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  1. Thanks again for the info. That's very useful. Yes, we had our jeans rolled up like we were paddling but up top we were dressed for winter.
  2. Thanks. I'm going to have stepping stone path in what I imagine as a 'valley' with the sedum on the slopes. There are so many elements to get right. It's all in my noodle doodle and hard to describe. I took the photo while I was taking a break at a foot onsen on Hokkaido. As you can see the weather was freezing but my feet were red hot. In fact my son told me that the entire town's hot water is fed by hot springs etc. I guess it has to go through some process so not free hot water but even so they always have lots of hot water.
  3. We're in the process of making a Japanese Tea Garden. I want a large area of it to be covered by moss. I don't think it's appropriate for the area I want to cover which is sunny and dry but I did see you can buy sedum rolls much like turf. Apparently it is OK on dry poor soil and is drought proof. It sounds like a lovely substitute. I was wondering if anyone else has used it for ground cover. It seems like it's usually used for green roofs. The base for my tea house is all ready, just waiting for it to be made and delivered. Another idea I've had is for this side of it to have a simple wooden bench, a bamboo and an Australian canvas bucket shower. So a sort of crazy little onsen.
  4. Yes, we were surprised when son who is EMT came back negative. Apparently the body doesn't always make antibodies if it doesn't need to. It raises a lot of questions like is it not all that contagious after all or not that dangerous after all? There's also another way the body protects itself by neurons or something? I can't remember what. Maybe the antibodies weren't needed if the body was fighting it off successfully. I hope we get some answers soon. I looked on Amazon and you can get false bottoms and everything. A bit like a bustle but hidden in the pants.
  5. Am I the only person who doesn't know that girls are using prosthetic putty on their faces as part of their daily make-up routine. I say girls, maybe boys as well. They alter their jawline, their noses, their foreheads, their cheekbones. It must feel gross and it seems sad and a little mad.
  6. Not missing any people. I see who I'm used to seeing anyway. I miss travelling mainly, the cinema and the sense of freedom. I also miss the society that I thought we were. I feel disappointed deep down. Not sure I can explain what I mean, a sort of loss.
  7. Via Euronews: COVID-19 may have been in Italy as early as December 2019, according to new research https://www.euronews.com/2020/06/19/covid-19-may-have-been-in-italy-as-early-as-december-2019-according-to-new-research This is what so many people suspected. Does this mean that they've known this and kept quiet or that nobody tested water they'd saved until now. I'm guessing this is the kind of reason they preserve waste water, to test the general health of population? I don't know, I didn't know this was done tbh.
  8. Accidents outside our house are pretty standard but I took some photos this time. The bus got stuck and I was really worried about the little tree the council recently planted outside. We've been asking for trees for years since the old ones were run over. Traffic got really backed up until OH went out to take charge and they jumped the car out of the way. He's ex traffic so it's in his DNA now. The bloke in the background who drove into the parked car did nothing to help, just turned his back on the guys while he took notes. I took against him tbh. I do enjoy a bit of street theatre.
  9. Hurray! Cineworld is opening July 10th. That's something else I've really missed.
  10. I'm avoiding crowds because I don't like crowds. I think I'll let people be excited to get to places and just hold back a bit myself. New cases are dropping consistently and it's apparently weaker as well so I'm not particularly worried about the virus yet. I fancy getting away but think we'll wait until summer is done and hopefully people are back to routines. I'm going to avoid spending money in areas that were rude about Londoners during lockdown which is pretty much the rest of Britain. I really miss the London museums, China Town, the Thames and all the weird little churches and markets dotted about so I've got lots here to catch up with. Looking forward to all the protesters clearing off too.
  11. Ah, poor kid. The whole situation must have really made him anxious. It's been tough on adults but at least we have a degree of control. I can't begin to imagine what's going through kids' minds. There seems to be a lot of useful articles online by parents with the same worries as you. This might sound daft but maybe a drive through KFC or Starbucks with a picnic in the car park would do the trick. Something that feels normal with other people doing the same. The first time we did it, it really raised my spirits. Good luck.
  12. I was thinking about what you said about your boy and I have to ask if he was happy at school before. I've mentioned before that I took all of mine out of school to teach at home. He just reminded me of my ES who was sort of squashed by school. His character changed overnight and he's gone on in life fine. He's the one in Japan now. Internet wasn't available to us then so I think it would be a doddle now with all the online resources. I'm so jealous of parents home educating now.
  13. I'm worried about the impact on my borough if Heathrow doesn't get up and running properly soon. There are households where everyone works for Heathrow in one capacity or another plus all the businesses that exist because of Heathrow. I read a report that said around 42,000 households could be affected. I guess it's a similar problem around all the airports and seaports around the world. Its a worry. I'm hoping that things will quickly change from Monday as life starts up. Only one of us works for Heathrow and she has managed to keep going so far so we've been lucky.
  14. Exciting news. I've missed the clippers https://www.timeout.com/london/news/thames-clippers-will-be-running-again-from-june-15
  15. Did a good long walk around Windsor Great Park today including the Long Walk.
  16. Finally, everything is sorted. We have rebooked our flights to Tokyo, I didn't lose my money and I can't wait. It's a long time away and my grandson will be 2 1/2 by the time I see him again. I was determined to try and see him every 6 months or at least every year but this year's a bust. Even if we could get the money together there's no guarantee about the quarantine ******* being lifted. But I'm not going to focus on that, a lot of people have missed a lot more, so I'm going to focus on how excited I am.
  17. Wow. Thank you. You just made my day.
  18. I'm done. The rules are farcical, I've always thought this total lockdown was unnecessary. I've meekly complied with the rules but now marches and protests are being allowed in London presumably by the mayor who has been telling us not to use tubes, buses and now cars to go into London. Thank goodness they're starting to back down on the international travel quarantine. I don't see the point in it now if they didn't do it in March. I also hate the term 'new normal'. Things have only been different for 12 weeks, why would that have such an enormous impact on centuries of gradual progress. I'm feeling very frustrated again. It's all too muddled and lots of the rules are too draconian.
  19. I'm sorry I don't know. I think it's coming up. I don't watch the BBC, I only know because they posted a bit on FB.
  20. For those of you who watch Gardener's World, if you see a young couple on there who live in Luton, they are friends of mine so technically that makes me famous I believe. I've known the lad since he was four so it's fun to see them on TV.
  21. Wow. That's an amazing memory.
  22. I had a quick look for Sarah Raven and this is her introductory post about 7 yrs ago. There looks like lots to view. I guess other garden presenters have done the same.
  23. Not sure if that last bit was going to save.... Daphne, if you check out YouTube you might find gardeners world on there. If you search Monty Don rather than the programme name that might help. I don't know, I haven't tried but it might work. If not then you'll certainly find a host of other gardening channels. I saw Sarah Raven ( I think that's right), I think it was her who seemed to have a youtube channel. I think a few of them have their own thing going on. I might research that myself today.
  24. I follow Japanese progress and they have a city which has some new cases too. They have teams of people set up to swoop into an area to deal with any surges. It seems like a good idea to deal with it as localised issue. I guess most countries will have similar plans. Our friend in Tokyo has just got out after 12 weeks in prison as he called it. He's pretty happy to be released.

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