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  1. Don't they make Green King beer there? Sounds good on that basis.
  2. Well, this is only based on info from my son, but, engineers are respected within the army, will get to be in at the thick end, and of course gain useful qualifications for when they leave the army. I'd say go for it!
  3. Sorry, I've only ever just bunged in what I fancy and topped it up as i go along. The same lot has lasted all 6 months - a bit like Trigger's broom.
  4. I do, especially avocado, green if you can get it. I love the effect on my skin and supplement it with a tiny bit of skin nanny from lush. My skin never has that drawn feeling you sometimes get and still looks fairly fresh during this winter. That could of course be because I don't dust the mirrors, gives you a slightly airbrushed look!
  5. Hi Quickcluck, He went to Harrogate, it's better if they're not particularly academic. Does your son know about this,www.camouflage.mod.uk/, very good, aimed at 13- 16yrs old.
  6. I noticed on a few threads that some of you despair of your young teenagers. Have a look at the Army foundation college, unless you are totally opposed to a forces career, it is a good option. My son went there at 16 and it was the making of him. In the last 8 yrs he has had some amazing experiences, including war, and now has the opportunity for an exciting and adventurous job outside the army. Trust me there will be no eye rolling, shoulder shrugging or 'whatevers' if they go there. It is a challenge, but a good one. I think you can order a brochure which you leave lying around.
  7. Oh, I so remember days like that. Absolutely dreadful, It's not always a relief when they go to bed as you don't know if you'll be needed during the night! Hope you all get better soon, and you will look back on this with fond memories - no, really.
  8. I've suffered from bouts of day long sneezing for years and one of my sons is the same and we couldn't figure out why. Then I started to associate commercial furniture polishes with the sneezing. I found this 'recipe' which is lovely and the sneezing for both of us has virtually stopped. Put some olive oil in a jar with some orange essential oil and some spices, I use allspice berries, star anise and a cinnamon stick. It smells gorgeous, the wood looks great especially when I rub it in well and if it gets on my hands it's good for them. I'm going to try a different essential oil for each season. Any other similar tips? Apart from anything else it smells so much nicer than manufactured products. I've used it for about 6 months on all sorts of surfaces with no ill effects.
  9. I feel really horrible so thought i should explain my hard stand. We had a lovely old neighbour, old soldier and all that who was particularly vulnerable to all sorts of cold callers, and used to hand over money to sobbing young girls. He once had some in his home but had the sense to phone us. In the end we had to virtually ban him from opening his front door unless he was expecting visitors. Hope you see where my cynicism comes from.
  10. I live in suburbia so my circumstances are different, but I feel I should say this is a regular and dangerous scam here, we often have crying people on the doorstep late at night, as a means to gaining entry into your property, and do not trust them at all. Sorry to be a meanie.
  11. I asked a very similar question recently because I thought they were shouting for treats, I followed the advice which was to not respond to them and it seems to have worked. I try to take them by surprise when I'm going to pop out so that they don't get into a routine either. I worry about the neighbours too and sit inside cringing until they stop, which in truth is only 2-3 minutes, which when you think about it is much less noise than mowing a lawn or a dog barking or planes going overhead.
  12. I bought some last october to put in but family things and the weather closed in and the bed I had prepared looked boggy. I've kept them in the dark and they look pretty much the same as when I bought them. If I put them in the ground in the spring will they grow like normal onion sets.
  13. There is a family friendly Premier Inn right on Dover sea front. If you can get a room with a view of the harbour it is quite fun seeing the ferries coming in and out. We usually go by P&O for value and amenities, but we like SeaFrance for it's style ( and less school trip bus groups). Also, being French they're not so obsessive with endless Health and safety announcements. Hope you have a great time.
  14. Absolutely, & it has to be the triumph bonneville as ridden by the amazing Steve Mcqueen. We ride one, well, my husband does, I just hang on at the back with a silly grin on my face. Any other bikers out there? We could meet at the Ace Cafe, I fancy going there but wouldn't know what to say to people, at least we could talk about chickens!
  15. The setup of the coop is such that I can't see what's going on at the end, under the nest box. The chickens spend a lot of time there and occasionally emerge whistling and shaking mud from their' fluffy knickers ', I went to see what they're doing and found definite signs of tunnel building. I wonder where they've stashed the Bonneville.
  16. All I can tell you is that I often get scam type emails from two of my son's who have hotmail accounts, so I think it happens a lot. I don't think they use them any more.
  17. I know someone who goes basejumping and he told me about one lad who was poised to do his jump from the top of a cliff and got a phone call from his mum. She was understandably scared and wondered if he couldn't jump from somewhere a little lower! I would laugh except that I am guilty of equally illogical thinking when it comes to my kid's safety.
  18. Nothing useful to say, just wanted to wish you the best and good luck.
  19. That's a real treasure trove. More interesting than piles of coins. I would spend so much time reading through all that. Your friend must feel very lucky to have such a tangible link to her past.

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