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  1. Hi Deb Only just seen this. I have a you can borrow. I have pm'd you with my details. Although you are probably "sorted" by now! Good luck to "Rose" on a speedy recovery! Anne
  2. Live mealworms The hens will walk to heel like a collie when I'm carrying their little white cups with the mealworms in. One ex-bat doesn't like mealworms - I'm sure she's vegetarian .....
  3. Hi Snowberry I'm sure there's nothing wrong with your house, it's just such a difficult market at the moment. Your estate agent doesn't sound very positive about your property. I echo the above - get another agent in! Boot up their bottoms We are up for sale. We have had three couples say they "just need to sell theirs" Comments from viewers: "You have a Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning Disorder" - no, clean is "We didn't want a swimming pool" - "Are you taking The Budgies with you?" - The were at this comment "We didn't want a bungalow" - "Your plain cream walls are so dull - I would have lots of colour in this house." "My Boxer dog would not like your cream carpets", the carpets aren't included in the sale. But one day, some nice person will arrive with a large bag of £££ Good luck Snowberry and keep
  4. Eat unsalted raw almonds - apparently they "mop up" cholesterol. Better than oats. Scientifically proven on Mr Wolfie! Handful a day.
  5. Hi Vickyh! My collection of rescue/rehomed chickens have two Cubes. They "told" me they preferred sleeping in the nest box, because presumably they could lie down, as the nest box was four inches deep in Aubiose. They do all lie down in the walk in run and snooze in the Aubiose which is on the run floor during the day. So I removed the roosting bars in the Cubes and filled the poo trays three inches deep with Aubiose and they lie down wherever they like. I do clean them out each morning at 6.00, so the Cubes are clean for egg laying time. After all, they can do what they like, I am just the room service ...
  6. I've spoken to my auto-electrician pal about security of a plastic chicken house. He for a bit, then said buy a bicycle GPS tracker cost about £125. I know we shouldn't have to spend that sort of money, but think of the pleasure of catching the thief! The car tracker version is the size of two fag packets and needs a 12 volt supply. Thief might spot that ...
  7. Thanks BizzyMomma! "Bluebelle" laid an egg today The ex-bats "traded" her some live mealworms for her grapes! Note to self: I really must learn to put photos on here .....
  8. We've just today inherited a Bluebelle hen called "Bluebelle", what else? A lady advertised her on River Cottage Farmers Market (pics available there of her!). Our ex-bats and other rehomed chickens were not really interested in "Bluebelle" - just needed to check out her stash of grapes, lovely treats etc. she brought with her! She is certainly a beautiful girl.
  9. So sorry to hear the old chicken was stolen along with your Eglu Stuart. As everyone has said, print posters and involve the local press, someone might know something. Some nice person might just be looking after "a chicken of fate". Eglu security - I did discuss with my auto-electrician friend the possibility of putting a "tracker" in the Cube - the sort they have on posh cars. I also have spoken to Quinn at Omlet. The trouble is, it would require it's own battery. I will speak to my auto-electrician again tomorrow. I do know a friend had one in his JCB that was stolen - the thieves certainly picked the wrong one - it was so satisfying to know exactly where it was - the Police were delighted at such an easy arrest! You could always replace the Eglu but put a tracker in that one - Sit back and watch them take the bait .... We went to LAMMA agricultural show last week and there was a stand called "Datatag" which I've only got as far as reading the leaflet, might be worth considering.
  10. Sophie - Congratulations on selling your house! Send some of those "selling" vibes to us please! I think two large hens, and three small ones should be alright in a classic Eglu. What does everyone else think If your pal decides against homing your chucks, remember we will take them. The hens are going to have acres behind the Mother of all electric fences. We have gone ahead and purchased anyway
  11. Hi Leonie Our Walk In Run is on a concrete base, 18 feet x 6 feet. The run has a roof that is 2 feet wider all over than the run, so the run is always dry and pleasant - especially on a winter's night, raining, cold and windy. The hens like to go out on the lawn into their grass pens during the day when I can let them, but they always love to get "home". It has a bed of Aubiose and it's dead easy to keep clean, just like a horse's stable. Foxes ain't got a hope - Mr Wolfie built it! I'm pretty sure slabs would work the same, as long as they are on a flat solid base to start with. Go for it!
  12. I just had to order a baby's bib from Omlet for my work mate who yesterday had a scan and found out "it's a boy"! I also ordered two of the Cube jackets for my girls. In the winter, I do wrap up the Cubes to stop the wind and rain, so a properly designed cover would be better. I think it is draughty for the hens by the droppings tray. Another girl at work saw what I was ordering and was aghast "but your hen houses are pink and orange!" C'mon Omlet - we need matching ensembles As to price - "because they're worth it". I'll let you know how I get on with them
  13. Hi Tasha Just to say, having met you at The National, your new employers are the lucky ones - you will be an ace worker for them. BUT - don't give up your proper job of looking after us lot on the Omlet forum Anne & Simon

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