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  1. So jealous. I haven't seen or heard a hedgehog for so many years. When I first moved to London back in the seventies they were everywhere, now absolutely nothing. We're in the suburbs so loads of gardens and green space and woodland but no sign.
  2. When my son gets home from work (ambulance) he strips off in the hall. His brother usually greets him with plastic bags and they do an airlock kind of thing. Then he has a shower and has his tea and then relaxes. It's so bloody weird. He was so wiped out last night he couldn't eat his tea. I'm insisting that he stays here because he gets hay-fever so we want to keep an eye on him. We're still taking our temperature every day. I'm so convinced that we've already had it that I'm not worried but better safe than sorry. I'm glad it's rainy today, it makes staying at home less awful.
  3. Also, although I can only talk for the area where my son works there is tons of PPE for medical staff. What it's like elsewhere I have no idea but that's a relief for me to know. I hope that's the case everywhere else too.
  4. I saw a newspaper article for women about how to dress when stuck at home during lockdown with pictures of glamorous women pouting and wearing stuff. I suppose that makes a pleasant change from them not wearing stuff and showing off their worryingly bony frames. To be honest and I don't know if I should be feeling some shame about this but I'm wearing my normal clothes. I didn't know a 'lockdown look' was a thing. Is this something I should be thinking about or can I just carry on in my old clothes watching movies and eating Easter eggs? 😂
  5. Mine are pretty raggedy. Skin around the nails is really dried out from the alcohol wipes and so on. Sometimes I wear varnish but I'm bad at putting it on tbh
  6. Glad to see that UN, WTO and WHO are all saying that governments need to calm the **** down before there is more damage to more people than is necessary. That may or may not be my words but that's more or less what they're saying.
  7. My street went out to do the celebration of NHS workers. There were fireworks and everything. It was very nice.
  8. We are starting to video message more with my Japanese family. I was very sad and angry about missing seeing them and to be honest I don't know if we'll see them at all this year now. Our grandson is 15 months and loves climbing and he was so proud to show us his little indoor slide. I can't stop seeing his beautiful proud big grin. We're getting into the habit of weekly short but sweet hellos. I was really pleased because I asked in Japanese what his teddy bears name is and he answered me. I don't think either of us knew what the other said but it was still wonderful.
  9. That looks lovely. Good to see and enjoy.
  10. DD made a giant macaroni cheese and a Japanese curry soup and quite randomly some Yorkshire Puddings. One of my sons ordered a chemistry set so we've also been doing that and binge watching The Outsider. I got a nice walk in round the streets this morning and by chance met an elderly neighbour in her front garden. I'd been worried about her but didn't know where she lived. Apparently 'Frank' has been getting everything she needs so that's good.
  11. I'm trying to make Maui from Moana. His body shape is all wrong, I'm building up his shoulders and it's a bit hard doing tattoos but I'm excited to see how things go.
  12. Is Cat Tails on other pages?Haven't seen her on here for a few days. Just checking.

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