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  1. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Yesterday was supposed to be autumn chores in the garden but it turned into this. Not many chores got done.
  2. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Hyde Park today.
  3. Turning 'Japanese' - I really think so!

    I think it's Chinese too. I've been learning Japanese and the script here is all kanji. I'm pretty sure that if it was Japanese you'd see the other alphabets too. I was a bit sad and have looked through trying to recognise symbols and was quite pleased when I did.
  4. Home Towns

    I don't often post pictures of my little bit of London. We're in an outer suburb which was dubbed Metroland in the 1930s due to the Metropolitan Line tube. I love my house, the people we bought it from were an old couple who had watched it being built. They lived in Chelsea and would travel out to the 'countryside' to see their new house. Anyway this is the walled garden of what used to be a Manor House built in 1500s. The area also has Battle of Britain bunker which is fascinating and has a new museum. This area is developing and discovering it's history which got a bit lost to be honest. It's nice.
  5. Gig at the dome..... or not.

    I agree too actually. The Garage and Electric Ballroom are the only small venues I've done. They were both dives with expensive beer and grotty loos but they were great and we had a great time. I think I'm looking forward to it more now. The only band I want to see at a big venue is Babymetal and I want to see them at Tokyo Dome but I don't think that's going to be possible. There's a Genesis tribute band that does small venues and we planned to do that this year but this year is slipping away. That's pretty much my music plans although OH does keep mentioning the Nutcracker so maybe around Christmas.
  6. Gig at the dome..... or not.

    I like a musician called Leo Moracchioli. I really like what he does so I was very excited to see that he will be performing at the Dome on his own and not in a festival. The tickets are relatively cheap and so I bought a couple for me and OH. Then I got to worrying. His fan base is global but nowhere near big enough to fill the Dome and it might be a bit awkward and I imagined people sprinkled randomly around the arena. Then I thought it's usually called the O2 Arena. Then I realised it's The Dome, a small venue above a pub in Tufnell Park. More like the Garage or the Electric Ballroom. Bit of a comedown. I expect we'll still have a great evening. What he does is a lot of fun.
  7. Omleteers fit for 2016

    I'm getting better at the plank and I've started a 5 minute plank exercise which rotates round different positions. I'm finding the leg raise especially difficult. I think it's weakness in my leg muscles. I've since started a 30 day leg challenge because I was shocked how some muscles have deteriorated and I hadn't noticed. My muscles for walking are good and strong but it seems to be the muscles you need to keep your joints flexible that need work. I'm pretty sure it's not the joints themselves but neglected muscles that are the issue.
  8. hurricane is coming. How do I prepare coop?

    Good luck and best wishes.
  9. Knitting question.

    OK. Thank you. I'll do that.
  10. Knitting question.

    I think it's going well. I'm making a floor mat for a baby to chill out on. I love baby playmats. When I had my twins they would spend ages lying on the floor on a mat just gazing at each other and holding hands, it's a lovely memory. So I'm knitting squares and if I have time I'll back it with starry blue cotton material with a sort of wadding to pad it. I'm making it up as I go along. Does that all sound doable and even vaguely sensible? Is it a bad idea to mix wool and cotton like that? It's bound to need washing. I've got about six weeks left before I go. 😱 I can picture myself sitting on the plane knitting like a mad woman.
  11. Tips for London trip?

    If you're into coffee check out the small kiosks on the steps or in the front yards of churches in Central London. They often do the nicest coffee especially on a cold day and some of them have little pop up street food markets. I believe it's all done with the aim of raising money for homeless and local people who find themselves alone.
  12. Tips for London trip?

    If you're wandering around the city, Guildhall is free and has lots of history. It's a bit confusing but you can stroll around the yard and there's an art gallery and a great underground bit with the remnants of a Roman amphitheatre (nothing like Trier!) Just around the corner is the City of London Police museum which is small but interesting. Both of these are good time fillers, worth putting on your list if you've got time to fill up but I wouldn't put them at the top of my list. Chinatown is fun to stroll through as well.
  13. Tips for London trip?

    If you're going to the natural history museum then pop across the road into the V&A for coffee and cake. Just because it's beautiful and their coffee and cake is very nice.
  14. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    I love reading all this. I wouldn't know where to start. I'd love to see some photos when you have time.
  15. Coffee machine recommendations please

    A vacuum coffee maker is fun and the coffee it makes is delicious.