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  1. Nothing helpful to say but I don't understand why they keep doing this to themselves. BA was a trusted, quality airline, now thousands of people don't even consider them as a second choice. It really seems like shooting yourself in the foot, ultimately I guess a lot of employees will lose their jobs through these strikes.
  2. Help for Heroes song - brilliant idea for No. 1. My boy's out there so I can't actually listen to it without blubbing, but it would be great.
  3. Hi, congrats. I just got biggest surprise, went out to clean nest box and there was tiny little bantam egg. I also feel dreadful about taking it, all three made a lot of noise about it going. How do people clean the eggs, this one is perfectly clean, so doesn't need much.
  4. I really miss the silliness that was guessing what the No 1 would be at Christmas. It was invariably rubbish and we'd say ' no!!! not that', especially if it was Cliff Richard for the hundredth year in a row. I know there's more important things to think about but it really was bit of a tradition for a lot of people. X factor brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people and I'm not knocking the programme but when I read the winner was guaranteed no 1, I thought it was bit of a shame and they could at least pretend other artists could join in the christmas fun.
  5. I read about 'egg-bound chickens'. What is that and is it something I should worry about. My bantams have never laid although they are crouching which I've seen mentioned. I was just waiting until spring. cancel, cancel. just found info on chicken health bit.
  6. We have a flock of about 20 parakeets which come to the garden to feed. They are very beautiful, but even better, they are quite noisy and negate any noise the chickens make.
  7. I wondered if you've been to the Museum of London, it's my favourite and has a few Christmas events - Victorian christmas and so on. It's such an atmospheric museum anyway with the Roman wall, and it's free. Also, lots of national trust places 'dress for christmas' and there's a few around London.
  8. I carefully read everything and hours later, I have a picture. It's my son basejumping - a scary young man.
  9. Whilst cleaning out the still fresh smelling coop this afternoon, I discussed this with my chickens and they agreed with koojie - 'what a plonker that government official is', they seemed to say.
  10. I admire your chutzpah! I so wish I could have done my homework like this in the seventies. Good Luck with info. I almost found myself looking up stuff for you!
  11. Alice Cooper blasting out in M & S - what a crazy yet happy thought. Don't think I'd bother asking in any sports shops though - I'd only be asked 'who's she?'
  12. This is always so difficult, and I remember it so well from my kids were little. I think generally kids realise who they have more fun with and who they feel more relaxed with and gradually it all shakes down. The 'not so nice kids' often quietly disappear from the scene, and mums can often be manipulative too and help things out a little! I know I did.
  13. I fostered a guide dog puppy for a year. It was an incredible experience. We taught her manners in the home and out and about, how to be sociable and not crazy. We had to take her out places like coffee shops and pubs ( her personal favourite). We loved her so much it was tough to hand her back, but she's been a guide dog for nearly 3 years now, so that is pleasing. As you may guess, her name is Patsy. I highly recommend puppy walking.
  14. Is anyone else annoyed when out shopping by the relentless twittering of R & B in shops. I do everything in my power to avoid the likes of Cheryl Cole et al, but you can't get away from them in shops. I'm not a fuddy duddy - my favourite bands at the moment are The Cribs and The Temper Trap, and superb 70's rock - but R&B drives me mad, all those pointless notes for one word. I would like a bit of quiet so that I can think about what I'm spending money on especially at this time of year - in fact I've turned to online shopping in quite a big way this year. Sorry to be miserable but it's done me good to get that off my chest.
  15. For the last few days the chickens have seemed to say hello when they come out of their coop in the morning and then come over and gently natter. It's just like a little chat and very sweet, then they eat their breakfast - or have I just totally lost it?
  16. Hello. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! We usually put up decs the first week of December.I go for the Santa's workshop sort of look, so have wooden toys, straw things,stockings, lots of greenery and candles. My house is predominately green and red anyway so it doesn't take much to make it look christmassy. Then I sit back with some mulled wine and it's lovely.
  17. I have a PSP and I am 50 which should tell you everything you need to know. I don't think there are enough games suitable for young lads on PSP, in fact my nephew (19 yrs) sold his. Loco roco, lord of the rings tactics, ratchet & clank, diner dash - all a bit girlie - I love it. I'm not sure for a lad.
  18. My son (21yrs) went to see it. He watches all sorts of horror movies but found this one really scary. We heard him come in and his twin had set up a booby trap. He did scream - he says it was a roar but it was definitely a scream.
  19. Thanks for inspiration - I just dragged out Wii fitness coach and did some weight lifting. I feel so much better, I was starting to feel winter stodge coming on which always leads to spring panic. Now I'll be ahead of the game - maybe.
  20. A bad-tempered chef. You could have a over-sized moustache like a french one or a celebrity one - maybe Gordon Ramsay and you could draw wrinkles on your face. I suppose you could always go as a chicken.
  21. There is a site called - support our soldiers - my niece has sent some parcels via them. I think it's a lovely idea, my son's unit received a box of woolly hats from a WI group just as it was starting to get cold.
  22. Thankyou all for thoughts. He actually asked for beef jerky, Off to Tesco for me. I sent marmite but forgot about mustard which he loves esp colmans. I will send his christmas parcel soon and will definitely put those in.
  23. I was wondering if anyone else has someone out in Afghanistan. I know we can't talk about postings and so on but I'd like to say Hi and I'm curious about what other people put in their parcels. I find it hard to stick to the 2kg limit. Lots of haribo get sent out and tabasco sauce to liven up ration packs and I've learnt to rip off any excess packaging. The lads were making their own bread at one point so I sent out a little camping grill which turned out to be 'a good bit of kit'.
  24. If your interview doesn't give you the result you want have a look at this site : notgoingtouni.co.uk It's very good, put together by a young man who is disheartened by job situation and is full of useful information and links.
  25. Hello, I grow quite a lot of lavender at allotment, and picked loads of it when the insects had finished with it. I spread it around coop and run and it smells lovely. The chickens also eat/play with it.

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