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  1. We were given our first cockerel about 18 months ago when a neighbour hatched too many boys. Positives - he has a lovely temperament, he's good fun too watch when he makes sure his ladies eat before he does. Negatives - in the summer he can start crowing at 4.00 in the morning, he has 11 hybrid ladies to himself but he definitely has his favourites and 2 in particular refuse to come out of their house because he pesters them so much. Because of this I'm not sure I'd get another as I feel quite guilty that they had peace and quiet before he arrived! I'm sure others will have had different experiences to us though.
  2. They are the funniest animals and so easy to look after. We got 4 this time last year for our couple of acres.
  3. If you google Crown or Twin Tec block softeners, they regenerate as and when needed and the water supply is never interrupted. We've had both and would recommend either.
  4. We had a block water softener in our previous house and also have one in our current house. In our previous house we ordered it online and had our plumber install it, worked out cheaper than having a company supply and install. It went under the kitchen sink (where the stop cock was) so we had softened water in the whole house apart from the kitchen cold tap. Wouldn't be without a softener, we live in Kent so a hard water area. 18 months on in our new house we have no limescale.
  5. Never had a problem with our independent high street estate agents but solicitors when moving is a different matter! The best was when our buyers solicitor exchanged using 2 different completion dates. Now that was interesting!
  6. I have always used a high street agent, normally an independent one rather than a chain. My concern would be if you pay the agent whether you sell or not, where is their incentive? In saying that our local branch of a well known estate agency chain closed down and the manager now works for Purple Bricks so he would have a very good knowledge of my particular area. We're on the market now so would be interested to hear others views.
  7. Waiting patiently for the next instalment. (sorry I won't join in as I have absolutely no imagination!)
  8. We have Green Thumb treat our lawn quarterly. They said 2 weeks for all treatments for grazing animals which they classed chickens as.
  9. I just went along with a friend who has been ringing for 3 years. There were 6 ringers, but 3 (all part of the same family) moved away, so now the church is short on ringers. I started along with another girl from the village so we have been learning together. We meet on a Monday evening for about an hour. I have been ringing on my own with someone stood in front of me for when I get in a pickle. I'm sure those bells have a mind of their own! The last couple of weeks though I have been trying to follow my friend. She starts and I follow with not much success. I still can't work out how to slow down or speed up. Haven't heard of the smart ringer system. I will look it up. I think it's a bit like learning to drive. One week you think you're doing really well, the next week it's as if you've never done it.
  10. We're told 48 hours after last 'episode' at my boys primary school.
  11. Sorry, re read my first post. 6 bells, 6 ringers. But only ringing with one other person at the moment.
  12. No, church bells. There are 6 in the church tower. I can now ring the bell on my own, but have just started trying to follow the first bell, let alone be in time with the other 5. Goodness knows how long it will take me to be able to ring at weddings etc! Can't even get the bell to stand! It's quite funny when my friend has stopped her bell and I'm still going.
  13. I started this summer. Am finding it difficult to follow my fellow bell ringer! Only up to 2 bells at the moment!
  14. How about IGCSE's which I understand is based on coursework rather than a final exam? I think home schooled children can take these. I may be mistaken though.
  15. We use a citronella spray collar on our dogue de Bordeaux. When he was about 18 months old he decided it was a good idea to wake us up every morning by barking at about 5.00. The spaniel would then join in howling. This went on until we got up. We tried getting up letting him out, feeding earlier etc but what ever we did he started barking again until we were up for the day. After months of early starts and desperation we bought the petsafe citronella collar. We put it on him when we went to bed and took if off as soon as we got up. It started working immediately. He hardly ever wears it now. I might put it on him if I remember. It got him out of the habit. I think also just putting the collar on but not switching it on after a while, fools them into thinking it would go off. Best money spent, it saved us all from being permanently tired!

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