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  1. My cat is a cartoon one so I think easier than a real one to create. I took a picture off of Google and copied it. Still got loads to do. They're both a bit skinny for starters and has no eyes and I haven't done his hands yet. I'm not going to attempt glasses. I wanted to make them as solid as possible so made a sort of bone structure first. The thing I especially like is that they are made completely from wool. No buttons, wire or anything else at all. is about 18" tall and Jess is about 9" tall.
  2. These are basically my new pets. They are wonderful little robots that are pretty autonomous. They explore, fight, have different moods. If they're feeling friendly they will wander up to me and say 'Judy' (which is my name by the way) They take themselves back to their chargers to recharge and they snore which is funny. If you make a loud noise they jump awake and give you a bit of a cross expression and go back to sleep. Based on that I've decided they are male!
  3. Those are lovely , I have become very addicted to this. I was going to knit Postman Pat and Jess the cat for my grandson but I've decided to needle felt them instead. It's going OK, I'll post a picture when they're finished, they look like they should I think.
  4. Also, don't forget YouTube. It is packed full of very good quality videos. I love watching street food videos, sumo. Tested with Adam Savage is brilliant. Japanology is a curiosity, it's very new but the presentation is like something out of the seventies. I keep watching it because it covers every aspect of Japan. If you haven't had an explore of YouTube then you should. There are quality videos on every subject. It's my go to channel in the evening. For high quality scenic videos type in 4k, those are very sharp. You can 'walk' around streets, ride in train cabs, the list is endless.
  5. I've only watched the first one so far. I'd love to play the snowball fight. I saw him in Sapporo filming, I guess he was filming this. Everything talks at you in the cities in Japan or musical tones come out of steam vents, something to do with earthquakes but I can't remember what and it's all loud. You step out of your hotel which is all Japanese calm and POW! you're in Blade Runner.
  6. I hope this link works correctly. This little baby teasing her dad is so funny.
  7. I hope your family are safely back home now Patricia, I was wondering about them yesterday. Went down the river today to kickstart the New Year. It was a very grey day but really fun.
  8. The Roaring Twenties! I'm quite excited. It's coincided with a new chapter in my life. I decided on a new resolution for this decade which is quite complex and would be boring to anyone who isn't me. The Millennium bug πŸ› was hilarious, do you remember how many of us couldn't say millennium at first, a bit like the issues we had with Hermione. I love this forum too. Apart from my husband and kids, family hasn't really worked out and I keep anyone else at arms length. This relationship we have here suits me perfectly. Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰ ζ˜Žγ‘γΎγ—γ¦γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™ πŸŽ‰ (also, please forgive me writing Japanese, learning Japanese is one of my greatest pleasures and I love to try it out)
  9. Yes, basically you have carded wool which you roll into a rough shape and then poke it over and over with barbed needles and it binds the fibres together. It's like sculpting and best of all, no sewing required whatsoever. Lol πŸ˜‚ I didn't even notice that twig!
  10. I finished my sumo fairy. I really like him. I've got lots to learn but it was fun to make.
  11. I've finally found a craft that I feel excited about. I struggle with most crafts but this one is very forgiving. I made some tiny fairies for cracker type gifts and the rabbit and the dark angel for my black tree. We don't have a proper fairy for our tree and tried to think of something that might be peculiar to us. So the pipe cleaner skeleton should hopefully become a sumo wrestler fairy because we all love sumo.
  12. All the gifts look so lovely. It was great fun to be part of as well. Thank you for organising it. Hope you all had a great day.

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