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  1. A mate works in Next and said all the staff are disgruntled with coming in for opening at 6am on Boxing Day (at regular pay too, not even time and a half!). Even Xmas day has been scheduled as a regular rota'd day off! But... management have said, they have to satisfy the shareholders and with the current high-street doom and gloom, if staff want their jobs - well they either like it or lump it - what an awful situation to find yourself in Made me feel quite sad about wanting to grab a bargain light fitting or pair of shoes. I feel for all shop staff - how to ruin Xmas in one fell swoop. Seems such a shame but stores are so desperate to get the money from our wallets that they don't care about/ignore the morale of their staff and can't afford to stay closed on Boxing Day and lose out to internet sales. So if you go to Next on Monday and are greeted with a cheery smile, be sure to give them one back - I don't know how they do it
  2. Wow, these coffee machines are bit of a minefield! Bean-to-cup, cost £100s+, anti-nescafe, expensive pods etc etc sooooo, in case it helps anyone, we chose a Philips Senseo because some clever so-and-so's invented reusable pods for it (and it was cheap and now we can escape the cost of expensive pods and use our own favourite coffee ) The coffeeduck works really well and there's also the Melitta Padfilters and Eco Pads Our cup price is now slashed from 16p to a more normal 8p Coffeeduck also make refillable capsules for the nespresso but no such thing for the Tassimo, as it needs the barcodes on the pods. The Senseo's £35 or £45 in Argos or the old one's £29 on Amazon. I'm so pleased with it that I bought a hot chocolate kit for DH and espresso kit for me from directcoffeepods so I'll having capuccinos soon If you want PROPER espresso or a milk frother then it's not for you. I microwave my milk then whizz with my £2 Ikea frother - I had a lovely and cheap cinammon latte today
  3. Oh wow, that was a close thing! I really hope your leghorn is OK, they are fabulous girls and I only said to my DH the other day, if I was to start again, I'd have 8 of them I've plugged the Cube drain hole with two bits of plastic pipe (from Wickes). One sits in the slot from above (in the nest box) and one fits in below and they're tied tightly together through the slot with tie wraps. Keeps the Aubiose in brilliantly but don't know if it would withstand a determined and hungry fox I hope she's showing signs of improvement, please let us know how she is in the morning
  4. I've just ordered a £40 Petporte on Amazon (click for brown and white). Couldn't decide between it and the Sureflap but the price and "automatic-lock-at-night" feature sealed it - we've lost 1 cat too many to the dark roads in our village and, since we grounded them at night, our boy has reached the ripe old age of nearly 19 Can't help with the UPVC door thing - our door's double-glazed so we've had to order new glass (leaving us a couple of hundred quid lighter!). Yes, ours use a litter tray at night, although one of our kittens tries to cross her legs and wait for her dawn patrols but she just can't last out during these long winter nights ETA, blimey! Both Amazon cat flaps have gone up to £70-75 Sorry but it's prob worth checking Amazon's prices regularly as they obviously change overnight!
  5. Oops the 8GB USB stick that I ordered from play on Monday for a fiver arrived today. Gotta stop spending!
  6. First one was blank, 2nd one was received at nearly 5pm and worked BUT... it was only valid until 11:59 but didn't specify pm so it looks like it ran out 5 hours before But the play.com deals of the day are cracking! So far this week, I've ordered an Animal ski jacket for under £60 (reduced and then further 30% off ) and 2 hats (O'Neill beanie and Bench peruvian bobble hat) with 50% off - so £11.50 for both ! Santa is very pleased and loves online shopping!
  7. I don't know what your budget is but... Amazon have the new model for £100 without nut dispenser/jam making or £109 WITH AND they're offering £20 cashback from Panasonic until 31/12/11 which makes them "only" £80/£89 Click I agree about the timer - nothing nicer than waking up on a Sunday morning to freshly baked bread for breakfast!
  8. My point was, the manufacturer's instructions differ so follow them to the letter so you don't invalidate your guarantee. BTW, there are some great bargains (up to 60% off!) on http://www.sainsbury.co.uk until 22 Nov - just saw a 2,400-spring kingsize reduced from £1,200 to £480 Free delivery too - we paid £50 for the privilege when we ordered ours
  9. Whoopie doo! It's on offer in Waitrose!!!
  10. Good advice, although we were told to only ROTATE our memory foam one and not flip it over, for 2 good reasons... the air-foam is only on the top AND, at something like 40kg, I'd do my back in if I tried to flip it We had to rotate once a week for the first month then once a month for three months then once every 3 months... Basically, follow the instructions and you can't go far wrong And you won't invalidate the guarantee!
  11. Our girls have a "playground" attached to their secure 4x2m WIR. The playground is fenced off from the garden but doesn't have a roof (so only for evening/weekend supervised FR but they love it!!!).
  12. Was shopping this am. Everyone in the store stopped and stood still and silent.
  13. Has anyone tried it? I'm just supping a regular gin-based Pimms #1 but fancy giving #3 (brandy based) a whirl. Hmmm next question - serve with warm apple juice or cold ginger ale? Cheers!
  14. Garage full of beer again - yup, another School Fete coming up so lots of Bah Humbug and Rosey Nosey real ale in stock Can't believe I'll be seeing Santa in just 19 days!
  15. Big Skechers fan here - Skechers are now owned by Ugg

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