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  1. Hi there. Most annoyed. Stupid stupid mites! I'm getting them some powder for their dust bath, but have just noticed this stuff which everyone is raving about. Can someone tell me, if I put it in their feed, can I still eat the eggs? Thank you D
  2. Hi there, We've had the chickens about 3 months now and love love love them! Anyway, obviously this time of year everyone's lawns go horrible, but ours now resembles a quagmire! We've moved the eglu round as much as we can, but the lawn is just looking awful now. Anyway, we have a plot of earth at the top of the garden that's now empty as we've dug out a very overgrown buddleia and we're thinking of putting the ladies up there. Would it be ok to just put the eglu straight on to the earth (I was going to sink a couple of slabs in for the eglu to sit on so the tray comes in and out easily) or should I use bark? I thought then I could till the soils over every now and again because won't the bark get all wet, pooy and sink?! Thanks for any advice x
  3. I'm obviously being a bit stupid, but I can't see how I insert smilies into my signature! Everyone else's look cool! Thanks for any help.
  4. "Ooops, word censored!"ody there - flaming heck that's a professional job! Slim, now that's what I was hoping my grass would do! Thanks x
  5. Thank you all. I can see me havign a little DIY job on my hands!
  6. Mmm that's an idea I just liked the idea that coz we're at work in the day and they're only in the run they could have a good mooch for worms etc. Thanks tho Tasha
  7. Hi there, I'm a complete novice chicken keeper and am getting on fine with the eglu and am moving it round every 7 days, but as we in the UK have such lovely weather this time of the year, the lawn is getting wetter and less absorbent and of course, the chickens poo in their run and its really ruining the lawn. Now I'm no priss whose worried about my pretty lawn (a) coz it isn't pretty in the first place and b) coz I've got two dogs that run round on it!), but I'd still rather it look green that like a brown bog! Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what can I put on the grass in the run that will stop the poo getting all compacted into the grass and that obviously won't go horrid in the rain or blow all over the place in the wind? Thanks eggsperts

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