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  1. I've been trying to decide who my alternatives would be. For women, from the entertainment world, I would pick Julia Bradbury, Michaela Strachan or Katherine Jenkins, and obviously Joanna Lumley. From sport I think Paula Radcliffe or the lovely newly discovered Amy Williams. From art, Tracey Emin who is a challenge I'll admit. For men, I think Ben Fogle and Simon Weston are great choices and I would add Ross Kemp and Louis Theroux who make some very thought provoking documentaries. From sport there are just too many men! Johnny Wilkinson would probably be my favourite though.
  2. Do you know if bait boxes are safe for other animals like hedgehogs and squirrels. I picked up a couple on saturday but ran out of courage in case other creatures could get in. Our new neighbours are gutting their house and I think they must have disturbed a nest. I saw five at one time yesterday in our garden. We have blocked off their tunnels into the chicken run with gravel and bricks which has worked so far, but I don't like seeing large numbers of rats. It looks quite creepy when they drop down off things.
  3. If anyone does a lot of baking, there are some lovely cake tins for sale on the Help for Heroes website shop. My son has only got about 4 weeks left out in A. Hooray!
  4. I'm not sure of the purpose of a Nation's sweetheart, but if we have to have one, I'd rather it not be Cheryl Cole. I don't follow celebrities lives very closely , so the only thing I really know about her is that she was found guilty of ABH after attacking a cleaner in a nightclub toilet. That's enough information for me to want a different one. I would like a vote and I would pick someone who is nice and has some discernible talent. We have plenty of lovely, talented women in this country, and I wonder, could I pick a lovely, talented man instead?
  5. I'm sad England didn't win, but that was a great match to watch. A real gladiatorial event. I was on the edge of my seat at the end, it was so tense.
  6. Yes Holly, I think you're right. It is quite violent with a lot of adult issues. I'm actually looking forward more to the Lego Harry Potter which covers the first 4 books. That will probably be more to your taste too. I was playing the Star Wars one today instead of cooking the tea.
  7. I have three little Light Sussex bantams and they are all the above. I have had them since August and haven't had any serious worries, just the usual questions I think.
  8. Do bantams do community broodiness? It started last week when we had several days of constant rain and they stopped coming out. I was wondering if it triggered something. They look well, their combs are bright red and they come out for food,playing etc but then go back into their coop for most of the day. I was getting an egg from one of them but that has stopped now. Does this sound familiar?
  9. I put a tray of spring cabbages that I had neglected in the run, and they are enjoying it. I thought I would do it again, but with cheaper options, like mustard and cress or something. What would other people use?
  10. Another trainer has been killed by an Orca. I do feel sympathy for the people involved, but maybe it will be a catalyst to stop them keeping these beautiful creatures in such confined conditions. I don't know a lot about them but I'm sure they are migratory. I saw one in a show once and didn't enjoy it. It just felt sad. I'd rather see them in the wild, in a large pod, because they are social creatures, just like our little chickens.
  11. I think it's a brilliant idea and we always talked about escape plans and how they should drop out of windows and not jump. At least it's a good idea unless you get it wrong like I did and the poor things believed they were going to be burnt to death in their sleep. I hadn't thought about it many years though.
  12. If you have one what make/type do you have. Any recommendations?
  13. Is there a thread about chicken noises. I didn't realise they had such a range. I've seen websites with dog noises to help you understand your dog, perhaps it would be fun if there was a chicken noises one. Does anyone know of such a thing? I know chickens aren't supposed to be very complex but there seems to be more to most creatures than we rather arrogantly assume.
  14. My chooks hardly ever poo in their coop. They generally come outside to relieve themselves, usually on the roof of the coop, which isn't too nice when it's roughly at eye and nose level. Even this week when they hated the rain and I think two of them are starting broodiness, they hauled themselves out. In a way, I wish they would do it in the coop because it's easier to pick it off of hemcore, I don't know what to do if it's in a puddle of water. I sprinkle some stalosan on it. What do other people do?
  15. Tried out the demo tonight - very good
  16. You mustn't feel bad. I didn't go back to work after having the children and have had a wonderful time. I hate being told it must be boring, I've done so much. I home-schooled the kids, am working through an OU degree, puppy-walked a guide dog (if you like dogs try this), am learning German and French, have an allotment and now the chickens. I am now thinking of joining a Townswomens guild. You're not a parasite, I bet you work hard making a lovely home for your family, and for me it is good to be around and available to them all. I'm glad I don't have to work when one of my boy's comes home on leave. Just be true to yourself, some women love or need to work, some don't. I LOVE being a housewife!
  17. Is anyone else going to try this game? It's the kind of game I've been waiting for, intelligent, thinky and very noir. I think it's going to be very different, I love the Lego games and Ratchett and Clank when you can have a satisfying time just hitting stuff but I enjoy the puzzles more. Apparently everyone who plays this will have a different outcome according to the decisions they make.
  18. Downstairs - every day. Upstairs - once a week. Husband also says he is aware of frantic activity when he pulls up on motorbike. Putting that to bed gives us a few moments grace.
  19. Poor you. Get some lucozade, a copy of the Beano , a good playstation game, buckets and towels ready and forget the world.
  20. They won't come out in the rain! They live in a sheltered WIR, but the underground stream we have is threatening to flood the garden, so they just squeeze into the coop door and watch the rain come down. ALL DAY. When they were little they liked puddles and mud, but at the grand old age of 10 months they hate to get wet.
  21. Black Forest. Freiburg is a lovely city, Munstertal is a lovely town set in beautiful valley with lots of walks through forests with a peaceful convent. Delicious wine, good weather, nice people.
  22. I won't usually go swimming because I have never felt comfortable in traditional costumes and would look scary in a bikini now. However I just ordered a set from lands end which I am really happy with. It has a nice halter neck top and flattering swimming shorts. I have always resented that men can go swimming in shorts - unless they're German of course and wear those tiny trunks -and I had to go in what felt like my underwear. I can't wait to get back in the water.
  23. You will probably go there and have a lovely time and think it's a nice bit of London. I just have a little knowledge of the underbelly of the area and would have felt bad if I didn't give you a heads up. It is a nice area, as Terry Pratchett says, open your eyes and then open them a little more!

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