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  1. You have all my best wishes. My son is in middle of 2 day job trial, so as I'm nervous for him already I'll take all your nerves off you too, so go do your best!
  2. I had no idea! I always imagined someone who looked a bit like Queen Victoria in her matronly phase.
  3. I bought a copy of Mrs Beeton's household management and it is quite funny in places. Apart from a recipe for Leek soup which starts with 'a sheep's head', I found this in the bit about chicken housing - 'the perches must be level,and not one above the other, or unpleasant consequences may ensue to the undermost row'. I wasn't sure if it was said tongue in cheek but I suspect she was just being Victorian about poo.
  4. Cats are brilliant. We don't have one ourselves but recently acquired a little black stray. Not very friendly but has definitely reduced rat numbers.
  5. Thankyou for greetings and advice. I put some sand in which was appararently very confusing and am going to get woodchips.
  6. The chooks were being quite tetchy and noisy during windy weather and in an effort to keep them quieter in early morning I gave them some corn with their breakfast. Now they fuss if I don't. I think it's now a case of 'We'll be quiet if.....'. The same happened when I was puppy walking a little guide dog - I thought I was giving her treats for being good but it turns out she was only being good to get treats. A subtle difference but it meant I wasn't in control. Thank goodness I was more aware with my kids! Persephone lost about 5 tail feathers yesterday, surely they don't moult now. I'd have thought they need all their feathers going into winter. Jude
  7. Hello, I've been reading all your posts and have now got courage to join in. I have learnt so much from the various threads. We have 3 bantams which look very much like Sussex Stars, ie a bit like seagulls. They're not laying but I'm content to wait until the spring. As many people have said, I've grown fond of them quite quickly, they are very silly. They are called Persephone, Ariadne and Hermione. My daughter says they are my war babies as I always seem to get new pets when my son goes to places hot and horrid. Quick question - I think I read that someone puts down sand in their run and that helps keep general smell down. It's not too bad but I'm aware of a smell that wasn't there before all the rain. I rake out their run every day and it's fairly dry. I live close to tube line so get loads of very brave foxes and so free range isn't really an option - I am at the 'we'll see' stage of negotiations for big WIR.

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