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  1. Be alert and hold tight to your handbag especially if you're on your own. The police in the Ealing area are very busy people. Be aware of drunks on the streets who are a permanent feature and choose a hotel that is part of a large chain, like the ones suggested.
  2. nintendo braintrainer. Got one for my mum's 70th and she was delighted
  3. Whoops! England made a meal of that didn't they. How was the six nations weekend for everyone else?
  4. I absolutely loved this actor. Brilliant.
  5. This might cheer you up. The animated shorts on the Empire site. I haven't checked them all out, but I liked this little French one, I think it's about preconceptions, it's called French Roast.www.empireonline.com/oscars2010/oscar-shorts-videos. I tried the link and it took me to the google page and the film is at the top.
  6. I've found the 'Jacobs, biscuits for cheese' pot, the big orange square one, to be an excellent chicken feeder. The food doesn't get thrown out, which has cut down on ratty visitors. I was struggling to keep the run free of food when it had fallen into the muddy ground. I think it would only work for bantams though as I'm they sit on the sides to eat sometimes and I think bigger chickens would have enough weight to tip it over.
  7. This just happened to my son, he joined to get his fitness up to join the army, but at Christmas lost his cheffing job. He told them immediately that he could no longer pay the gym fees and thought it was all sorted. Then he too got a threatening letter about bailiffs. I hate a society where good, honest people can be threatened like this when their circumstances change and they have tried to do the right thing. In none of these examples was anyone trying to cheat anyone.
  8. Who's got a posh enough botty for that?
  9. I have had the neighbour who lives at the end of my garden commenting loudly about how selfish I am, which was ridiculous as the chickens were just scratching and saying geburr at the time - I think she watches too much Eastenders! Chooks did let the side down last sunday though - they objected to her husband being on his garage roof and stood on their coop roof and shouted non-stop at him. It was actually very funny. PS - they let their dog bark at 11pm and their kids are often drinking, swearing and screaming far into the night in the summer. Hypocrits.
  10. Hi, Recently I've had some trouble with my tummy that seemed to worse after eating bread. I have been cutting back drastically on the amount of bread I eat, so instead of a cheese sandwich I have cheese and salad or couscous or something similar. Tummy is loads better and I have actually lost some weight. I bought a size smaller top than I have for years, which was great. Maybe that will help, although it's not easy - I love all the different types of bread.
  11. I henna'd my hair this morning and it didn't go crazy red, just a lovely auburn. That made my day!
  12. It makes my day when i hear from my son in afghanistan. The signal is often rubbish and he's often grumpy but it's nice to hear him. I know that at that point he's safe.
  13. If you're talking about Ali Dizaei then I totally agree. Best thing for the Met in a long time. A corrupt and nasty man. I thought he was bound to get away with it all, yet again - as you say, a little moment of win.
  14. Just wanted to say cheers. I am a natural born worrier and have fretted through my first few months of chicken keeping. I have been able to resolve all sorts of issues and been prepared for others by looking at the advice and comments on this forum. I'm even starting to relax and enjoy taking on these crazy little critters. I shall raise a glass or two of wine to you all tonight - and subsequent nights.
  15. I missed the beginning - I hope they didn't have pop/opera stars singing. I love to hear the crowd belting out the anthems. I like hearing the Scottish one although I've been told it's pretty anti - English. Something about a battle, is that true? I thought it was a cracking game, I know it's a good one when the time flies by and I don't wander off to put some washing on. I liked the England shirts without all the sponsor logos, really smart. Looking forward to next England match although one thing that is predictable about England is their unpredictability.
  16. In the summer they're often in packs of three or four, running down the road checking out the front gardens, for full bin bags I assume. They must be family groups but other than mating I've only ever seen one at a time in back gardens. It seems like they have a system.
  17. On one of the threads a little while ago, someone said they often sing 'The Chain' while driving round Birmingham I think it was. If you haven't already discovered this group, try them, I think you'll enjoy them. A little bit of 'the mac', a little bit of Jack Johnson and a little bit of ' the red hot chilli peppers'.
  18. Yes, that is me. Still all quiet on the western front. Garden is pretty somme like at the moment. No more mating screaming - I loathe that sound.
  19. Just saying thanks for all the advice I was given about fox deterrents. We tried the male urine and there has been absolute silence from the foxes, day and night. I got the Foxwatch yesterday and everything has become calm again. I was sceptical about the wee thing but it would be an amazing coincidence for the the fox visits to stop at the same time. We live near tube lines so foxes are a pretty permanent feature here. Hoping it continues.

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