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  1. My garden is in shock! Sunshine and i spent a few hours pruning and tidying up this morning. I went back out after my last client and it was very chilly.
  2. I had a hen that would lay two eggs close together, it was almost as if the egg laying conveyor belt went into overdrive! I used to top her protein levels up with mashed egg and a vitamin supplements.
  3. I am treating a hen which i am not sure if she has a vitamin deficiency or a tail injury, I am treating her with Nutri Drops as it has vitamin E and B. She is improving greatly but i am also doing some physio with her which seems to help. No end to my talents
  4. For first meal go for a mince and put some warm water into it to make the aroma strong..... should scoff it down.
  5. Our lot (even the cat)are are on Nutriment then topped up with lamb ribs and chicken carcass's from the local butcher. If you are new to raw i would recommend going down the prepared route to start there are some very confusing websites and information out there.
  6. I wouldn't worry to much as they tend to start to prefer going outside as the grow older.
  7. It could be Myofascial problems.
  8. I have just got the defender back in time by the sounds of things.
  9. DM is in the wet and dark part of Banburyshire, I seem to be in the sunny spring part.
  10. Cleaning out the kennels with my sleeves rolled up today!! Just had out builder come round to assess and damage done by the weather, A man of few words ( which is unusual for a builder) and normally " That's an easy job, no problem" big relief!
  11. Dry, sunny but very cold here. I managed to get the chickens cleaned out which they then showed me their appreciation by flicking the dry clean bedding EVERYWHERE! I have sectioned most over tha garden off for the dogs and chickens to try and give it chance to recover..... i think i will need a few boxes of grass seed though.
  12. Very violent winds last night here! An old tree has blown down in the field next to our house , thankfully it fell into the field and not onto the road! Free fire wood hurray
  13. I am tempted to have a sunbed session, I feel so fed up and sleepy all the time i wonder if a zap would liven me up a bit.... just one zap won't hurt?
  14. My walk was pretty blustery and i could have done with some wipers on my glasses. Tried to get OH out to take a photo of the sky as it was a deep orange with a dark silhouette of the tree line but he wasn't budging from the wood burner. I was going to get someone to s"Ooops, word censored!"e the moss off our roof, I am pleased that i haven't got round to doing it as it seems to be holding the roof tiles on tonight!
  15. I invested in 6 waterproof dog onesies in the sale and they have been a godsend on our walks today, No muddy splatters in the house and 6 warm dry dogs.
  16. Very worrying, I did look on the red cross website to see if they needed anything down there but no information about sending stuff down etc. i could spare some blankets etc and maybe some animal stuff.
  17. Just off for a blowy dog walk.... OH thinks that i am insane going out there but labs want their walks no matter what the weather, the springers are happy with a pee in the garden.
  18. My oldest ss is in the same boat but i think he will be dropping one at AS level leaving him with 4 A levels to complete.
  19. no flooding so far . i must pop out and collect the fallen branches for the woodburner, lots about.
  20. Drains bubbling up at the other end of the village as i walked the pups down tonight, I will try not to have nightmares about waking up and a foot of water.
  21. A very large branch flew into my car on the way back from a dog walk with DM, there was a loud thud against the car but no damage . I got home and found the drainage men checking our drains and warning us of overflow which may go towards our house. I have had to bring my old chicken indoors as she is 5 and struggling with the cold, She is tucked up in a warm room with some warm mash. poor old girl. It never rains but it pours.
  22. A bit of sun has come out now! I have spotted a bit of small damp in the far corners of the house (most exposed walls) which is now worrying me, i have cleared the guttering out but not much in it.
  23. Well we got hail around 10this morning whilst i was out dog walking and guess what we have now...... blooming rain! Feeling very grumpy
  24. I'm fed up now raining AGAIN, Everything (including the dogs) is covered in mud. I'd be happy with a cold frost frost a change.
  25. Not sure as no one was home. 8 dogs walked and trained today in the rain, all covered in mud and the Maverick (Dylan) enticed them all to bog snorkel! I can't wait for dry long days!

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