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  1. I didn't partake this time as I just didn't have the time. Next year i will be more organised.
  2. Happy New Year everyone. May 2013 bring you lots of happiness
  3. lol....I do the "hang on a minute" and just put the phone down on the table, they eventually hang up!!!
  4. Yes. It visited my local Asda last year. this year I have to go to Nottingham...already planned the timings/route..
  5. When I was growing up it used to be Christmas Eve too, but yes with 2 young boys it is getting earlier. Awe Chrissie, come over to our house and I'll soon have you outta the corner and in the festive spirit I'm just getting soo excited. I think decs will be up before 1st as I need to be ready before we start advent calendars....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it Also, I will start planning activities with my kids which revolve around Christmas. Lol. I've almost finished Christmas shopping. Just need to crack on with card writing
  6. Yay. It's official now. .... The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming
  7. Oh they are and as always the photo doesn't do it justice. My swapee also made a reference to the pink wheeled wagon on the card. It was just soo personal
  8. I'm just getting so excited I want to start now.......
  9. might just join you in a small tipple....well the holidays are coming, the holidays are coming. I just want to start decorating now
  10. Awwww that is gorgeous....not seen it on tv yet but really looking forward to seeing it.
  11. Yay....Christmas is coming......the coca cola ad will be between x-factor tonight Holiday are coming....holidays are coming
  12. told you it was brilliant xx http://http://
  13. My mum and dad got married in Germany. The wedding dress went a long time ago, I think 27 years of Army life & she finally got fed up of packing it up! I have ordered a newspaper from the day they got married & their birthdays. The patio rose bush & container will get sorted in the next few days. The telegram from the queen has been confirmed & the special display frame for it has now arrived. & thanks Emma, you've reminded me to order the bouquet. I think I'm all sorted. Can't believe they've been married for 60 years!!!!!!!
  14. Yay. mine arrived today and its gorgeous. Thank you swapee. It had a beautiful card with it and even the envelope had chickens stamped over it. It must have taken you ages ...... The detailing......gorgeous put mine well and truly in the shadows. I'm without laptop so will try and take a picture with the iPad and upload soon.
  15. Yep I know what you mean!! Actually found one on the rosebuddies website called Sunhit which is ideal. Will go out to the garden centre later and have a chat with them
  16. I did a photo book last year & a family photo shoot & M & D & MIL & FIL got a canvas family photo So far the ideas are s"Ooops, word censored!"book (did a front page of the Evening Standard for their 40th summarising their last 40 years) Photo frame with one side wedding day and other side now. This has now given me the thought of maybe getting their wedding photo enlarged and framed for them. Buying them a rose called Golden shower. This has now given me the idea of maybe getting a tall planter for the front door. (has to be low maintenance due to them both being disabled/reduced mobility) A newspaper from the day they got married (found a site which does does the day they got married and the day they were born) Love the plate idea unfortunately there is only going to be M & D, MIL & FIL, me, hubby & kids there but doesn't stop me getting something made to commemorate the day/achievement
  17. Not received mine yet But must admit that this is half the fun... Paul my postie must think I love him as I rush to grab the post of him
  18. ok guys 'n' gals...My mum & dad will be celebrating their DIAMOND (60) wedding anniversary next week. I have arranged for the telegram from the queen, bought the official frame to put it in, we are going out for a meal. Any ideas on what I can get the happy couple....keep the answers clean please!!! ♥
  19. Posted but after seeing Plum's I'm already feeling embarrassed Sorry swappee I had a go It was fun making it & too keep rescuing the bubble wrap from the recycle bin every time my hubby tidied the kitchen
  20. http://www.practicalpoultry.com/information/breeder-directory Good place to start looking
  21. They should all be tucked up in bed by time it all starts
  22. The cake and the pudding were made on the weekend. Now just being fed brandy every so often. Finished shopping for the boys Christmas presents and most of other children...so almost done
  23. http://www.tillysnest.com/2012/10/the-annual-return-of-great-pumpkin.html You may find this interesting
  24. indeedee I agree with limiting the pain relief. I've the same to myself following my car accident. I only take pain relief on bad days or when I'm off to see the physio. Which reminds me...off to see her now so time to pop some pills So glad that Rosie doesn't have anything serious now (not that it wasn't serious at the time) but it's all healing nicely.. Well done Clare. It was your TLC that made the difference ((hugs))

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