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  1. Whoop Whoop!! a small but absolutely perfectly formed first egg! Thanks little frizz a job well done!!!! xxx !
  2. Hey Guys, thought I'd share what's going on in my back garden! I'm convinced that my little frizzle is going to lay her first egg today! She has been running up and down the garden making a racket and has been in and out the coop 15 times at least! She just doesn't know what to do with herself but what's absolutely amazing is that the two older ones are really protecting her. They are guarding the coop and not letting her out of the run as if to say 'get back in there'. They are also chasing off frizzle's litle mate who keeps wanting to go and join her as if to say 'leave her alone' They're jumping up the ladder every now and then to check on her-it's too cute! My OH went to go and see Frizz and stroked her, the other two gave him a good peck to see him off too (they never peck at us!) It's fascinating! It's official.....Chickens are amazing!!! xx
  3. Oh no! i am so so sorry to hear about mimi but least she had a lovely life until the end. xx
  4. Hey everyone! I've ben monitoring Amber's eye closely and it's not got worse at all in fact if anything it might be getting better. She hasn't attempted to scratch at it and it isn't effecting her so I'm not going to go ahead with the operation. I'll keep my eye on her and if anything changes I might change my mind but for now if she's happy then so I am. xx
  5. oh fantastic news! I've been reading with anticipation!! What drama's eh? x
  6. ooh i think she's beautiful! i want one like that!! x
  7. Mine are fine with meeting new people but soon as my mom comes round they run a mile and hide in their run! don't know what they've got against her but it's really funny!!
  8. Mine love cheese too! They come running from the end of the garden-I'm sure they can smell it! I dont give them much though and only occasionally as a special treat as i'm not sure how good it is for them either. They are in the kitchen with me now chasing each other round for little pieces of toast i'm throwing down for them! x
  9. I think I'm gonna leave her a couple of days and see if there are any changes. I've had a look on the recommended vet's list and the nearest one to me is an hour away so I'll give them a phone call and ask their advice and maybe take her to see them. Like you said maybe anibiotics could clear it up. I only want to go with the operation as a last resort. Thank you for all the comments and advice, I really appreciate all your help. I'll let you know how we get on x
  10. no he didn't. i think it was because he could move the lump around-it's not weeping or anything. When he showed me i could see it was a hard lump and could be felt under her eyelid. Would you take her somewhere else for a 2nd opinion? x
  11. She's absolutely fine in herself. She's eating and drinking the most out of them all (and always has done!!) And they are happy together-only grumbling about the snow and refusing to come out of their run. She hasn't laid for a few weeks but being a pekin i think that's normal and wasn't expecting another egg until february anyway! She doesn't seem to have noticed her poorly eye at all! It just seems unfair to pit her through so much but then again I want to do everything i can to help her! x
  12. Well I'm afraid it's not good news. The vet thinks it might be a cyst or possibly a tumour and cancer. the only thing they could do is put her under anaesthetic and try and remove it. This seems a hell of strain for one little chicken's body and i dont know how well chickens cope with things like that. What would you guys do? it doesn't seem to be causing her any upset and she's not scratched or made it sore. He also said that as it's not contagious she doesn't have to be separated from her friends. I feel so bad for her and she was good as gold in the vets too. Poor little thing! Let me know what you think? x
  13. Thank you all, Amber's eye doesn't look any better today so the vet's appointment is booked for five tonight (hopefully she'll be a little sleepy and calmer after dark!) I'll let you all know how i get on when I get home. Thank you for all the advice x
  14. i thought maybe she might have scratched it or got a bit of grit or something in it so tomorrow i'll get eye drops. She seemed to appreciate her eye being bathed (she fell asleep in my husband's arms) so hopefully it was only something that irratated her eye and we soothed it. I'll check in the morning and get some eye drops for her. Thank you stacey x
  15. Hello all, I'm seeking some advice! This morning I noticed my little pekin Amber had a watery eye. Her bottom eyelid looks like it is sagging a bit, it doesn't look sore but looks a little watery and a bit swollen. I've brought her into the house and bathed her eye with some warm water. It looked a bit better so I've returned her into the coop with her friends. I know it's very cold at the moment but the coop is insulated and i've checked that they are warm. It doesn't sound as serious as other problems I've read about on here as she is not wheezing or has a cold and seems very well within herself apart from her eye. They are wormed every month with verm x so dont think its that-should i take her to the vet? Any advice would be appreciated x
  16. Merry Christmas to you all! My friend bought three hens. 'Barbara' turned out to be a boy and they are looking for a good home for him. He is absolutely beautiful and I had made a plan to buy some hatching eggs next spring anyway so I'm thinking I could bring him home to meet my four girls! Does anyone know the procedure of introducing a new cockerel? There is plenty of room in the coop and the run. He is the same age as my two younger girls (25 weeks) but a little bit younger than my other two (32 weeks) I know introducing hens to each other can be problematic but can I introduce him straight away and he'll take charge? He's definately bigger than all the girls and has been living with two other hens for the last few months so it'll be a shock for the girls but not for him! I do have a seperate rabbit hutch that he could sleep in for a while if necessary! What do you think? Any advice would be appreciated!! xx P.s they're all pekin bantams!
  17. I have one that looks exactly like your hob"Ooops, word censored!" and she's loving the snow and ice! She's running around and sliding about laughing at the others! It's hilarious!!
  18. Me too! we've only had them since June so we're learning something new every day and I absolutely love it! they are wonderful fascinating pets, always entertaining and brilliant company. I'm definately hooked!!
  19. Thanks everyone! Makes me feel better to hear other chooks are doing the same. I think it's just tail feathers and they're are no bald spots on her I just had a right shock when I opened the coop, it looked like they'd had a pillow fight in the night!
  20. I have had a broody hen, she has just about got back to her normal self and then this morning I discovered the coop full of feathers! I couldn't tell where they were coming from (although I knew they were her's) and when i picked her up they were falling out in my hands. She's only 5 1/2 months old so seems a bit young for moulting. Do you think the broodiness and feather loss are connected? I spray the coop weekly and sprinkle red mite powder in their bedding so i dont think its that. She's also in a vile mood and being mean to the others! any ideas would be appreciated!!

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