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  1. Thank you all! I am very proud xx
  2. Tell me about it-£7 million is what i was hoping for!!
  3. Get this-it's all true!!! When i went to vote my number was 777. I thought to myself that's lucky. Then i thought I have 7 eggs in the incubator-that's a good sign! On thursday night, I called my husband to see if he was going to come to the final performance on my HND drama group, 'cant come-the eggs are cheeping-they might hatch' he said. The drama group said that's ok if he didn't come so long as we named the chicks after them-strangely enough there's 7 in the group! (7 again i thought to myself!!) Then at 7 am on the 7th may the first chick hatched. I have to play the euromillions tonight, i thought to myself, this is too many coincedences. So I did and I only went and won!! Guess how much???? £7 Can you believe it?? How very strange!!
  4. If you wanna go as John travolta from grease-I've got a t bird leather jacket you can borrow! You'd only need a white tshirt and jeans to go with it! You could get a quiff wig from masquerade on the hagley road too! Let me know if you want to borrow it! x
  5. Six beautiful and healthy little'uns. All pekin bantams born 7th May 2010. Aren't they adorable! I'm a very very proud first time chicken mum!
  6. The sixth one had made her way out by the time i got up this morning! So now six beautiful little chicks!! Pics soon I promise! x
  7. I do, I do!! I'm gonna wait until i take them out because you cant see them clearly through the plastic! There's a real stunner in there though- she's a beauty!! (I say she-let's see eh?) x
  8. Haven't opened a thing-I'm a good girl and checked first!! Thanks guys-will leave the little'un to it and will let you know how i get on tomorrow x
  9. Hey guys! Today is hatching day. I had 7 eggs in the incubator-5 beautiful little chicks have hatched. One egg hasn't done anything so doesn't look promising and the other one has it's little beak stuck out. It pipped at 8ish this morning but hasn't come out yet. I can see it breating but it doesn't look as strong as it did at 6pm. Should I interfere or just leave it? Any advice would be appreciated-thank you xx
  10. Sounds like a good idea! Especially seeing as it's not my incubator, keeping mess down is a good idea. So much to learn but so so exciting!! Got everything prepared and ready now, keep your fingers crossed for me!
  11. Thank you, I'll keep turning then. Should i put j cloth in the bottom of the incubator too? I haven't heard that one before? x
  12. I've read a few things about this, but seem to still be confused. I have pekin bantam eggs in the incubator-are they due to hatch on day 18 or nearer day 20/21. I know you should stop turning a couple of days before so should i stop turning on day 16? Thanks guys x
  13. Have you seen Home Alone 2? They say I'm like the bird women in central park except I'm surrounded with chickens!
  14. looks like 7 out of 12! very very excited now
  15. I haven't been, but there's one on the A449 between wall heath and kinver, not far from Kingswinford, near Roberts farm shop. It's got a big sign up saying every sunday for 21 years so guess it's well established!! x
  16. Thank you! I'm excited to see if there's anything in there! If i see veins i'll let you all know!! x
  17. Hi all, This is probably a stupid question but I've never done it before. I'm going to candle my eggs for the first time this weekend, when I put them back in do i have put them back in the same position I got them out? (eg lying on the same side?) the incubator only turns them 45 degress each time so should i be laying them on the other side so they are turned completely? Will it affect the eggs having the incubator opened and closed? ok, so that's more than one question but I want to get it right! Thanks guys! x
  18. I just went to wilkinsons and I bought....... toothpaste! Sorry not half as exciting but true!
  19. Aren't they weird little creatures? Sure mine's going to go broody soon though! x
  20. Hey everyone! Was hoping for some advice. I have a chicken who is hogging the nest box. She takes ages to lay an egg (a few hours) and screams at the others if they go in the coop with her. I thought she was going broody but soon as she lays she'll come back into the garden and runs around as normal. I think its stoping the others from laying as we haven't had so many eggs in the last few days. I've tried putting her in the other coop but she just screams and screams, jumps out and runs back to her normal nest box (getting a good peck from everyone else on the way). Do you think she's struggling to lay or is this an early sign she's going broody? I dont want to shut herself off on her own as she tends to get picked on anyway and I dont want to make it worse for her. What do you think? Thanks guys xx
  21. I agree! I absolutely hate returning to work after the holidays. I don't have half the stress you have Ajuff but although I'm quite relaxed now, I know I won't sleep tonight and will be running round like a madhead tomorrow. Can't complain 17 weeks holiday a year though (expecting the backlash now-ha ha ha) xx
  22. You know what it is? I'm just off out to go pick up an incubator! They know so they're thinking 'ha ha ha' to themselves! x
  23. My cockerel is called Jackson, (as in Randy not Michael.) Think we all know how he got his name!

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