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  1. You've got to laugh. My brother did this and discovered that we mostly come from the East End of London. I suppose I returned to my roots to a certain degree. My ancestors included gulley sweepers, one was born in a workhouse and several were Barnados children who were sent to Canada and Australia. My Great Grandfather ( I think) lived just outside the Nichol estate, which was a notoriously bad estate in Bethnal Green. Interesting book - the blackest streets by Sarah Wise. No claims to fame from this quarter I'm afraid.
  2. I too am utterly unqualified to give this kind of advice, but I agree with C&T, that doing something new could help. I think that if your present situation feels wrong then you must change something. It can be something small or a rethink, should you study through distance learning, the OU for example. A fresh outlook might help. This comes from someone who has no understanding of how it feels to be deeply depressed so forgive me if I'm totally off the mark! I think your signature should become a little mantra you should remember when you feel bad.
  3. Generally speaking I loathe the summer. I dislike being hot and enjoy the cooler seasons. However after dressing up in coat, scarf, gloves and wellies for the umpteenth time to sort out the ladies, I can't wait to slip out the back door in shorts and sandals - bliss! ( not just shorts and sandals obviously - that would be inappropriate)
  4. The ground of the WIR was absolutely sodden so we put a mixture of sand and gravel which has been brilliant and they've hardly got muddy at all, apart from paddling in a muddy puddle I missed at the back. I cover this with woodchips or hemcore sometimes because it looks nice.
  5. It's much better than Wii fit. If you got bored with Wii fit and shoved balance board under the cupboard, try out the new one. Lots of fun, I burnt 97 Kcal (yeah, right) Yippee, husband just phoned to say he's bringing home Macdonald's b'fast. Don't want to get too fit too soon.
  6. I'm not sure if this helps at all, I've never had much difficulty from my daughter but when any of the boys were getting grumpy I would send them into the garden to chop, dig and burn stuff. The garden was never very pretty but it cheered the boys up and helped shake off bad moods.
  7. Thank you for your words of support. Glad to say this is in the papers today - Daily Telegraph (p 16). A few wrong details including the number of soldiers involved, but maybe it was just the Intelligence guys that complained, which was rather intelligent of them. I'm no good at complaining, except on here where I seem to do a LOT of it. Son's gone off to do snowboarding, 2 days indoors was too much. If anyone else has young men bouncing off the walls of their house get them in the Army, or if they're young enough, the Army Foundation College is a great start to army life.
  8. I'm quite interested in this as I usually listen to XFM but Dave Berry will be breakfast DJ soon and I'm not a fan. I'm struggling to find morning radio show that I like. Curious about Mr Evans.
  9. I got bored waiting to move back to the countryside from london so decided to bring the countryside to me. Got myself an allotment and chickens seemed the next best step. What should it be next - pigs?
  10. Hi, my three little bantams started laying at the beginning of the cold weather before Christmas and have not stopped yet. I try to make sure they have greens strung up and corn on the cob most days, because I read that sensible chickens preserve their energy in the cold weather and thought I should supplement their pellets.
  11. My son & colleagues were delayed getting back into the country because of the weather and they were diverted to a different airport. Because of this, their travel warrants were slightly wrong. When they got on the train, one of the guards tried to throw them off. This is despite the fact that they were still in battleworn combats, and in possession of the warrants. They weren't trying to blag anything. The other rail staff and passengers were marvellous , arguing and getting very cross but they still had to try and find the cash to stay on the train. It wasn't just squaddies, it was officers as well. One passenger even helped out buying the tickets. I don't think it was much of a welcome home, I was pretty cross.

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