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  1. I bought one for my son for christmas but it has stopped loading on start up. Anyone else had similar problem or have any idea how to tackle it. Thanks
  2. I haven't read these though my family have and they are all adults. I think the main premise is the children survive against the odds. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong, whenever they find safety it gets taken away, usually by someone's violent death. This is great if you're older and therefore have the capacity to laugh at others misfortune but I don't think your little boy will. I think when he's about 10 he will love them! I used to read the Puddle lane books -which you can still get on Amazon- to them. Lovely stories.
  3. I'm tidying up the garden and dug up an old thyme plant and an old curry plant. I thought I could replant them in the WIR as a treat until they're wrecked. Is there any reason I shouldn't, other than sending worrying messages to the chooks about sunday roast and chicken curry? I think a fox killed a pigeon in the garden while I was out. Girls seem fine, safe in WIR but no eggs today. Would a scare affect them like that? I can hear it barking outside somewhere now!
  4. Hello, should I be able to feel their breastbone. They eat well, there are usually pellets left over and they get sweetcorn, greens and mixed corn during the day. They are digging and eating all day long. I've learnt to check their crops which are always full at night and empty in the morning but their breastbone seems quite prominent. As you may have seen on my last post they are quite little, is that ok? they are bantams.
  5. That's very clever. I like crows too and love watching them in the garden figuring things out. I know they have dreadful habits but we have large population of small garden birds which has increased since we got chooks who shout at any cats that come in. Makes you wonder.
  6. We used to go with our 4 kids and always took our own car and stayed at the Davy Crockett ranch. This gave us more privacy and freedom. The kids adored it. You still feel part of the Disney world, it has a lovely swimming pool, a small farm, shop and characters roaming around and lots of craziness etc and you collect your breakfast from little chalets. I have really nice memories of staying there, it was good to have less bustle at the end of very tiring days. We could sit outside with wine, have a bbq, go for a stroll - it all added to the holiday.
  7. I apologise for being so rude and thought I'd show you this pic of Ariadne, who thinks she's a parrot, with my daughter. Those are duvets, they keep them quiet and warm ( the chickens and daughter) and are seemingly nice to snuggle in during the day. They do make a loud honking noise, usually around 10am and for no reason I can see.
  8. I think I've done this right. These are my chickens, not great beauties but incredibly sweet natured and if you look carefully you will see we had sun for several minutes in a row!
  9. Sadie2, No, apparently Bone name for me came from Sussex, then migrated to London. I think London became quite a mishmash of names from rural areas of people looking for work. I think it was Koojie who said some of their family originated in Suffolk but moved to London.
  10. This is what I have on my side:- Claydon - I think from Suffolk Bone McGee - I'm assuming Irish Gulliman
  11. What I did was to put down a few bags of gravel and sand - dead cheap from Wickes and then top it off with Hemcore. It's worked very well. The garden around the run has totally flooded but they are now on a little rise, they look like damsels in distress in their motte and bailey castle, especially when they sit on top of their coop.
  12. As my son would say, 'dry your eyes princess!'. He says something else too which I like to use abbreviated but is a little immoderate and I don't want to be moderated.
  13. Also, any more interesting family history facts? I was really enjoying reading those.
  14. Who was that famous softy southerner who whooped those pesky vikings? Oh yes! King Alfred.
  15. Is the army an option? There are some amazing jobs you can do with those qualifications. Look on the army website anyway, perhaps the TA would be good.

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