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  1. Although I've found some useful info on this forum about this subject, would you mind giving me some more. The chickens were starting to call earlier and earlier, even on darkest mornings and so yesterday I tried leaving their door open ( I have a wooden coop) but this made things worse. They got out, presumably didn't find me or their food and seemed to panic, fretting at wire on run and making a LOT of noise. Last night I fashioned a blackout (out of a toilet roll and sticky back tape - if you don't get that, ask someone you consider to be old) and they are so quiet - 7.30am. My question is - what happens as summer rolls on for you, do you have to get up earlier and earlier if leaving door isn't an option or does the blackout idea keep them calm until a reasonable hour. I like to get up around 6am so that is reasonable to me. Thank you and I hope you all had a good Christmas, or at least a passable one for those of you that were unwell.
  2. Gosh and lots of expletives. Did you get any sleep at all! Mine are in their twenties so I'm a bit bored waiting for them and husband to wake up. Have a lovely day.
  3. Try Skin nanny from Lush. I agree it's expensive but it lasts ages and is very, very good. I always put base and essential oils on every day. No fancy packaging but they feel and smell luxurious.
  4. I'm going to try and deal with my new addiction to this forum. It's crazy!
  5. Always been a bit ambivalent about them, but like last two singles. Does anyone know what the rest of the album is like, if it's similar I might have to buy it.
  6. Made a mistake and put it in a clear plastic box. It looks like a Damian Hirst exhibit. "Ooops, word censored!"ody quite fancies it any more!
  7. Merry Christmas Eve. My chef son is home today so we shall drink, cook and squabble about the best way to prepare things. Then I will watch 'Muppet Christmas Movie'
  8. Most mornings, the chickens start shouting, it's not at me, they generally face up the garden. I can't see what they are cross about, but the squirrels often join in and shake their tails and shout at whatever is lurking in the bushes. Needless to say I have quite a thriving wildbird population including sparrows which I haven't had for ages. Is it common for them to holler like this?
  9. Bookshops are the only shops where I feel happy. Not so keen on the big warehouse type ones but love the madness of Foyles, you can get genuinely lost. I forgot about Narnia books, I loved those, I might read them again. I thought the films were good.
  10. Always Enid Blyton for me - I have wonderful memories of reading her books in a tent in the rain on camping holidays in Cornwall. Other than her - Kidnapped by I think RL Stevenson - or someone similar.
  11. How's the fever pitch for those who have little children? Today is such a long, long day when you're small.
  12. Does anyone else bathe the turkey a la Nigella? I've done it for a couple of years and it makes such a difference. It has a nice taste and lovely moist texture. It's basically water, salt, oranges and spices and is nice to do.
  13. I signed for this a little while ago. With this government you know this is just the thin end of the wedge. They really know how to support their army that they use so much.
  14. Yesterday I saw a blorange woman on the icy pavement teetering along on stiletto boots, with an enormous bling bag in the crook of her arm, raised up as they do. She tried to look glam but it didn't really work. Why do they do it? Blorange = dyed blond hair/orange skin Dyed black hair/orange skin I haven't yet worked out one for the strange dyed red hair/orange skin combination Oh yes! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  15. Thank you very much and thank your Dad. I know it brings the lads a lot of pleasure. The last time he spoke to me he was very hungry and the next day they got the parcels through. You can imagine how great that must be, he tpld me before that they were amazed that people would make so much effort for them.
  16. The last time I mentioned this some of you talked about people who have sent stuff out to the troops. I have just spoken to son who said they've received Christmassy parcels from members of the public. I wanted to say thanks to anyone who has done this - it's very much appreciated. They have quite a few decorations and santa hats!
  17. This is exactly what has been missing for the last few years. It doesn't really matter what song is the Christmas No.1, but I really enjoy the discussions and the waiting to see. The internet campaign has brought a bit of life back into the issue. If people can endlessly discuss who will win strictlycomexfactorgetthezombifiedcelebrityoutofthejungle, then why not the Xmas No.1.
  18. That is a good point that lavenderblue made - I completely forgot the time I put lemon essential oil in the bath and had to jump out from the stinging. Ignore me, my family does. Sweet almond oil is lovely though.
  19. I saw it on BBC online news. Sorry don't know how to do link. Amazing. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8419736.stm
  20. I've lost my book with all the christmas chaos, but essntial oils in the are very soothing. Loads of info on the web. Dream Cream from Lush is brilliant for all sorts of sore skin. By the way I shove essential oils on my face every day and I'm sure it helps hold back the effects of cold weather. Blend them in jojoba oil and good quality avocado oil.
  21. Lots of snow here in London. Persephone appears to be very cross about it. The wind blew the cover off their new WIR so all their lovely bedding is under snow.
  22. Have any of you seen 'Tales from a green valley', same team plus a couple more. It was set on a welsh farm during Elizabethan era. Again, knowledgeable people passing on information - no wannabe celebrities. I know it's available on Amazon, I bought it for my sister who missed it on TV.
  23. I feel uncomfortable about this. I don't think uniform and non- uniform officers usually patrol together and if frisking females was considered a woman officer would be called. I would want to check this, it wouldn't be the first time losers have impersonated police.
  24. I can't remember it's name, but we used to use a cream that farmers use on cow's teats. I do remember it being very good.
  25. Where I live doesn't even register in my mind it's so dull, hence the allotment and chickens. I can't imagine it ever featuring in a song but you never know. If you take London as a whole then yes! Hurrah! That makes me feel better.

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