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  1. I have all my CD's still, kept in alphabetical order! (and yes-I'm a bit of a loser!)
  2. Hiya guys! Medicated chick crumb is on the way just in case! It seems like the smell is coming from his head and not from his vent though! Thanks for all the advice, I'm glad I mentioned it, I honestly just thought everyone might get a smelly one every now and again!
  3. Ooh thanks for the advice, i didn't think it could be that serious. I just thought I'd got a smelly one! He hasn't got diarrohea and is eating and drinking fine. He's the only boy with 3 girls (I think) and I thought it might be pheromones (if that's how you spell it) or something like that. He's not gaping or panting and is really chirpy. In fact they all are. I'm gonna go have a smell of his bottom, see if it smells the strongest!
  4. Hey Guys! I have four three week old chicks in the brooder in the kitchen. They are doing really well but one of them stinks!! Its definately only one of the chicks and he smells weird like fish paste! It stinks out the kitchen. We're cleaning them out all the time. Is it weird to get a smelly chick? I've not had one before! xx
  5. emmab

    Appy Feet!

    I saw this in Camden Market last week-I couldn't believe it! I think its really weird! x
  6. I have 8 more beautiful babies and 5 are the same colour as my frizzle so they've got to be from her eggs!! Does this mean they'll all be frizzles? I hope so because they are very very cute! and yes yes... I'm off to get the camera out!! xx
  7. Just a quick message because I'm too engrossed but chick one of a batch of 9 has arrived and I think its a frizzle!!! Whoop whoop!
  8. oooh yes! I'll get my pens out
  9. ....eggs in action! http://www.antaresonline.com/2010/05/25/eggs-in-action/
  10. Thanks redwing. She's even been in her old nestbox today like she's thinking of laying an egg. It kinda of makes me sad to think she's ready to leave them. It means the babies are ready to go to their new homes Guess that's how you end up with 113 chickens eh? x
  11. Hey guys! I have 3 6 week old pekin bantams in with their mum. The mummy chicken doesn't seem interested with them during the day over the last few days and is hanging out with her older gang. The chicks seem happy to be in the garden on their own and aren't particularly calling for her or following her around like they used to, but at night they all go into the same coop and snuggle up together. Should i wait for the mum to go into her old coop before I separate them or will they make it obvious they're independant? I dont want to separate them too soon. What do you reckon? x
  12. Sometimes I get caught smelling the chickens coz I love it so much!!
  13. How do you feel about it? I'm going to be rehoming mine ina few weeks and I'm feeling a bit sad. Didn't think it would bother me but I've really took to having them in the house with me!
  14. ha ha ha just clicked on your link and love the really random pic of a man with a chicken on his head (pic no 15) brilliant!!! ha ha ha x
  15. There is some somewhere but that was a week ago and they look completely different now so more pics on the way again soon-i promise! More than life's worth not to put more pics on! you lot'd never speak to me again! ha ha xx
  16. 2010 is the year of change and trying new things. I know this because I have decided it is so!!! so Good luck xx
  17. I'm very jealous, I love new york! I got proposed to whilst ice skating in central park on christmas day so it has special memories for me! Have a fabulous time and def take an empty suitcase! xx
  18. Just thought I'd let you know how the babies are getting on. I've got 6 three week old pekin bantams inside under the heat lamp. They are all happy, healthy, eating and drinking well and happy to be picked up and eat from my hand. My guess so far is two boys and a four girls, who are getting stronger with more feathers every day! I've also got 3 two week old's outside with their mummy. Daisy boots is a cracking mum-really looking after her litle'uns and amazing me with her natural ability and instinct. I had 15 eggs to start with so i think i've been dead lucky (especially as a first timer) to end up with 9 healthy happy babies. Sorry to gush but i think we've all got the best hobby in the world and anyone who doesn't keep chickens is seriously missing out!!! Who'd want any other animal? they cant give you fresh eggs for breakfast!!!
  19. Hello! You'll love your chickens!! Good luck xx
  20. Good luck all-let us know how you get on!
  21. Hey everyone! Quick update: All six chicks are doing really well and I now have 3 babies in the garden with their mummy, daisy boots. Here is a wicked pic of the nosiest of the lot! Enjoy!
  22. I like the sloths but i love a slow loris-look how cute this one is:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9f-6jygRJk
  23. Cool-you cant go wrong with a bin and some tin foil! Good Luck x

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