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  1. hi, Perseverence! Keep at it but also show your Dad you are ready for some responsibility. Ask your MUM for some ideas for extra responsibility. REassure your Dad about how simple it is to keep chickens, as you say, you have reasearched. And show your Dad how everyone on here totally adores chicken keeping, they are fascinating. GOOD LUCK.
  2. hi thanks, I've looked at their legs and it looks like they have Lady legs. Still no crowing. Can't see their faces yet, will have a closer look when I can.
  3. hi my polish bantams are 13 weeks old, very cute and funny. They are very difficult to sex. Would they of been crowing by now if boys? What else would they of been doing? Thanks in advance.
  4. thanks, these chicks have just hatched so are only a couple of hours. I will look at the advice thanks.
  5. in with other chickens. Can I put a little chick in for her ( we have just hatched some cream legbars). I feel so sad for her. She's been like it for days. Failing that, if anyone lives locally to me would like to borrow her to have some chicks. Any other ideas please?
  6. lovely pics, hope they all get over the infection. Love your duck.
  7. I have 12 more cream legbar eggs in (and yes, I do have somewhere for the boys) Fingers crossed I get another good girl ratio last time I had 5 girls 2 boys. Wouldn't 12 girls be nice.
  8. thanks, although in reality I can't think of a way which will be effective, or kind enough, for me to keep a boy. Will have to wait until I move into a mansion with a paddock.
  9. thanks all. It would only be for the night so they didn't crow at 4.30 am. Not to be kept confined all of the time.
  10. would this work? I have some baby poland and frizzle that I want to keep even if they are boys. What could I do? I think the noise in the day would be ok, possibly. Ideas please.

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