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  1. If chickens lay eggs 'in sync' with each other. I've noticed over the last few days as soon as one goes in the nest box to lay, the others decide its a good idea too and wait their turn to go in. (I dont know why they dont go in at the same time-there's two nest boxes but they all prefer the one on the left for some reason.) You know how women who hang around together end up with the same monthly cycle, well, do you think it's the same for chickens? They used to lay at all different times of the day but today it's nearly 4pm and no eggs from anyone! I know they take a day off every so often but it's never fallen on the same day before. Weird eh? Although I'm not sure if they are just feeling lazy, they seem to be having too much fun sunbathing in the dirt to be bothered today! x
  2. Ok then, I won't poke Howard in the eye. Still hate the Halifax though
  3. Baytril is definately the way forward. My little Amber had a poorly eye and although it wasn't the same thing as yours, baytril soon sorted everything out! Hope all goes well for you x
  4. I hate the Halifax, full stop. They are THE most unhelpful, aggressive bank. Grrrr! And I hate Howard, I would poke him in the eye if i saw him in the street. Oooh don't get me started!!!
  5. Ooh, well done you for being brave! It takes a lot of guts to contact someone after all this time. I can understand you feeling guilty but I think it's something you just have to do. If it was me I'd be too intrigued to leave it. If it comes to the time you are going to meet up then maybe you have to say something but until then just find out what you want to know. My OH doesn't know his dad, but is convinced he met and spoke to him the other day in a really random chance meeting. I'm definately my father's daughter (if you know what i mean) and my family make up a lot of my identity so I'm fascinated that my OH isn't interested in knowing his roots. Good Luck, you could be opening a can of worms but I think you won't settle until you know what you know what you need to know. Keep us informed please! Good Luck! x
  6. I'm feeling the brinsea mini advanced-it takes 7 eggs and is fully automatic, sounds fab! What do you reckon?
  7. Student loan just came through-I am off to buy an incubator!!! (very very excited) xx
  8. That pic is so cute I've just stole it and put it as the background on my desktop. xx
  9. me too! Hijack away and tell us your news! x
  10. I'd like to take mine for a walk on a lead. I think they'd like a trip out now and again.
  11. I just thought I'd tell you all. I'm supposed to be writing an essay. So far I have; bought perfume off ebay, joined freecycle,(and got rid of my sister's wooden bathroom accessories) written to my friends on facebook, eaten 2 cheese cobs, played with the chickens, played the omlet quiz (3/10 rubbish!) and read most of the posts on here! It's 3.38 and no work done! ha ha ha! Wondering what you lot are supposed to be doing instead of reading this?
  12. I met him once. He had a glint in his eye! I'm sad to hear he has died.
  13. Absolutely feeling your pain! Hope it gets better for you soon! (I'm off for a sports massage next week so I'll let you know if it works!)
  14. Don't feel silly-I didn't know either! x
  15. Oh gosh, that's really made me cry! You should definately be very proud!
  16. ooh I am tempted! think hubby would freak if I got one that holds 48 eggs or something! Thought I could ease him in with a little incy! He says I'm just impatient and have to wait for a broody chicken!!! x
  17. that's the aldi game-see if you can pack quick enough to keep up!!!
  18. I quite fancy myself a rcom mini-what are they like? x
  19. She was rude, but aldi staff get timed on the tills so if they don't scan quick enough they get a right rolicking!!
  20. Your letter is only the start of it, One letter and now you’re a part of it, Now you’ve done it, Jim has fixed it for you, And you and you. There must be something That you always wanted to do, The one thing that you always wanted to, Now you’ve done it, Jim has fixed it for you, And you and you and ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba ba baaa xx
  21. Fab news! i'm all up for getting the kids involved. I do tv extra work and they are always looking for children and babies. You can save the money for them and when they're older they'll really appreciate it. It's also a dead interesting job! Good Luck, let us know how you get on x
  22. love it-i'm hooked! i want a lamb!!! x
  23. My little girl daisy, she's used to jump on my shoulder and snuggle in my hair. I used to walk round the house, do the washing up, watch tv and she still sat on my shoulder. She would sit there for hours and she never poo'd on me once!! I think she liked me best too! x

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