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  1. Looking for advice Babs has been off colour for over two months now,It started off with softies and looking ill. I brought her indoors and started to feed her up, i did notice she had a slight impacted crop and no feathers on her underside. Thinking it was the molth i just kept my eye on her and she seemed to pick up. Two weeks later it happened again softies and impacted crop, so i sorted her out but also noticed there was no sign of feather pins growing through on her underside, so just kept an eye on her. it has been happeneing now every two weeks, i just can't work it out. She has been to the vets (the chicken vet is off with a broken leg)and they couldn't fine anything wrong apart from a impacted crop (they flushed this out) and gave her some antibiotics. I really can't find anything else to do, my only thought now is prob best to cull her .
  2. I have been fattening some mealworms up for my girls, They are very big now so i put some in a pot for the three girls and put it into the run, They massacred them. I felt a little bad that i had fattened these worms up then threw them into the lions den
  3. I have a parrot mirror with a little bell underneath, I catch them looking at themselves in it, Then they peck at the bell , I also have one of those treat balls that you can clip to the mesh, I cram it full of kale so it is more hard work to get it out.
  4. She was very depressed, laying softies ( due to filling up on bedding)and had crop problems.
  5. do they have access to grit (especiall oyster shell grit), Softies are normally caused by lack of calcium. Limestome flour (from horsey shops) also a mashed up boiled egg can help with this.
  6. Whit maggots and meal worms are my girls fav, Babs has been on them for a week to help her throught her illness. I read somewhere that they are mainly protein (which is good for thin chickens) i get mine from the local fishing shop. I am going to have a go with clicker training the girls with these as they will do ANYTHING for them.
  7. I had theis problem with babs ( i think she caught them off a very mankey dove). I tried everything but nothing work for her and she started to lay softies and look really down. I found a thread on another forum about using Spot for cats, It says to put 4 drops on EACH bird you have. The egg withdrawel is a bit sketchy (some say you don't need to, some say 11 days) but they have gone and she is laying well again. This product is *not licensed for use on poultry in UK. - Egluntyne.
  8. it looks like an ingrowing nail to me
  9. Hi, Well done for helping the girl ,maybe a photo will help us identify the problem.
  10. Hi, I have a problem with Babs, After being very poorly with croup problems due to eating bedding in the laying box I have ran out of options, She eats straw, sandust, aubiose,hay and wood bark, I have ran out of ideas of what to put in to stop her making herself poorly. HELP
  11. Well after two months of battling with softies, loosing feathers(not growing them back) and down in the dumps i have had to take Babs to the vets and they have kept her in. I have exhausted all treatments off forums and web pages and just hope they can find out what is wrong.
  12. 1.) Name? KAREN 2.) Hair colour? BLONDE 3.) Pets other than rabbits? 3 DOGS, 3 CHICKENS 4.) Date that you got your rabbits? 2006 AND 2009 5.) Hobbies? SHOOTING,GUNDOG TRAINING, POWER WALKING, GARDENING 6.) Likes? HONESTY 7.) Dislikes? LIERS 8.) Favourite music? INDIES ROCK 9.) Favourite TV show? EASTENDERS 10.) Favourite food? SUSHI 11.) Fears? INJECTIONS IN MOUTH 12.) Dreams? RESCUE MORE BUNNIES 13.) Anything else we should know about you? NO 14.) Favourite Film of all time? ROADHOUSE 15.) Favourite Book of all time? DON'T GET TIME 16.) What book are you reading now? 17.) Occupation? DEAL CO ORDINATOR 18.) How would you describe your personality? ECCENTRIC
  13. Hi, I think your vet forgot to say certain vegs can cause stones etc. http://www.rabbit.org/index.html this site will have lots of info on diet etc. I have had house rabbits for most of my life, Very cheeky and playful once they learn to trust you. Easy to litter train once neutered.
  14. Babs was like this a few weeks back, I brought her inside everyday and gave her some sugared water with some life guard in to keep her energy up, She laid softies for a couple of days, I just kept her energy up and fed mashed eggs with some cod liver oil in and some greens. She's fine now.
  15. Hi, To much calcium can be very bad for bunnies as it can cause stones and sludge in their tummies. try and prevent the buns from pinching the chooks food if possible.
  16. Hi, I had a simular problem with My Babs, I found her crop to be slightly impacted (i had to feel it) once i had sorted that out i put her back with the others and caught her eating the Aubiose in their run instead of feed. She had been laying sofies for a few days. With the other two being gants i used to put Babs in a carrier with some mashed egg and greens (and pellets) for a couple of days (putting her back in the coop at night). Life Gard in her water also helped, Oh and no treats.
  17. Pleased to report Babs is laying normal eggs now, and feel much better I think the impacted crop had something to do with the softies.
  18. i caught her eating the Aubiose in the run , I have put them back on the grass ( a bit early than i wanted too). Fingers crossed she's ok.
  19. I can't wait for spring to arrive, lighter evenings so the girls can stay out later.
  20. Hi, My little Babs has some aliments, She is nearly bold on the neck and chest which i think is the first moult. Sunday moring she had done a softie and still had a full crop. I took her indoors and managed to empty the crop, fed her some runny mashed egg and put her back outside, She seemed fine for a while but then i found her hunched up at the back ( another softie on the way). I brought her inside for the night she laid another softie this moring, I have given her a little yoghurt and put her back outside with the others. She went straight to the nest box and lay on the other girls eggs (which i quickly moved) she is off the nest now and hasn't laid another thing. Any ideas?

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