 years been getting inspirations for a walk in run for our hens by reading and looking at peoples posts. At last we have done it! Here is our old set up with omlet netting: and now the new set up for the girls:
  5. We are getting a Jack Russell puppy in a couple of weeks and am hoping, with training etc, she won't bother the girls. Does anyone have any experience of hens and JRs?
  6. We have had the omlet netting now for over 7 years and its a godsend. Yes the girls do go under it, if its not taut or pegged down and I have a girl fly over it. But the majority of the time the girls stay put. The only damage is when I have got too close to it with the mower but repaired it with tywraps. We haven't got a gate so I have to straddle over it, early in the morning in my pjs. Must be a sight for the neighbours (serves them right for looking). So I would recommend it.
  7. For under our cube ladder, I bought a cheap wooden shoe rack from Argos. It does an ideal job plus the girls love perching on it during the day - so I have a couple more around their large run in shaded areas.
  8. I was diagnosed with diverticular disease last year, after the doctor initially sending me for a scan on my ovaries It is quite a common disease, where pouches stick out wards from the large intestine, usually developed due to localised pressure on a weak area of the bowel and is associated with chronic constipation and a low intake of fibre. Sometime the diverticular become inflamed and this causes extreme pain, diarrhoea and fever. I know when I have an attack, I can't move or walk and bent over in pain - if one or more diverticulum are inflamed then it is called diverticulitis. You have to modify the fibre content of you diet to help improve your symptoms. For me I had to improve on my intake of fruit, vegetables and cereals. If you have an attack, beware that fibre may act as an irritant and you should then have a low fibre diet temporarily until symptoms subside. Touch wood - I haven't had an attack for over a year now I think doing slimming world has definitely helped me due to improving on eating more fruit and vege. Plus I still eat spicy food but add more vege like spinach. Good luck and take care!
  9. Doris, a Calder ranger, I got in April 2006 - she no longer lays eggs, she has trouble getting up and down steps, and waddles more then ever but she is still the matron of the 10 girls and takes no messing from the other girls. When it is time to go to bed, she lets me know and like a fool, I go out and lift her up into the . Although I have lost a few girls over the past seven years due to illness, I must be doing something right to have had Doris the past 7 years.
  10. Seven years ago today, Doris, our Calder ranger, came home as a POL. She is in fine fettle still. The only thing she can't manage are steps, so I lift her each morning and night in/out of the cube.
  11. Looks fab! We need a thread of WIRs to visit - to help with decisions on style, size, etc! All I do is enviously scroll through WIR topics to see everyone else's run I have convinced other half, that was easy compared to which WIR!!
  12. My girls also are out in all weathers in an open pen surrounded by netting. They do have lots of shelter with shrubs and trees in the pen but I did get them the green frog large field shelter to use. In it I put a cheap wooden shoe rack from Argos to perch on and they have created a dust bath in the shelter. It's handy for all weathers, come snow or sun. Look here http://www.greenfrogdesigns.co.uk/Field-Shelter-Large-p/fs02.htm
  13. Every time I have got new girls, I always ensure it is at least three of them (last time it was 5 girls to 7 old girls). I try and get them as late in the day as possible, keep them separate from the old brood but when it is bed time - I wait until the older girls have gone to bed, shut the cube door and then place the new girls in the cube via the back after an hour. So far it has been successful and there hasn't been to much of any fuss. As for the eggs, I sell them from my front door and when I have some to sell, my A frame sign goes out by the front verge but people always come to the door saying ,"I know your sign isn't out but do you have some eggs?" one customer came at eight in the A.M. Fresh eggs will always be popular so enjoy the fact that your neighbours enjoy your eggs.
  14. If you like Jenny Colgan - you might enjoy Trisha Ashley. Just read Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues Give her a go, again her books are light reading but very hard to put down.

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