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  1. OH complained about me buying a dog bed for the back of my car (£25) as we are saving up for new cars. He complained saying it is a waste of money but was soon silenced when i mentioned he went out to urgently purchase some new expensive headphones (those with a b or d on) when his original pair didn't jump out at him..... they where found in the back of my car (he had being using all week and had used to drive to get the new headphones) the day after.... what a waste of money! I think i won that round
  2. I think that might be the road i go down soon, letting agents seem to be a law unto themselves.
  3. My OH tries so hard to sit on his high horse....... He is always knocked off it...bless
  4. As a landlady myself i find that shocking! Do they have their signed contract? I don't trust letting agents at all, I do find that they are sometimes playing landlord off against the tenant. I don't think that they are regulated enough to protect landlords and tenants.I still have to go and check my property to make sure it is kept clean, tidy and safe for tenants which is something my letting agent should be doing.
  5. Yipeee... down too 9at 8lb and that's even with a few holiday treats.. target is 9st 6lb so not long hopefully!
  6. It has been 30 degrees in our micro climate village all week......a cool 15 degrees in the dogs kennel. I might start renting the out to hot and bothered friends.
  7. Engine oil and gun oil are my memory triggers Guns and old Defenders basically
  8. No neither would i but we closely inspected them and they were definitely un-fed redmites (grey colour)
  9. Just gone to buy 4 bags of Homebase woodchip only to find as i was wheeling them out the door that the bags were crawling with redmites which we must have disturbed when putting them on the trolley. I quickly turned around and got a refund - i think the checkout assistant thought i was potty! Warm,damp dark bag of woodchip is ideal i guess...
  10. Hi, I have two house rabbits that have a Eglu for outside play but they don't live in it. I do think that to living area is too small for two bunnies.
  11. I saw a skip with men in it moving up the electric wire today! i have never seen anything like it! Good job we didn't have the thunder storm that we were due!
  12. I did some years ago,I remember sanding the doors and painting a primer before i used paint and then coated it with a layer of mat varnish to make tough to wipe.
  13. I'm going to try and tweek the recipe to make chocolate ones (reduced cocoa) and have them with low fat homemade vanilla and cherry yogurt ice-cream.
  14. It turns out more like a pancake without the dried milk powder (a bit limp not as robust) thats with altering the fluid to corn ratio.
  15. Starting to miss lunchtime wraps on my Dukan diet so i have worked out a recipe for very low carb/fat wraps Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 tbsp cornflour 2 tbsp skimmed milk powder 2 tbsp skimmed milk season to taste (i like garlic and herbs) Mix ingredients very well then spray some low cal oil into a hot frying pan, mixture should make two -three wraps depending on size of pan. Fill with your favorite low fat filling and you have a very guilt free lunch or snack
  16. A man and a woman have been meeting up for extra martial cuddles and kisses every morning for the past 5 years on my morning walk! 7am they are there in the posh suits in their posh cars... they don't live around here.
  17. I didn't learn anything new and the cats were rather chubby too!
  18. It could be a tighten muscle in your neck that has an inserts around the jaw line, I have to have to get one of mine sorted now and again i suffer neck, jaw and cheek ache (with headaches) when i need it treating.
  19. Well done, Sadly it is very common to have to fight for these things now.
  20. Thank you! The only thing i missed is the odd glass of wine, everything else has a low fat or sugar free alternative . There is a forum for support and yummy recipes that have kept things tasty
  21. I am just 6lb of loosing 2st in one month!
  22. I made it will Okens fat free vanilla yogurt and blackcurrant jelly yesterday... delicious!
  23. Since we have had some nice weather i have missed to little ice-cream treat on my Dukan Diet so i tried this recipe below and it is lovely, Can be made even more creamy by using fat free Greek style yogurt. Ingredients 1 large tub of fat-free natural yoghurt (500g) 3 teaspoons of sugar-free jelly (I used Hartley’s strawberry flavoured) 3 tablespoons of boiling water Let’s get cooking 1. First of all, place the boiling water and the sugar-free jelly powder in a small bowl and mix well until the jelly has completely dissolved and there are no lumps stuck to the bottom of the bowl. Let the mixture cool down for two minutes 2. Place the yoghurt and the jelly syrup in a food processor and combine together. If you haven’t got a food processor, you can also do this using a spoon but be careful to mix the two very well together otherwise you will end up with big lumps of solid jelly in your frozen yoghurt. This is the basic recipe for your frozen yoghurt. If you have an ice cream machine 3. Pour the yoghurt and jelly mixture into your ice cream machine and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to obtain smooth and guilt-free frozen yoghurt Without an ice cream machine 4. Transfer the mixture into a freezer safe container, pop the lid on and let is set for 30 minutes 5. After 30 minutes, take the container out of the freezer and give it a good stir, ensuring that you break up all the ice crystals and the yoghurt is smooth before you put it back in the freezer 6. Repeat this process every 30 minutes until your frozen yoghurt has reached your desired consistency and serve immediately. When I tried this recipe without the ice cream machine, it took approximately 4 hours for the yoghurt to set and thicken

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