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  1. Have you tried Nibley bird farm ?? http://www.touchbristol.com/business/list/bid/2008604 we have had some lovely hens from there and last time we were there they had quite a few bantams, we are also in Bristol and it was only 15 miutes to them good luck!!
  2. hi Claret, I remember that vaguely and my mum thinks it was 'little black Sambo' which was my absolute favorite book when I was little. My daughter has started reading all my old favorite books and have to say quite often once she's finished reading them I have to read them myself, I'd forgotten how sad the original Black Beauty is it made us both cry!! but the original 101 dalmatians is our favorite. Hi everyone, never seems to be time to post these days but we keep checking in to see if there is any news of mark3 eglus?? oh and really thinking of starting a thread called .........................'Do not under any circumstances think of going on holiday to Seville for at least 2 years'
  3. Ohh I'm so sorry about Muppet, it is the hardest thing about having pets isn't it, I hope Lucy copes without her sister. hopefully seeing your ex battery girls and knowing you are giving them a happy life makes you feel a little bit better. We lost our lovely GSD a year ago and it was heartbreaking, you have to mourn them but try and remember the fun times too take care
  4. What sort of puppy do you have Julieann?? we had our hens when we got our GSd Flint and think the thing is start as you mean to go on but some dogs are definitely easier to teach than others!. With Flint we kept him on a lead whilst the hens were out and a firm no everytime he showed interest seemed to work , I know others have had to resort to slightly firmer methods , I think one that has worked well is a water pistol in the face accompained bby a firm no, I'm sure someone else had a try with a citronella collar but can't remember who . If you are out with the puppy saying no and then when he/she stops reward her with a game but if she persists just take her away ought to work but some dogs definitely learn faster than others. Have to say that Flint is a year old now and I would havve said he wasn't 100% trustworthy with the hens except that when they all escaped from the netting at the weekend we looked round to see him standing amid the chickens looking confused , even though when they are one side of the netting and he is the other he still occasionally looks like he's going to make a grab for one Good Luck ,I'm sure with patience you'll get there but definitely some breeds of dog are more hunters than others
  5. we have a chart on the fridge door with everyone's egg weights neatly catologued each day so I don't think it is overanalysing at all can tell you that Willow, Bramble and Blossom are currently laying bigger than average eggs (59-64g) Hazel's have shrunk a bit and are averaging 49g each and Daisy are staying at around 57g, the other two have given up for the duration!! SO far we haven't been plotting egg size on a graph but now you've given us the idea a different colour line per hen and max , min and mean marked daily with bonus sweetcorn to the best producer each week
  6. we've definitely had less eggs recently , two have stopped laying altogether and Willow has just started laying again after a month off, last year we just had two hens and Rosie never stopped laying all winter wheras Willow stopped laying on bonfire night and didn't lay again until mid january. They stop laying when they moult but it seems very variable whether they stop for a week or months! I think purebreeds are more likely to stop altogether in the winter and the hybrids will keep laying better but with the shorter days think they also lay less can you tell wheter some of your girls have stopped altogether or not ?
  7. I quite agree! Now if it was Brad it would be a different story all over! Oh no, has to be George
  8. Worse still is the dog who eats cat poo just before bounding up the stairs to wish you good morning!!! YUKKKKKKKK We weren't 100% sure Flint was trustworthy with our girls and then one day we looked round to see him inside their fence surrounded by totally unconcerned hens whils all he was interested in was.... yes chicken poo ...definitely a wash your mouth out with soap moment
  9. Martin you've hijacked the thread I shall let you know if we are ever parting with the yellow eglu but the CA and I are still working on the 3 eglu plan!!! Did I imagine it or was there a survey a while ago that showed that chickens laid best in a pink eglu?? and if so was that before the purple eglu came out?. Murdo is still holding out for no new chickens (and therefore no need for an immediate decision) until the spring. However when the CA appeared today and said the 2 new girls weren't happy in the rain and I replied 'shhh daddy doesn't know about the new girls yet' there was a long pause from the kitchen.............sadly the CA is a little young to carry off the hoax and rather too quickly admitted she meant Sorrel and Daisy , I tried to recover the situation by explaining that the new girls were Speckled Stars and therefore well camouflaged.... even swiftly asigning them names (Daphne and Primrose) in the hope that he would just assume he'd totally failed to notice 2 extra hens that morning but had to admit defeat when he said ' there's no way there are two new chickens down there you'd be much more stressed in case they were being pecked !!' Still we had him for a minute and he didn't look that upset at the idea so who knows in fact he actully came and checked my sig here to see if there were any new hens on it because he still wasn't sure it was a joke (and it was pouring down so going down the garden to check didn't appeal) Of course afer todays downpour Blossom and Daisy are brown anyway so I could probably sneak a couple fo white hens in easily enough
  10. something really worth having is a couple of logs, our girls love having logs to perch on, especially when it is wet and a camera ready and waiting!!! and possibly a visitors book!!! The first week we had our eglu I think pretty much every child in the CA'a class wanted an invite
  11. I knew we'd get lots of helpful advice actually I have a plan but have to persuade Murdo I think it is pretty apparent thaat the yellow eglu is going to be a rare and valuable item so really should be hung on to!! Also have to say the CA and I both really like it , the issue though is space and just how much garden can be given over to hens!! So my latest brainwave is to keep the yellow eglu but take the extension off it and add that to the new eglu when we get it... leaving us with a small yellow eglu perfect for say... 3 bantams because a small yellow eglu tucked away really wouldn't make that much difference would it I love the idea of cadburys themed eglus but brown isn't available anymore is it? mind you is pretty good too but that is getting away from the point that we really want a purple eglu beginning to think that those who suggested had the right idea maybe we should go down Lesleys route, our friends already call us the farm and Murdo does keep mentioning goats and bees If they produce a turquoise eglu we are going to be in real trouble !! I think turquoise would be lovely but it would definitely go best with yellow(instant tropical holiday image) so we'd really regret having sold the yellow one then.. did they ever make a mark 2 yellow eglu does anyone know so as you can see the decision making is coming along nicely
  12. thanks everyone for all your kind thoughts about lovely Jasmine, she is much missed, especially by Briar who definitely seemed to be looking for her earlier Briar also gave us a scare by being all hunched up this morning but she seemed fine later and frankly the weather is so horrible being hunched up in a corner appeals to me too! So now we have the question of if and when to replace Jasmine, the CA is already planning but the 'national chicken shortage' is a bit of a blow think maybe we will wait until the spring but that was what we said last year when our lovely GSD died in october , within 3 weeks we had a 10 week old pup!! (and that was the best decision we ever made) at least hen wise we still have 7 so apart from Briar being a bit sad there is no great need to replace Jasmine just yet thanks again for all your kind words, really helps to know other people understand , mind you even my mum, who is not given to sympathy was quite upset... and the CA apparently told her teacher she'd forgotten her homework because her chicken died!!! great opportunists kids aren't they xx
  13. our girls are all great diggers too , we weren't worried about it until this week when we noticed they had very nearly burrowed out they are burrowing in front of the eglu door and then back under the eglu to the point where any self respecting fox could have dug back through , the weak point of the eglus defences is where the skirt meets the eglu itself , we have now re-enforced that with heavy stones but it is worth watching out for if you have 'chicken run ' minded hens.
  14. Hello everyone, what a lot of arrows when I logged on the forum today, where does the time go ? someone told me how many shopping days there are until christmas today! and my patients have started to wish me a happy christmas as they leave anyway hopefully we have time to be around a bit more now and we need some help with Another Important Decision!! (We also need cheering up as we lost Jasmine the cream legbar today and most people just don't understand being sad over a chicken but I knew you all would) So many moons ago we came to you all for advice regarding the colour of a new eglu... as one or two of you may remember, and after much helpful advice we became the proud owners of an orange eglu. Originally the plan had been to sell on our 'rare' if not 'collectors item' yellow eglu and have one eglu with 4 chickens. Somehow though plans went awry and we ended up the proud owners of 6 chickens (and my car knows it's own way to Nibley bird farm these days) then there was the unfortunate incident of the chicken that turned white! so we had seven and obviously the yellow eglu had to stay All well and good but then they produced a purple eglu!!!!! Murdo very nearly stunned everyone who knows him by making the decision to buy a purple eglu without any consultation but then the indecision set in , then someone said the Mark3 might be out at christmas so still no purple eglu ...... the thing is though does this work ??? I have to say I prefer this but pink was vetoed despite strong representation from many on the forum really I would obviously prefer this or at a pinch this but Murdo insists we can't keep the yellow eglu even though I think it will be a collectors item soon Don't even let us get started on what colour glugs and grubs to get !!! So two questions really a) Is there a Mark 3 due soon or are we waiting for a figment of our imaginations and b)what do you think of this
  15. We have had a very sad day today and needed to share our sadness with people that would understand, ( I know she's was 'only a chicken' but she was my chicken!!!) So poor Jasmine hasn't been a great success as a chicken, 8 eggs in 6 months isn't a great record is it! but she was very pretty and very cuddly so we forgave her lack of productivity. The last few days she hasn't looked very happy but she was still eating and drinking and nothing was obviously wrong so we didn't worry too much, she looked as if she was moulting a bit so we put the shrinking comb down to that and kept an eye that she wasn't bullied and hoped she'd improve today the Chief assistant came back from morning chicken feeding to report that Hazel had knocked Jasmine over in the dash for the food and she'd had to lift her back to her feet!!. This sounded ominous and by the time we got down the garden she was laying in a heap looking very sorry for herself with the other girls gathered round her looking concerned (if it is possible for a chicken to do that! ) we picked her up and put her in a box and really it was obvious she wasn't going to last the day, we discussed taking her to the vets but doubted she was going to last the morning and sadly within the hour she was gone : So RIP Jasmine, here she is in better days Wasn't she pretty thankfully the chief assistant having shed some tears seems to be OK with it all, saying wisely 'at least it wasn't the dog!' Anyway sorry to return on such sad news but in a minute I am going to start a new thread explaining why we made the wrong decision when we bought an orange eglu!! I think it was Chookiehen who was a strong advocate of pink and I have to admit she was right!!

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