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  1. I'm trying to make Maui from Moana. His body shape is all wrong, I'm building up his shoulders and it's a bit hard doing tattoos but I'm excited to see how things go.
  2. Is Cat Tails on other pages?Haven't seen her on here for a few days. Just checking.
  3. Is anyone else following the Worldometer which I find very useful and strangely reassuring. When the talk is all about lockdowns and dystopia and fines for going out of your house,lack of ventilators and so on, it helps me to look at the simple numbers and see that the world's population is doing alright. There are far more recoveries than deaths and far more mild cases than severe. The total numbers globally is in truth tiny although obviously each case is devastating to people directly involved , looked at coldly as a whole not that terrible. I guess there's more to come although Italy is slowing down thank goodness. I hope other people find these figures useful to know. This is the front page from today. There are so many charts comparing this to that it becomes quite fascinating and seeing how other countries are faring without the 'sad' faces of news presenters suits me better.
  4. One good thing. I could only find a bag of chickpea flour which makes a surprisingly nice loaf if I do half and half with regular bread flour. I've also found a recipe for oven baked onion bhajis which are delicious and great for lunchboxes. I would never have bought chickpea flour normally.
  5. Trying to but I'm starting to hate this quiet. No traffic, no people, no planes. It's uncomfortable, kind of itchy. I've put YouTube videos on my tablet of train journeys so I can hear people chatting and travelling. Getting on and off at stations and so on.
  6. Lol 😂 I have an app called PicsArt which turns really ordinary snaps into something much more fun. Persephone is about 12 yrs old. We are surprised that she's actually still alive. She walks really slowly and sleeps all the time. She did perk up when ice-cream, crisps and beer came outside. We've turned into real plane spotters and are using the Flight Aware app to time and identify what planes are going over. We can't do that normally because it's so dense on the map.
  7. It was OK today. Also, I've been estranged from my parents for many years but I felt now is not the time and so I contacted them to check they're OK. That felt good actually.
  8. This is so rare above us. Just the occasional plane. Haven't had empty skies like this since the Icelandic volcano blew.
  9. I think that if you open your profile and then select the menu you can choose settings. Somewhere near the bottom is the notification section.
  10. On Twitter and Facebook there's a new group called The Self Isolating Bird Club. It's very nice and friendly.
  11. Love my sons. They checked out a supermarket, bought lots of lovely vegetables, found some rice, bought some Corona beer and panic bought these.....
  12. I agree. At first when people were saying this will change the world I thought 'what rubbish' now I'm not so sure. One thing, I hate hugging, kissing and shaking hands as greetings so I hope this will change all that. Social distancing and disaster preparedness are part of the Japanese DNA I reckon and that's what I'm going to practice from now on.
  13. What are your strategies for dealing? I think we're lucky to have the Internet so we're not totally isolated. I was thinking that the ladies on here who are missing their Easter meet up could do a video chat or something on the day you had planned. My kids are here with us for the next week or so although my son who is an EMT is probably going to housesit for a friend so that he can keep away from us. I don't like that plan but it is sensible I suppose. I think anyone who has a garden is incredibly lucky at the moment. We've given up on the big supermarkets and pick up what we can down the road. There's plenty of fresh, healthy food plus lasagna sheets!!!... don't know what people have got against those. I think I'm in a good situation and I hope everyone else is. We've managed to make contact with our old neighbour which wasn't easy and she's doing OK but forgetful and confused. We had to explain that she can open her windows but I don't think she took it in. She said they're getting plenty to eat, I hope that's right.
  14. Soapdragon, that all sounds difficult. I've been checking out this site a couple of times a day or more if I'm honest. I wondered if your OH might find it reassuring. Whilst the numbers aren't pretty they're not terrible and put things into perspective. There is tons of global info and then you can click on UK for example and see more detailed numbers and charts for here. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Also, we take our temperature every day which is very reassuring because it's a fairly good indicator that everything is OK.
  15. I'm not sure. We were caught between the airline and the online travel agent, neither of them would help us. We're still not sure where we stand because it's impossible at this point to get anyone to actually talk to us or reply to the emails we are sending. My only consolation is that there are thousands of extremely angry people out there who are in the same situation as us. We're not going to give up yet, just because we booked cattle class doesn't mean that we should be treated with such disdain. It's still a lot of money.
  16. I can't find our flight home from Tokyo listed anywhere, not even on the airline site so I guess it's been cancelled. Very, very glad we didn't go now.
  17. Do people think these lockdowns will have an effect on some people's mental health? What will be done with homeless people? Does anyone think the fall out on a different type of vulnerable people will be greater than the disease itself? What if you're a family with desperate parents and kids all cooped up in a small flat with no garden and you're not allowed out? People are demanding lockdowns but I'm really concerned about this.
  18. Well I've given up trying to live any kind of normal life. I've got my gym and I can walk around the block and parks. I hate feeling closed in which is why I stay in London but even London is shutting down. Quick Sainsbury trip this morning which was disappointing. I bake my own bread but people have bought all the flour and yeast. I wonder how much of that will be just thrown away in a few weeks. For people worrying about their health they don't buy much in the way of fresh food. Yoghurt and fresh juice, fruit and vegetables full up. Loads of fresh food available but you know, so long as the garage is full of loo roll you'll be ok. Last week there was no ibuprofen now there's no paracetamol. One of my boys and I bought a variety of products and made our own moisturising anti bacterial hand wash. I have always bought hand cream like it's going out of fashion so I'm OK for that. By the way avocado oil is a great emulsifier and I rub some into my skin every day. After our first trip to Japan we got into the habit of hot towels before eating and always carrying hand wipes with us anyway. We were bulk buying handwipes for years, long before all this.
  19. I'm firmly convinced it's already done the rounds. Early December we were in a Belgium hotel along with two coach loads of Chinese people who were all coughing and spluttering and blowing their noses at breakfast to the extent that it put me right off eating. Plus, European people do like to kiss and hug. At that same breakfast a group of business people were greeting each other, all kisses and touching. One of the women had a streaming cold and I remember thinking that they'd all have a cold now. I don't watch MSM, I find them too dramatic and irritating so I don't know if they've mentioned that China is getting very positive results from an influenza drug already out there. I'll try to find the article where I read it.
  20. I think this is very positive news. I don't know if it's in the news. Hokkaido was one of the first places after China to have a lockdown /state of emergency and that is being lifted tomorrow. It started 2 or 3 weeks ago and so I am hoping that's the timescale we're looking at.
  21. Thank you. I'm totally addicted. I've haven't ever enjoyed a craft as much as this.
  22. This is my latest needle felting. It has no rhyme or reason, just a little tableau I had in my head.
  23. I did wonder what to do. I have finished mine but was worried that international post might be dodgy and she might get lost. To be honest and this doesn't make me sound good, I had fallen in love with her and wanted to keep her. I'll post her on the craft site. Thank you for organising the swap again and I'll deffo join in with the next one.
  24. Lol 😂 I forgot my apocalypse box I keep in the loft. It's full of useful stuff including loo roll!

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