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  1. DD has had a cold & cough for several weeks. Rubbing Vicks into the soles of her feet On a night then putting socks on her has helped a lot Sage Hope it's better soon.
  2. they only sell them for about an hour at the reduced price. Sage
  3. Just to let everyone know Amazon Black Friday, snuggle safe are on sale at 2.45 today. Price will be revealed at that time. Sage
  4. Well today the cat returned to the nesting box. The poop has been returned to the owner. Lets see how they like it in their garden
  5. Was shutting the girls in the run this afternoon and next doors cat shot out the cube landed on one of the girls and then went crazy till I got the gate open. The cat had left me a pressy I the nesting box this is not the first time this has happened. Next time the owner can have the present back Anyone know of a repellant that works please. Sage
  6. Many years ago on one of the Hairy Bikers series they where in South America. Both Si & Dave were doing a street Tango & Dave Myers wasn't too bad. Sue
  7. Hi chickenlady This sound the same as what has happened to my Suki. Whit Bank Holiday went out for the day & when we got back Suki was limping (holding her foot out in front of her). I gave her the once over & couldn't see anything wrong but after a few days it wasn’t getting any better. Off to the vets we went. He couldn't find anything wrong so gave her ant inflammatory liquid, and an antibiotic jab, since then she has been broody twice & had a heavy moult. Her foot /leg is still the same I have noticed one of her toe nails has crumbled away it kind of went soft and has gone altogether now. I have treated for scaly leg mite just on the off chance. Just last week she started laying again but she is getting badly bullied by one of my other hens and she ended up with a nasty cut to her head. (Bully in now in a cage until she learns to behave) Not sure if this is of any help Sage
  8. Well done everyone My nephew has got A* for the 4 exams he took a year early . Sage
  9. Can anyone offer me any advice please? 5 weeks ago Suki went broody on me. On Sunday 26th May all was fine in the morning she got removed out of the nest as usual & the family went out for the day. When we returned I let the girls out into the garden & noticed Suki was limping. Her broodiness was getting worse as was her limp so in the broody cage she went (I did sit the cage on an old board as she was struggling standing on the cage) I was hoping the confinement would restrict her movement & help the leg get better. We ended up at the vets but he couldn't find anything wrong, Suki had several jabs to reduce inflammation antibiotics and a pain killer. Week later she was back at the vet for the same. Her foot/leg is not getting better, when she moves the toes are curled up and she hops dragging the foot. I was beginning to think Marek’s but her eyes are clear and bright her shin looks good and she is eating & drinking well. Well today she has laid an egg after a 5 week rest. I’m totally confused. Sorry it a bit long winded. Don’t know what to do for the best Sage
  10. Suki came out the sin bin last night after 3 day & 3 nights . Straight up the ladder on the nest . She sat on an icepack for 3 hour by this time the icepack was quite warm. I put her back in the sin bin last nigth. I will try again with the ice pack this evening when I get in from work. This morning Cinderella has joined her in the sin bin I now have 2 grumpy hissing girls Sage
  11. A chicken can go off colour for a few days if they have a softy on the way. Hope she picks up . Sage
  12. Suki came out of the run at 100 miles an hour as usual yesterday but when she stopped she was limping then spent quite a while stood on one leg. I had a good look and cannot see any obviose signs of anything wrong. She is eating and still laying tail is up and looks generally well. This morning she is still limping, my question is do I leave her in the WIR with the others and hope she will rest it or do I take her in the kitchen and put her in a cat box for a few day to ensure she rests her leg. Sage
  13. Deluded sick people. My thought are with this young persons family, friends and all our armed forces. Sage
  14. Every year it's the same in our house. I find the holiday, hubby looks it over and approves, I book, sort out insurance. Book car parking, do all the shopping. Several days before we go I put all his holiday clothes (washed & ironed) on the bed and he gives his approval. I then have to hide them all or he will start to wear them . I pack for us all put everything in the car. Then as we drive to the airport I get none stop " Have you packed this, have you packed that did you do the other, did you get insurance, where are we parking, did you sort out money" He drives me mad. The at checkin when they ask if you packed the case he always nods and says yes. Sage
  15. Got mine from Bay Animal Housing 3 years ago. Think they where from Lancashire. Sage
  16. Fasting day for me today, nothing to eat so far . I have an apple carrot & stick of cellery for lunch. Dinner is homemade chicken & veg soup. Sage
  17. I was in the cloakroom of DD pre-school yesterday when her teacher came out. DD shouted at the top of her voice for all to hear "Miss Miss my Mummys going the the gym this morning and her tummy & bum wobble lots" . Not only did the teacher hear but about a dozen other parents and kids. Sage
  18. Today at the gym, I did day 1 of week 1 of the couch to 5km . It was hard work as I'm very over weight & unfit. hoping it will help shift a few pounds Sage
  19. What is cauliflower rice & how do you make it please. Sage
  20. HI all I'm looking to get my DD (nearly 5) a camera for her hols. She loves to use my big camera but she wants her own & to be honest I will be glad for her to leave mine alone. I don't want "Hello Kitty" " barbie" all over it just a good basic press & go kind of thing.I'm happy to get a secondhand one as I know it will end up bouncing on the floor. Any recommendations please Sage
  21. Just sand/cement mix with slabs on top. the paved area is 12ft x8ft with a 9x6ft run on top. Sage
  22. I was watching a couple of blackies in the garden yesterday collecting big bits of dried grass for nesting. Sage
  23. My WIR is on a single layer of paving slab & I have never had a problem with rats getting into the run. I get field mice coming in on an evening through the mesh & the girls just sit watching them. Sage

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