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  1. Thanks for finding one though!
  2. Hi A while back we raised some beautiful pekins from hatching eggs and they grew up to be so tame and friendly. However we were lucky and got all ladies so never had to deal with the cockerel problem. We have no hens at the moment but would like to start from scratch again with some chicks but really want to avoid getting boys. I read somewhere that the hybrid breeds are self sexing and so I have two questions I'm hoping someone would be able to help me with - 1) is this true of all hybrid breeds or just some? 2) Where would I be able to purchase hybrid chicks from? (can only seem to find pure breed chicks that are unsexed or POL pullet hybrids). Thanks very much Sue
  3. We have had our two girls for just over 2 years and they've been absolutely good as gold. The smaller of the two (Polly) has always been the top hen but was always very docile towards us and very easy to handle. At the beginning of the year she started taking a dislike to my husband's new shoes and would try to peck at them when he shut them away in the eglu run at night. We thought that was quite funny at first, as she would still attack the shoes even if he wasn't wearing them at the time. Things slowly progressed and she started flying at my husband's legs and pecking at him every evening (whatever the shoes) if she didn't want to go into the run. She still remained docile towards me at first but then last week has started to attack me too. The worst occasion was yesterday when she flew at me from behind whilst I was putting the washing on the clothes line, grabbed hold of a flapping sheet with her beak and flew into a tugging rage with it. I have never seen anything like it. How do you discipline a chicken?! and more importantly what do you think has triggered her to go insane? The other hen just looks on completely bemused and thankfully has not changed her behavior. Whilst I suppose this is still quite amusing on the face of it, we have friends who visit regularly with small children and quite frankly I would not trust Polly not to injure them at the moment. Help!
  4. Last night we had a heavy storm and when I shut the chickens in the run both they & I were anxious to go in as soon as possible. As usual when it got dark, my husband went outside again to lock them in the actual eglu for the night. Nothing unusual was seen and they had already gone in to roost. However... this morning we were woken by large amounts of clucking (unusual for our hens) and when we went to investigate we found that next door's large persian cat had spent the night in the eglu with our girls!!!! We can only think that the cat had gone into the eglu to take shelter from the rain whilst the hens were out and fallen asleep. What we can't understand is how our hens failed to notice this fact when they willingly went inside later onto roost. I can't believe they weren't killed being all cooped up together in such close proximity all night long. Anyway the moral of this story is to check the inside of the eglu first every night. Although I think the cat definitely came off worse in this case - the chickens had both already laid their morning eggs so couldn't have been all that stressed out.
  5. On a recent girls night out, David was voted our number 1 inappropriate crush. We love him.
  6. This is probably out of date now, but just in case we've just returned from the vets. He showed us his pharmaceuticals manual (supplied by Bayer) which states that its is ok to eat ( !) your hen after 7 days from the end of the course of Baytril but egg should not officially be eaten for 28 days after the last baytril dose. Whilst we were there we checked out the official line on worming. With panacur you are supposed to wait 10 clear days before eating the eggs. However the vet did add that he personally wouldn't bother waiting past 3 days for either!!
  7. Thanks everyone. They're not laying et so maybe it'll all work out soon. Am giving the evening nestbox raid theory a go and we'll see what happens.
  8. This might seem like a bizarre question, but has anyone else on the forum had problems bonding with their new chickens? We loved our original two hens ( and ) immediately and they were very docile and easy to tame from the start. When one of them died we acquired two new hens (a bluebelle and a speckledy). These two have now settled in with the but refuse to come anywhere near us or even come up for food (unheard of with the original two). They appear to be very flighty and freak out at the slightest noise, whereas the is permanantly sticking her beak into everything that is going on (and we love her for it). I know its relatively early days (about 3 weeks now) but its not seeming to get any better. How can we let them know we're friendly when the food bribes don't work?!
  9. Sadly one of our original hens (Penelope, a Pepperpot) died suddenly on Easter Saturday leaving Felicity () all alone. We dashed out Monday to get two new hens to keep her company ending up with a lovely Speckledy (Polly) and Bluebelle (Sybil). Somewhat naively we assumed that because Felicity was so gentle and friendly with us and Pen, she would be so overjoyed to have company we could put them all in together no problem - yeah right! Whilst we have been lucky - no blood or serious fighting involved so far, Felicity spent the whole first afternoon literally screaming with outrage and pacing around the run like a terradactil ready to swoop. Poor little Polly just fled into the eglu followed by a slightly more chilled Sybil. They all did sleep together fine that night, but during the day Felicity patrols the run, leaving the other two inside the eglu until I return from work and let her outside, leaving the coast clear for the other two to emerge. Feel really bad as maybe Felicity would have actually preferred to be alone, being the spoilt 'chiild' that she is. Presumably they will eventually be friends?!!!
  10. Is my book still doing the rounds? fantastic! How many people have read it now? Sue
  11. Wow! I've been away for a while and only just logged back on to the forum since January - I can't believe my book has done so much travelling Glad you're all enjoying it!!! Sue
  12. Hello all Hen & the Art of Chicken Maintenance - Martin Gurdon I was the lucky receiver of two new copies of this book for christmas. Although its a great book & very funny, I don't really need two. I was just going to take it round my local charity shop, but wondered whether any one on the forum would want it? First to PM me can have it. Sue
  13. Its a really good site. We had our wedding list there earlier this year. Much more useful than receiving 4 toasters or stuff we didn't really need or want and that way we didn't have to replace anything & no one got offended.
  14. My best friend is taking me to 'walk with llamas' tomorrow in the Ashdown Forest! Apparently there's a big breeding centre for llamas and alpacas and they let visitors walk the llamas round the forest for about 2 hours a day. This is one of my most bizarre presents, but it should be fun.
  15. Hi Both me and new hubby were on the Aldgate train this morning but were one of the lucky ones and our carriage was mostly unaffected. Very, very scary. The emergency services were excellent though. Maybe I should amend our will to include provisions for hen care. Makes you think about things very differently.

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