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  1. I've started a 30 day squat challenge. Leggings, lycra pants and so on and so forth are more popular than ever, with EVERYONE and nobody is covering up their butts and I'm seeing a lot of horrors that have inspired me to do some exercises for my own rear end. I downloaded an app with a good plan to follow. Also, if face covering becomes a thing on public transport, what will you wear? I have some biker bandanas. I guess that sort of thing would do?
  2. Hopefully this link will work. I couldn't be bothered to cook a proper meal yesterday but I had made some bread rolls so we had it cold. One of the things I wanted was that it should work as a cold cut and we all agreed that it did. It will be interesting to see what the rest is like after a night in the fridge but so far so good. https://www.acouplecooks.com/vegetarian-meatloaf/
  3. I'll write out the recipe tomorrow but basically brown rice, walnuts, cashews, onion, garlic, mushrooms, grated Swiss cheese, cottage cheese and eggs. I also decided to add ginger, miso and umami powder.
  4. I'm gradually eating less and less meat and not really missing it tbh but one dish I love is meatloaf but I'm aware that my recipe is not healthy eating so I've been searching for a veggie option. I tried this today and it's brilliant. I'm pretty certain I could pass this off as an actual meatloaf and so delicious. I'm afraid it's not vegan for anyone who is.
  5. So, all the brouhaha yesterday about the highly incompetent professor who said we should all hide in our homes but doesn't think he should and his climate activist mistress who also thinks she's too special to comply. We're not going to 'beat' the virus, we have to live with it like every other virus we come up against. I believe that if we hadn't ever been told about it we would have carried on as normal and as winter shut down the NHS would have said That was a very bad winter, please get your flu jabs this year. Children wouldn't have been denied education, businesses wouldn't be failing and I would have seen my grandson.
  6. My son just sent me this photo and said it is a snapshot of their work at the moment. Condolence flowers ( one of their colleagues died) PPE and a mug of tea. I think it's quite an evocative image.
  7. It's loads busier here with much more traffic and people getting back to work. My son says it's still calm and quiet in the area he works. They have plenty of PPE. I don't even bother to check what's being said on the bbc so I don't know if that tallies with what's being reported. I prefer to get my information from someone actually doing the job. I'm disappointed by the amount of rubber/plastic gloves I see strewn around car parks now. Some people are still as dirty and selfish as they always were. When the government says that they hope people will keep washing their hands as the lockdown eases you've got to wonder. I think masks/face covers are a waste of time for general public but if it's a choice between wearing one or not being allowed in somewhere then I have a biking bandana ready in my backpack.
  8. This is how he ended up. He's very patchy and colours are all over the place. Before I do any more I'm going to learn how to do hands and feet. That's something I really need to master first. I've seen a couple of good tutorials on YouTube. Also I got very bored with the tattoos and used sharpies! 😳
  9. I was going to ask a similar question. My last chicken is 12 yrs old and she wasn't exactly broody last week but was doing the squat and making the whining noise. I didn't think much of it because of her age but I found four eggs in her nest today. I am quite surprised.
  10. More light at the end of the tunnel. One of the big hospitals near us has said it's experiencing a big drop in cases and has discharged 700 coronavirus patients. That's very cheerful news I would say.
  11. Sounds like he might have taken it a step further along. At least it's something different to think about.
  12. It's my lockdown birthday. Went for a walk and my daughter made me this spectacular white chocolate and cherry cake which we had for lunch. She is also going to make me a Buddha Bowl for tea. I'm not a party girl, more of a party pooper so I'm having the perfect day.
  13. They even have bread making bitmoji now.
  14. I love Netflix and Amazon Prime and the Disney Channel. I've watched Grace and Frankie all the way through three times now. Stephen King's The Outsider and Castle Rock were great, just getting into Mr Mercedes now although I'm never sure which channel I've watched them on. I wasn't sure whether to watch The Tiger King, I might give it a try now.
  15. My son was taking advantage of one of the designated supermarket times for NHS workers but realised when he went in that he was in an old people slot. He said he felt so guilty that he tried to make his basket look like he was shopping for an old person and added Branston Pickle and kettle descaler to his basket! I don't know if he got the things he popped in for. He's moved out for a few weeks just in case. I'm not fond of the idea but he said he would feel pretty bad if we got unwell.
  16. Happy St George's Day! I love how utterly irrelevant he is to England but he's always reason for a good pint on a sunny day and in normal times in some London pubs, reason for a good fight! 😂
  17. That was very interesting and it's good to see the suspicions and notions that have been swirling around my head put down so clearly. Thank you.
  18. Glimmer of good news. My son said yesterday was the first day in ages without a single coronavirus call. Just the usual stuff you'd expect. Also, is anyone else sick to death of experts giving conflicting advice? Everyone spouts out different 'facts' some of which turn out to be outright lies. I'm feeling very manipulated.
  19. Look at this bloke with his over-flowing trolley!
  20. Very good for the soul, food and complaining. Perfect 👌
  21. I'm doing two things with the twins during lockdown. The first which is far more interesting than we expected. We thought it would be good but it's quite eye opening and quite absorbing. It's to virtually visit every country in the world alphabetically. I find the national dish and try to find a street food video, the others find out how earthquake /volcanic each country is and their ancient history. We're only in the 'A' s. Tomorrow is Antigua and Barbuda so I've looked ahead and we're going to have Jerk chicken and rice. The other thing is the 30 day music challenge which is all over the Internet. That's also more fun than I expected.
  22. A short walk from me, in between the houses is this park. In normal times I don't tend to visit it so much. I'm kind of rediscovering it now. It's somewhere between 4 to 5 mile round walk and is keeping me sane.
  23. Excellent news! We sat down on the phone to Expedia this morning with little hope but first they answered which made us jump a bit and then agreed to a full credit for the flights. Still waiting for a confirmation email (I'm not happy unless I've printed something off) but we have a reference number so I feel fairly confident that it's a genuine offer.

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