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  1. I can see it exploding too, You could pierce a small hole with a needle but you would have to keep it upright.
  2. Started the second phase last Monday so veg are being introduced again. Weight dropping off slower so i know that this is proper weight loss now. 1st 10lbs lost so far!
  3. I have lost just over 1st in 3 weeks, mostly water but needed to go, target is 9st but i may start to look too skinny so playing it by ear.
  4. Yes tennis balls should be for exercise not for chewing. And like humans not all dogs have strong teeth which can be to do with what they are fed. My 9 year old lab has retrieved tennis balls for 9 years, has a Stag bar which he is allowed for a treat and has amazing teeth. My year old lab,springer and our 2year old springer are treated the same and and have fabulous strong even teeth. Everything in moderation.
  5. Lots of opinions coming up on this thread. My input is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, don't stop giving them antlers and the tennis balls just don't use them day in day out. Use the antlers as a treat or for when you have to leave them for a bit and use tennis balls a few times a week as a different form of exercise.
  6. Another 3lb lost! two more days and i am then onto the cruise phase.
  7. None of use connected it tbh but now we have had time to think it does send a shiver as he was in full uniform so it could have easily have been him.
  8. Another 1lb lost which is great! The cheese cake was an experiment with what i had in the cupboards, I only made 8 cup cake holders full so i will need to work out a recipe for a full cheese cake.
  9. My Step brother is in the same barracks and was walking along the same road an hour earlier. The local Leicester TV and radio interviewed his mum yesterday at her shop. They have been told to keep wearing their uniforms as not to will mean the terrorist have won.
  10. I've just made some little baked lemon cheese cakes with oatbran as the base, the taste sooooo creamy you wouldn't think it was made with 0 fat yogurt and cream cheese.
  11. I thought i had dreamt it this morning - That doesn't happen in Great Britain surely? I think they wanted to be shot and killed by the police so they became heros to their belief, Lots of people think that there will be a civil war before long it this country. That poor brave solider and his family
  12. 2lb loss after one day! I know it will be water but being female that's still great news. Meals are filling me up and i have plenty of energy. I made some wraps out of oat bran, egg and yogurt for a bread substitute, i filled them will steak and had a yogurt mint dressing with it for tea last night. I have ordered a second hand recipe book for puddings etc. No shaking which is great news!
  13. Now i have never been or needed to go on a diet before, I cam normally eat what i want as long as i stay active. Turning 37 i have noticed a small spread forming around arms and tummy so after a lot of research i have bought a seconded hand book on Dr Dukan Diet. has anyone tried it? I need something that doesn't leave me hungry as i will start to shake so hopefully a high protein one will work.
  14. I feel for you as i went through a similar thing around 7 years ago, I mange a near normal life now and just have the odd flair up that i can control with rest. My doctors are on the thought of Fybromialga maybe early Lupas.
  15. They love to dig, try giving her a tray with some soil in.
  16. My youngest stepson has some issues at the beginning of the year that seem to be sorted now but he does do and say things that are a little quirky. I was an odd child and had a obsession with animal skeletons so i don't worry but his dad can't understand. I like quirky
  17. LOL... Foggy couldn't give two hoots about them but likes their room as it is warm. They met uncle Dylan yesterday and seemed to look in awe at his size, He was so gentle with them and sensitive to Gemma getting a little worried.
  18. I have found a colourful rain maker in Wilkinson's which have gone down very well.
  19. That sounds like a good idea, I am going to look in the £1 shop for baby toys to keep them amused. We nearly had a great escape last night as all of them were trying to climb out of the drop door! Extra panels have been added.
  20. Gemma was walking around with a big proud grin on her face. I have started collecting items for the socialising pen, I need something that will make a noise when the touch it but is chew safe.
  21. It was sad but he died snuggled in our arms so he knew he was loved and wanted. I will be needing lots of people to play and cuddle with then and a few weeks so i will find a date for cake and puppy cuddles.
  22. Well we sadly lost the runt which we did think might happen. Mum is doing well with feeding and keeping the pups clean. I will leave you with some more photos. Puppy Love Eyes opening now
  23. Thank you! He is gulping his colostrum down and putting on a little more weight. Fingers crossed the two hourly feeds pick him up.
  24. He is ok that way but just a bit clueless, He has put a little weight on over the night feeds.

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