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  1. I haven't posted for a while, I've been having toe most surreal and horrid time i could ever imagine.


    3months ago i found out that my now ex was having an online relationship with a failing 23year old American model.

    He has spent thousands on her and no she isn't a scam as they are in Ireland at the moment and she has posted photos

    that he has taken of her.

    He told me back in June that he will have to do lots of business trips to the US and that he needed my support...

    turns out his plans were to keep me here looking after his dogs and the house whilst he was out there with his new

    woman. Now i have scuppered that plan he has got very nasty to the point the police were involved.

    As we are not married i am not sure how i stand with sorting the house out etc.


    Advice greatly received.

  2. Now i pride myself in the fact that dispite the dangerous sports i have competed in i have never broken a bone.

    Well Arwesa Calm Like a Bomb (Bessie) has managed to break my toe - She is her namesake.

    I don't think it's a hospital or a doctors job but i feel i need something on it, Do i splint it?

  3. They helped me through a bad patch of stress and my dad had a complicated break in his arm which meant he couldn't drive or work. He got a couple of chickens and i gave him a reason to get up in the morning.


    Hen Therapy :clap:

  4. How old is she?

    I have left my old dogs for that long a few times indoors but being labs they just slept.lol


    Might be worth getting her bladder used to holding on for a bit longer before you do it so do a dummy

    run if you can. Kong toys are great for boredom breakers and leaving radio or TV on. You can get adapt

    collars and plugs in to help keep them calm.

  5. The most important thing to avoid flystrike is to keep bunnies bottoms very clean. Flies are attracted to the poo

    that sometimes get stuck in the fur if the rabbit diet does not have enough fiber, their diet should be at least 80% hay, pellets and veg etc should be limited. Keep both runs and night areas very clean, I have terracotta pots in my chicken and bunnies run soaked in NAFF's citronella spray to dieter the little blighters too. Also treating bunnies bottom with flystrike preventive called Flyguard will be another barrier.

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