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  1. I reckon 10 grand plus!! A regular bespoke wedding dress would be £2000 minimum. And yes, I definately want to try one on!
  2. Thank you for the advice. I think you're right, he was over pleased to see her. All has been calm today so all good. I've just never experienced that much blood before! Combs really really bleed don't they! x
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has had this happen before? Our cockerel, Jackson, has been poorly with sour crop for the past few weeks so he’s been in and out of a cage in the kitchen so we can monitor his food. Anyway, we think he’s better this time so we let him back out with the girls. He’s been back out with them for a couple of days and then this morning, he attacked one of our hen’s Daisy. There was blood everywhere! He was covered and it was pouring down her face, into her eyes, everywhere! Luckily, my OH was at home and found her cowering in the corner. He cleaned her up and now she is in the cage in the kitchen recovering from her ordeal. What do you think it was all about? They’ve been living together for two years and we have never had a problem with them fighting. Do you think he was trying to re-establish his authority and maybe saw her as a threat? She was always his favourite? We’re both out tomorrow so we’re worried about the others. What do you guys think? Emma x
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to write and say thank you for the fantastic advice i have received on this forum. My cockerel Jackson has been suffering with sour crop. We took him to the vets and his advice completely contradicted the advice i had read on here (and other websites I had looked at too) we administered baytril as we were instructed to but a week later there was no improvement in jackson. So, I did things the omlet way! Jackson has been in the kitchen for 48 hours now and i have followed the advice on here word for word. This morning the improvement in him is incredible. His crop doesnt feel swollen and he is really lively. I am going to keep a close eye on him but i think tomorrow he will be ok to go out with his girls. Thank you omlet, you have once again proved invaluable!
  5. I love this thread. So many interesting professions! I'm feeling inspired! X
  6. I'm a part time dance lecturer aswell as a part time cabaret dancer, stiltwalker, kid's clown and magician's assistant (as you do!) Been doing it for years, I've never had much money but i've seen parts of the world i'd never have seen otherwise. I also run a small agency supplying entertainers for corporate and nightclub events so any aspiring dancers out there, CV's to me please! X
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I took my hubby back to the orange shop and you.were all right, not a chance of cancelling the contract. However, they did swap the phone and changed the tariff (after saying there was no chance of this when I was there on my own) AND they gave us our 50 quid back! I didn't get the iPhone but got one I liked anyway! So there was some merit in going in the shop and playing your face a bit! Emma x
  8. Hey guys, Thanks for all the advice. I completely agree that it is only a phone and I know I have a wonderful thoughtful hubby. Its funny how you can get wound up over the smallest things, even though you know in the grand scheme of the world it irrelevant! However, I am now getting madder at orange's attitude. I called customer services today and after waiting half an hour, the lady on the phone told me that orange shops have 'nothing to do with us' as they are only a franchise who can set their own rules and policies. This seems ridiculous to me as they are obviously representatives of the orange company! I have also figured out that we have been customers of orange for 18 years and they have over £1000 a year from us. I am completely confused that they cannot make a gesture of goodwill and swap a brand new phone, when it was just a simple mistake! I feel like they don't care at all now we are locked into an 18 month contract and feel like I'm being robbed!! I also know that they are so many better deals out there! Sorry, rant over! They just make me made! If it was anything else you had bought you could just send it back no problem!! Emma x
  9. I thought maybe that too but he's signed up for an expensive contract (because the laptop's had it) so I can get internet on my phone. Its gonna cost £40 a month no matter what phone I have! I'm rubbish at these things so I don't know if its possible to reduce the tariff at a later date! Its very confusing and I feel like if I ask too many questions I look even more ungrateful! I know its a lovely gesture but I feel its a waste of money and don't know what to do for the best without upsetting my thoughtful hubby!
  10. First of all Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. Anyway, now to ask all of your advice. As I said, I don't want to appear ungrateful but yesterday my lovely husband got me a new mobile phone for christmas. Its the new blackberry phone and very fancy! It's also very heavy and big and not the one I wanted! I asked him (very nicely) if he didn't mind if I took it back to orange and picked a different one (I wanted an iphone and had been dropping hints like bricks but to no avail). Either way, as he had gotten such an expensive phone as part of an upgrade, then paid extra towards it, orange have a no returns, no exchange policy and I am now under contract with the phone until june 2012. Their advice was to sell it on ebay and buy myself a new one as it's tough luck! The phone hasn't even been switched on, although I did open the box to have a look at my present (obviously). Anyway, I then looked on ebay and the phone I have is now selling for 300-500 pounds!! Which is madness to me, as I shouldn't be trusted with such an expensive phone! Anyway, I am now tempted to sell it and buy myself a new laptop as I am currently writing this on my old, slightly bashed up and not ringing properly phone! There's no way we could've afforded a laptop but then I do need a new phone! I've looked up orange's policy and maybe I can return the phone, cancel the upgrade and then start again in a few days time or I could sell it and get a laptop but have to keep the old phone for another 18 months. Has anyone ever tries challenging orange on their no returns policy? I know this isn't a life or death dilema and I don't want to appear ungrateful for my lovely present but now I know I'm in posession of a 500 pound phone I'm starting to think of other possibilities!! What do you guys think? Emma x
  11. I have some rocket dog uggs that I bought from TK Maxx a couple of months ago. I fell on my backside in them the other day and landed in the mud! Also, the sole has come away from the boot bit. I've worn them quite a lot but not sure they should break quite so quickly. They are these ones: http://www.donaghys.co.uk/store/product/415174/RocketDog-Slush-Puppie/ Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
  12. I can't believe no one has mentioned Mariah Carey 'All I want for Christmas is you'. That's my joint favourite alongside 'I want a hippopotamus for Christmas'. Don't know that one? Well, here it is as a special treat.... I guarantee you wont be able to get it out of your head!
  13. Oh sorry, just realised the first link i posted is the same one Christian posted!
  14. Here ya go.... some special 'boy from space' treats. If you are of a nervous disposition look away, this may be the scariest kids tv program you have ever seen!! And for those brave ones, an even scarier one, 'the thin man' ....
  15. Who got evicted? I missed it tonight!!

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