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  1. There's a place in sussex, near Horsham - Bearsden Pet Supplies - which is very good value for all sorts of stuff. Plus, it has a funny little dog that likes standing on the shelves or in the queue.
  2. It's getting deeper and deeper here - london. My son can't get back into the country, they've been taken off a flight, I guess airports here are closing. As usual the tubes are rubbish but I still love snow.
  3. Thinking about Cinnamon's recent thread re parenting, my daughter thought someone could invent a sort of advice nav. You could type in a problem or question and get instant advice like ' speak to your parents first', or 'not a good idea'. This would be particularly good for teenage boys who get themselves into some very interesting situations because something seemed like a good idea. I had three of these so I know of what I speak! I wonder how many times it would have to say ' Think twice before you do this - it's a crazy idea!'
  4. There is also a massive difference between good kids that mess up, everyone is allowed to make mistakes and those kids who simply have no boundaries and don't recognise that society itself sets boundaries. For some the very first time they hear the word no is in custody with a stranger by their side because their parents are too lazy to deal with them. I feel a little sorry for them whereas I loathe spoilt kids from well heeled areas who think it's their right to rebel. They should read a bit of history and learn what responsibilities young people used to have to take on. I was never rude to adults and I never demanded anything, I was brought up to work for my priviliges and so should they.
  5. Sorry to bang on, but Cinnamon has got me going here. One thing I used to hate was other parents who used to laugh at my strictness and boast about how 'streetwise' their kids were. Fighting, trouble with the police, being molested because of how you're dressed and drunk are the opposite of 'streetwise'. I think it means knowing how to read the streets, sensing who's trouble and keeping safe. Some one mentioned about parents bragging about their child' learning from mistakes', from drinking I think. Well for many that lesson isn't learned and they lose their lives. It's a ridiculous and dangerous attitude.
  6. NW London. Very frosty, no snow. Why, oh why, is it that the year I decide to get outdoors pets to care for we get the coldest winter for 100 years. They don't seem to mind, it's just me shivering in the dark early morning.
  7. This is for reassurance. My mum flew to Australia in october on her own to meet some newly discovered cousins. She is 70 and was utterly terrified. She coped marvelously and enjoyed doing things for herself - possibly for the first time in her life. I think you'll be fine and will have a fantastic experience.
  8. During the summer a party spilt onto the street, fights ensued, police were attacked. The party goers were about 15 years old. What really shocked me was the state of the girls, they wouldn't have looked out of place on the street corners around Kings Cross. I would have liked to have lined them up and then got their parents to take a good hard look at their little girls and really considered if what they saw was suitable. In truth I think many would have been very uncomfortable but they are too weak to confront their children. That rant has been brewing for a long time!
  9. I always said no if I felt justified and I still do - they're all in their 20's. I firmly believed that anything they did should be age appropriate, otherwise what happens when they get to the next stage of their life and they've already done everything. There is nothing new and so they push for more. It seems to have worked - I'm extremely proud of my little brood.
  10. Hello, I can't find answers to these although I've read them before. Are red mites etc a problem in the winter? I haven't changed their bedding as often recently as the last time they all stood on it while I pulled it out and got quite cross. I thought as long as it seems clean and dry it would be ok, but I worry about little insects enjoying the warm conditions too. Also I saw garden lime is good for smelly runs - can I buy this in a garden centre and would you use it to prevent smells as their run is ok at the moment. Thanks
  11. I believe this is what today is called - so best wishes to everyone going back to work or school. Thanks to all those, esp police, nurses, firemen, paramedics, shop staff ( the list is endless) who worked all through the holiday.
  12. Hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully it will be waiting when he goes back. Something nice to get then I guess. I'm sure he will still decorate his mozzie net.
  13. Since august. They do seem very sweet-natured. Little sussex bantams I think.
  14. Boy's home for some r&r this week. V excited.
  15. When I let the chickens out today, one of them was chirruping round my feet so I bent down to say hello and she flew onto my back. I then had to sidle over to the coop and tip her off. She then kept climbing into the crook of my arm, I guess for a cuddle. I was pleased as it wasn't a trait I expected from chickens. It certainly makes looking after them good fun.
  16. I did see that version and it was excellent. I think this year was typical BBC dumbing down. As for the ' bedroom scenes', apparently the child actors weren't allowed to see the final screening, so it would be nice if the BBC could give parents bit of a heads up. This is clearly a programme that families are going to settle down to watch together. My mum always seemed to have a duster at hand and would be there busily dusting the TV at crucial moments. These days she would be utterly worn out. The book is a good read, I can't find my copy so I shall use my amazon token for that I think.
  17. I give mine bread, haven't tried mince pies. There's a comprehensive list on 'about chickens' bit. I wonder about xmas pud - ended up with two that no one wants to eat.
  18. I wondered what bothered me about that actress, now you've pointed it out I keep laughing to myself. That's really very funny.
  19. I was told once by a vet that it is often difficult to know what's going on in the body of a small creature, and they can give the appearance of being well until they suddenly succumb to whatever is going wrong. In this case it was a little guinea pig but I assume the same applies to chickens.
  20. Hi, I'm not being flippant as I'm new to chicken keeping, but banana used to have that effect on one of my kids. I banned him from eating it. I have no idea if chickens might react to certain foods.
  21. I was disappointed with this adaptation. The story is so deep, subtle and scary it didn't need all the Dr Who monster voices or dramatic music telling you when to be scared. Think I need to read the book again to get the TV version out of my mind.
  22. I raked in a couple of bags of sand and a couple of gravel yesterday in their run as they were desperate to get to some we had put around it as the garden is waterlogged, and they were entertained all day and very sleepy when I checked them at bedtime. I've also put an old duvet on top of their coop ( doubles as black out at night) which is apparently nice to snuggle on.
  23. My son didn't get his christmas parcels that we sent out to Afghanistan. His siblings sent three from here as well and none of those reached him either. Very annoying as we live pretty close to BFPO depot. Luckily he had plenty of christmas cheer as he received packages from the rest of my family and the lovely public, but I was quite disappointed. He was fine and spent the day in the santa hat with added pigtails that his grandmother sent out - not a nice image as he has no proper washing facilities where he is!
  24. Thank you for reassuring replies. Black out has certainly worked well the last two mornings. I have also given them filling treats and more feed in the afternoon in case they were getting hungry. Usually they make a dash for their food bowl in the morning, but now they concentrate their efforts on squeezing out of the run door when I leave. Always something new to think about with chickens it seems. Getting lots of lovely eggs though after a very slow start.

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