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  1. I haven't heard anything as yet, I'm just waiting the the dogs breakfast to go down before i take them out and find out. I don't fancy it's chances here if it hasn't. I am trying the ACV and duct tape method on said warts, i smell like a chip shop but they are dieing back.
  2. it's lovely here, birds singing, snow drops are out. I have been living in wellies for 6 months now and it has taken it's toll on my feet, Two huge verrucas!
  3. I said i normally walk them that way so i'll hunt the dogs through, I hope it's been hiding under a plant pot and be found.
  4. Just had a knock on the door tonight, The people that our sort of neighbors (they are a field and a road away) Have accidentally let a 8 week old kitten escape at about 6 pm tonight in this wild, cold wet night and their house is in the middle of nowhere, We are surrounded by boggy fields and a fast running streams . I couldn't go and help at the time so i hope they find it.
  5. Loving it, I just need a free supply of good wood and i will one happy bunny, We have only filled the oil taken up once since June!
  6. I converted our open fire and put a burner in it, we went for a Mendip stove as our house isn't old so some of the oldie worldie looking ones would look out of place. We can heat the whole house all day with one small basket of logs at 23 degrees with a Eco fan! http://www.mendipstoves.co.uk/
  7. It depends on what type, I take my Defender to a garage that is confident with them as it is 25years old and young mechanics don't understand them. Our Discovery 3 has been everywhere including Quick Fit.
  8. All that is left is; one double bed, one single bed and a chair.
  9. It does say " Black Friday is coming" at the bottom or the page.
  10. Oh well... just bought a Z bed for £15 for the boys room instead.
  11. I can't see them for that price
  12. I'm fed up with the mud and longing for a frosty spell so my dogs stay clean. We are having new window next month so i would like cold but dry.
  13. Not the cuddly type (unless you have fur) but i do 'Miranda' things which i guess is just as bad.
  14. We have used them with our pure breeds if we are suspicious, i will only use Laboklin for our health tests etc. http://www.laboklin.co.uk/
  15. Thanks, One that was recommended seemed to cheap so i will go to their show room to look at the windows and locks. Safestyle keep calling me and i have got their price halved but they want our home as a marketing home.
  16. Ahh.... Cherwell have quoted me but their 'good' windows came out more expensive than the big boys. Their standard ones just weren't worth bothering with. I had another local company that seemed to cheap even for the good energy rating one and with Safestyle telling me that cheap means recycled plastic that will colour fade i am a little confused.
  17. I am in the process of getting quotes to replace our windows. I haven't had to replace any before so i could do with some advice on companies which are good and ones to avoid. A lot of money to replace so i would like mid range.
  18. My pleasure, i seem to live in fleeces and walking trousers these days.
  19. Blacks mid season sale, if you use voucher code:VCLOUD10 get an extra 10% off and free delivery. I've just stocked up on fleeces. http://www.blacks.co.uk/sale-home
  20. My stepson has just done his, We got most of his gear from Sports Direct at a good price.
  21. Good plan, I have had some terribly scruffy letters that i have doubted - some have been genuine but some have been dodgy. BP head office would be a good first port of call to see what their process is.
  22. The only other thing would be a fake number plate that someone else has used to steal fuel.
  23. I did spend a little extra money on some clear perspex and good fittings, i am pleased i did as it has been maintenance free for four years now.
  24. Ask for CCTV evidence before reporting to the police, I have nearly innocently drove off without paying as i had something on my mind. Fortunately i managed to make it look like i was moving my car for someone else to us the pump.

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