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  1. The Weather Thread #9

    My daughter is like you Mullethunter. She thrives in the heat, even the hottest days here didn't seem to bother her. As for me, I'm loving the cool air. Like Soapie I'm busier and more productive. I'm a bit worried about subsidence. There's no sign of that yet on the house but there are deep cracks in the garden soil and it happens quite a lot around here. Last time it happened our neighbours had three large trees cut down so that should make a difference.
  2. The Weather Thread #9

    It feels so nice. I'm working on the garden today. Trying to repair all the neglect. We had some rain which we sat out in but it was pretty dirty rain โ˜” or something. Everybody's cars are covered with dusty splodges and I mean everybody. I don't know if that is just local to here. I'm loving this cool breeze.
  3. The Weather Thread #9

    Still pretty hot in London. I went to the V&A today which wasn't a great idea. However I loved this scene. People lolling on the grass and all the kids stripped off and playing in the water feature. It had a lovely atmosphere and a bit different to a normal day there.
  4. The Weather Thread #9

    Back to full on hot here. Not as bad as Europe though. I enjoyed the few slightly cooler days and nights. In other years I would consider them hot, it's funny how they seemed cool by comparison.
  5. So how is the season so far?

    I've been watching the forecast for Portugal ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น and Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ and it looks so extreme. Take care. I'll be thinking of you.
  6. So how is the season so far?

    I have a marrow! I also have a pumpkin ๐ŸŽƒ but I'm not getting too attached to that yet... just in case. I have picked off about 10 cherry tomatoes and five or so edamame pods. My carrots have grown but only about an inch. Come the apocalypse I don't think my gardening skills will sustain me. I have nine gorgeous looking artichokes but I grow that for decoration and have absolutely no idea how cook or eat it.
  7. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Beautiful, gorgeous moon. I've been practicing taking photos of the moon for a few evenings and then like other people it was too cloudy last nights. . I was disappointed but also really glad of the change in weather.
  8. The Weather Thread #9

    It's much cooler and we've had a night of good steady rain. I think it's the sort of rain that will soak in a bit. It feels lovely. I think I'll get back to doing fitness today. I put it on hold for a couple of weeks while it was very hot.
  9. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I made a poster of my early morning today. It's such an amazing area, partly gentrified, partly not. I think life was much harsher in the past but even so it feels pretty harsh now but also a bit fun.
  10. The Weather Thread #9

    I noticed it looked very short and I was surprised to see combines out a couple of weeks ago. I've lost track of countryside calendars and practices but that seemed very early.
  11. New baby

    Thanks. Yes. They're pretty settled in a remote area and I can't see them leaving that by choice. It's all volcanoes and wild seas and unusual wildlife and sounds amazing.
  12. New baby

    I'm going to be a grandmother. It'll be a bit long distance. I've got a flight for around the time, I wanted to be there but it's not predictable so I might miss seeing the baby. We're going over next year together anyway so we'll see the baby then for sure. ๆ–ฐใ—ใ„่ตคใกใ‚ƒใ‚“..... New baby, but there are sentence particles missing. My Japanese is quite patchy still. ใŠใฐใ‚ใ•ใ‚“ might mean grandma or it might not!
  13. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Grandmashazzie.... cool girl. What a brilliant picture. Valkyrie.... I just love jets and stuff. I love watching them but would never want to be in one. There are two advantages to this high pressure weather... old planes can be in displays and the washing dries in about an hour on the line.
  14. So how is the season so far?

    Gosh! Firstly, I loved that YouTube video about watering. Very watchable and informative. I feel I should think more about what I'm doing. Secondly, Daphne all that information was fascinating and useful. It gave me an insight into our fruit trees. I'm such an ignoramus about keeping things alive.... it's a miracle my kids and chickens reached maturity! I'm feeling very inspired to learn more.
  15. So how is the season so far?

    Mostly frizzled. There was no blossom so no cherries, apples and hardly anything on next door's pear tree. Don't know what happened there. Everything else is just small and sp*****. I water everyday but I'm very conscious of using too much water. The ground is cracked and dusty. I'm pleased that everything is still alive so I'll try again next year which hopefully won't be so dry. Thats supposed to read S.P.A.R.S.E.