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  1. Thanks Patrica, that's put my mind at rest. 3 it is then off to pick them up tomorrow
  2. It is the mark 2 eglu and they have a large area to free range in so they are not confined to the run only
  3. Hi haven't used the forums for quite some time. Sadly my Gingernut ranger went to chook heaven last Sunday evening, I am going to pick up 2 new chooks tomorrow but was just wondering whether I could get 3?
  4. Ours love tomatoes espically the seeds
  5. sorry didn't mean that to post three times computer ans human error
  6. ummmm Bank Holiday I am trying to finish an assignment for uni that seems to be taking me an age because I keep changing my mind as i am writting. Also been taking too many 'technical' breaks thats when it gets hard going! so go and sit in the garden with the chooks
  7. No I won't be watching it its really isn't my thing have just poped to Blockbuster to pick up a DVD for the evening
  8. lovely photos' it is great to put a face to the name
  9. Seemed like a long wait but worth it i am sure Congratulations Martin I bet you don't want to come in from the garden Really pleased for you
  10. I am sitting on the PC which is out of sight of The TV but my DS1 is watching the Grand Prix and he said "oh its that Chicken Advert" again very funny so i will keep an ear out and dash to check out the next set of adverts
  11. I am in the same boat as you Mel I still have a bit of lawn left but not for much longer. I am not a gardener and now the main feature of our garden is the chickens
  12. It did make me laugh thankfully mine are past that stage My friends son who is the same age as my eldest is nick named 'Danger Kid' by my two just because some of the antics he has got up to over the years one that springs to mind that has never been forgotten was puting a sipder in a CD player to make it dizzy and eating ants
  13. Its true because the super markets weed out the odd eggs you get used to so called perfect style eggs Having unique design eggs each day is much more fun
  14. I think you should take it up with the school, because effectively he has possibly wasted the last 3 years learning spanish if they now won't let him take it up for GCSE. Although there has only been a small up take for spanish surely they should let those pupils who want to do a language take it other wise its been a waste. I think it is important to learn another language and by your school splitting the language options at Year 7 they have reduced the chances of pupils taking a language if they then drop one at GCSE level. My boys school used to split year 7 half French half German but they have stopped that now and one year all year 7's did french then this year all year 7's did German but if they are good at languages they get an option in year 8 9 to do enrichment and take the other Language and do two then chose at Year 9 which one or even both at GCSE, although they do not force year 10's to take a language which is a shame because we are in the EC.

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