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  1. oooh chucky1 do you have the details for that place? Leicester's not so far from us and that sounds fab! I'm really getting excited now! All these suggestions-I cant wait to tell the boys all your ideas! You guys really are fab!! x
  2. I gave mine to my Uncle Eric! x (He has an allotment!)
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. I really like the idea of a burlesque show and I love love love funny girls but as I'm a professional dancer and am currently in a drag show the boys will just think I've organised a night out for myself!! Really fancy rolling round in mud and tank driving! Though someone suggested 'Zorbing' to me today-it looks a-maz-ing! Anyway, it turns out England are playing on the night we've planned, so football and beer it is! I'm still going to arrange day activities though! I'll let you know how I get on! xx
  4. tank driving sounds amazing!! i've never heard of that before in fact they're all fanatstic suggestions. Thanks guys! (i am prepared to have the mickey took out of me too! I'm rubbish at any type of competitive games-well except drinking! think that's why I'm best man-ha ha ha!!) xx
  5. still laughing! i had to watch it again! brilliant!!
  6. Hi all, I've been asked to be best man (well best woman) for my best friend's wedding in July. Obviously I'm a very 'alternative' choice so I want to arrange an 'alternative' and memorable night out/weekend. I've looked all over the internet and nothing's jumped out at me. The boys who will be invited are no help-they just wanna get drunk and visit an adult only 'dancing' bar-really original! The groom's not got many suggestions either so I thought I'd ask you guys!! Any suggestions? x
  7. That was fantastic! I'm laughing my head off! As if the poor thing hasn't been traumatised enough it's being made to wear a jumper! ha ha ha
  8. Oooh dunno. She did have metacam (painkiller/anti inflammatory stuff) too so maybe thats why i've gotta wait three weeks. But you reckon three weeks after the end of the dose?
  9. How long do i have to wait before we can eat the eggs again? The vet said three weeks but is that three weeks from when she started the treatment or three weeks from when she finished the treatment? We can't tell who's egg is who's so are having to throw them away. It's such a shame after all the effort the girls put in xx
  10. Tomorrow i'll get a pic of my new valentine's day cockerel! x
  11. I can see them! Whoop whoop! That only took me 2 hours ha ha x
  12. Have I been successful? Daisy boots Little Frizz Princess Amber
  13. Update: Amber's eyes are so so much better-she's only been on the medicine since saturday. The lump in her right eye has almost disappeared-it's shrunk back under her eyelid and her left eye is almost fully open. I am so pleased, she looks so much better and can see from both eyes now! (and the administering is getting better) I'm absolutely made up-we're not out of the woods yet but definately going in the right direction! Thanks for all the help and support everyone-I'll let you know when she's in the all clear xx
  14. i beat you all-i got a cockerel!!! xx
  15. It was my dad's 70th and my mom's 60th in the same year so me and my sister clubbed together and sent them on a coach trip around christmas markets in germany, france and belgium. They aren't very experienced travellers so it was perfect as I dropped them off in our local town and they didn't have to worry about a thing, they got transported everywhere, had the day at the market then got picked up and taken back to the hotel. They loved it! I know it's not Christmas but they do other trips during the summer. x
  16. Didn't think about them being classed as livestock but you're right i should save a bit each month! (very unlikely though-i'm rubbish at saving!)
  17. She was! I'll try and add them to the specialist vet list!
  18. Hey all! Just wondering, do any of you have pet insurance for your chickens? If so, from who? With a £50 vet's bill yesterday, my husband out of work and another trip to the vets next week it's going to be expensive! I can only find insurance for dogs, cats, horses or rabbits-not chickens!! x
  19. Well I'm £50 worse off but she's got baytril, anti inflamatory liquid, painkillers and eye gel. They still think it could be a cyst, tumour or an abscess as inside her beak is swollen too! we've got to keep giving her the medicines and go back again half way through next week. I'd definately recommend going to a specialist-she was fab and gave amber a good examination and showed us how to administer the medicines. Dont know if we'll manage as well as she did though! I'll keep you posted xx
  20. no, she hasn't got a snotty nose, she's breathing fine, no coughing or gasping! in fact she's perfect apart from her eyes! x
  21. I didn't no-she hasn't had anything but i remember you saying last time it was a quick diagnosis and you would have expected antibiotics. Maybe it's because it was the local vet and not a specialist. We're going to a specialist tomorrow so hopefully they'll shed some light on what's going on! I'm really worried though, although she does still seem fine in herself and laid an egg this morning! x
  22. so should i push for antibiotics for her? whatever's happening has happened quick-i only went out for 2 hours and her eye has completely closed up! I've bathed it too but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I'll let you know what they say! x
  23. Hi all! Remember my little pekin amber with the poorly eye, she had a lump in it and was diagonosed by the local vet as having a cyst or a tumour. There was a choice to operate but as she wasn't poorly in herself we decided to just monitor her and see what happened. Well, there was no change in her eye in fact if anything it seemed to get a bit better but then yesterday we noticed it looked swollen again. This morning it looked the same as yesterday-a bit swollen. I went out for a couple of hours and when I came back her other eye is almost completely closed. So she now has one with a swollen lump and another that's closed. She doesn't appear to be able to see out of the closed eye and is walking with her head to the side. I've booked her in with an avian specialist in Birmingham tomorrow (she only works wednesdays and saturday mornings so cant get her in any sooner) but this isn't good news is it? I'm really worried she has something really wrong with her (maybe cancer as was suggested before!) has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any advice please? x
  24. I quite fancy going and having a look at an auction (not particularly for buying-more because I'm nosey!) Has anyone ever been to penkridge market near stafford? I think they have poultry auctions every wednesday. Or do you know of any others near me-I'm in the west midlands x
  25. She's climbed up onto the bricks so she's in the sun, buried her head and fell asleep! Must've been hard work for her, poor thing!! x

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