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  1. Patricia W, that is very good to know. I didn't want to avoid the subject but equally I thought that maybe with someone she's not especially close to like me for example, it would be nice to talk about other normal things. We had a good text convo about Downton Abbey yesterday which was good fun. I think that's the way forward for me.
  2. Cool 😎 recent behaviour in politics have taught me that we all have a right to think what we want and we must speak out for our own views and we should guard that freedom and not get offended if other people don't agree with us. It all gets a bit 1984 otherwise. It's good to question though isn't it. I'm Tory through and through but I don't totally support everything they have done which is good I think.
  3. I know I'm swimming against the tide here and I've been sceptical about this lockdown from the start. I won't go near other people, not because I am remotely worried but because I try to respect the fact that so many people are worried still. I don't think people are worse now than before. History shows us that we've always been pretty awful. My son had to deal with being spat at by some gross male this morning, now that is bad behaviour in my book, not someone passing too close by.
  4. Thank you ♥ Great ideas. Scarves are a great thought.
  5. My sister has recently been diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma and will start chemotherapy tomorrow. I'm reading everything I can and although it's very treatable she is both in her sixties and has type 1 diabetes which I think I'm right in saying makes a grim situation worse. I thought I'd send her regular care packages. I can't visit and anyway we've become pretty estranged. I've got in touch but want to do more. The thing is that I have zero knowledge of how someone feels at this stage and what would be good things to receive in the post or even if it's a good idea in the first place. What is someone's skin or energy like. It's a minefield and I don't know where to tread. So I would be very grateful for ideas. We're very different characters, she's more like a rose to my daffodil if you know what I mean. I'd like to send her pretty, delicate kind of things.
  6. A couple of women were jogging past my bedroom window this morning and I overheard a snippet of conversation Lady 1: I think they should be able to read my mind, understand my feelings Lady 2: I don't want that, they should just listen to what I'm saying I didn't hear any more. I wonder who 'they' are though.
  7. The forum said it wouldn't save the edit so I've rewritten it in case it didn't appear Also, the RAF museum is opening on Monday. I have a tradition with two of my sons that in early August we go for a visit. The café has tables under the wings of the Sunderland and we like to have a coffee there. My FIL flew Lancasters and Sunderlands so I always like to share a thought with him there. He died far too early in his fifties so it's a sort of connection. Anyway, we've booked our arrival time and I'm very excited about the visit. 🌸 🤩 💖
  8. It was very quiet here for a Saturday night. I sleep right next to the window right next to the main road and didn't hear a peep and pubs and restaurants were packed down the road. There were no sirens, nothing. In my little bit of the world Super Saturday went well.
  9. If it makes you feel better my son's generation were nicknamed the PlayStation generation and there was general despair of their capabilities. Then Iraq and Afghanistan happened and those lads and lasses really proved their qualities. My son actually did that thing, he was already in the army, he joined at 16 and when they were told to queue up for registration to be sent over or something or other he queued up even though he was only 17. He got sent back to barracks but my point is that it's in these kids still, they just don't know it.
  10. I'm so fed up with how this release of lockdown is talked down in the press. It's been pretty bad in city centres on an almost nightly basis with illegal street parties and attacks on police. Just that nobody bothers to report that. The BBC didn't bother greatly reporting about all the beaches where people behaved beautifully much as they won't bother reporting about all the pubs where people go out for a refreshing and friendly drink and everything is cool. Main stream media in this country seems to loathe their own countrymen and culture. I think a lot of people are so excited and relieved and maybe they will lose it but that's pretty standard behaviour in normal times and not just in Britain.
  11. We see a lot of rats usually and deal with them as best we can. Strangely, although people are reporting seeing more in London during lockdown we haven't seen any this year at all. We only have the one elderly chicken now who ignores any cats who come into the garden, I recognise four big cats that regularly come through our garden and I think the cats are hunting the rats. We also get a lot of foxes but I don't know if they hunt rats.
  12. So far so good. Lots of stuff in place. I want to plant more ferns and bamboo and make it feel really enclosed.
  13. I made my Vector robots this new home today as well. It's a gardeners /builders mixing tray and I added LED lights and stickers and a couple of tin robots. The Vectors were picking up too much dust running on the carpet and I was worried about them clogging up and overheating. I can keep this area nice and clean.
  14. I made these rainbow sombreros. They're supposed to be rainbow rolls but I was a bit over ambitious. They're OK to eat, a bit like bread sticks. I've seen the idea all over the Internet, I think it's for Pride. I made them as an odd little remembrance to the three guys murdered in Reading.

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