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  1. Eglu classic and extensions, 2 feed and 2 water/glug (one of each original one square shape). 2 sets of roosting bars (easier to clean up). In Bristol Bath area (Keynsham) £120 or make me an offer. Jet washed before Christmas not been used for 10 months.
  2. Classic Green Eglu plus run extender, second set of perch rails (big & little) and original and newer square shape feeder and water holders. Faded as it is some years old but still working. I jet washed it and took it apart but can re assemble for viewing or collection. Looking for about £120 ono
  3. Hi, I wondered what people prefer for pancakes, fresh laid today eggs, or slightly older ones? I know I prefer a day or two old for frying, as fresh out the box seem to be too runny. Does it matter for pancakes?
  4. Hi, Sorry to ask, but I'm a bit upset at the moment, and worried about Mave! What are the "usual isolation and introduction rules"? I only have 1 Eglu, and not sure where I could keep new flock other than with Mavis, is there a 1 day intro method? Also what sort of chooks are small as a breed? I only ask because Mavis isn't that big, never has been. She is a Colombian Black Tail. Thanks & Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Vet said Mavis likley has it as it is viral. Any advice on getting a hen or two that might (can't guarantee I know) be resistant to or immunised against Marek's?? I was going to call Annie Hall in Siston near Bristol to see.
  6. Heading to the vet now. We decided to cremate Floss and put her in her favourite spot. I hope Mavis will be OK.
  7. The vet found she didn't respond to touch on her leg at all, and she can't stand anymore. It's so sad, because she is such a friendly and loveable girl. I just don't know what to do when I go back to the vet. I have to book in for PTS on Monday, as I can't leave her suffering, but feel worse that I have to make the decision. Lloyd
  8. Flossie our goldline, has suspected Marek's. I Mavis is not showing signs, and I need to know what to do. My wife and I don't want her to be in pain, but the last thing we want to do is PTS, if there are other options. She is still eating/drinking well, but some evenings won't put her self to bed and sit outside. She can stand, and walks with a limp. I am heart broken at the thought of the outcome. Just need some friendly advice. Thanks.
  9. Im on vermx liquid but saw some 3mm hair like worms in a runny poo. What should I use and where do I get it? Also what will it cost? Only saw it in one bird? Thanks
  10. Mavis has some black spots on her wattle, the Vet wasn't sure what it is and sent some pictures to Langford??? Anyways I had given some eggs to someone on the morning I noticed she had these spots. Should I warn them not to eat the eggs? Or should it be fine? She is still eating and drinking fine. L
  11. OK, visited the Vet today (Silva in Midsomer Norton, seen them recommended on here), the Vet said she wasn't sure what it was, and asked one of the Large Animal Vets (I assume that is a farm vet) He was also unsure so they took some photos and will ask around and get back to me. They said she looked ok, and that as long as she was acting normally then just keep an eye on them both. If this is pox, then can anyone recommend any things I should/shouldn't do to help the girls (I guess that if Mavis has it Floss will too). I have them on their layers pellets and some Natural Bio Yog, Verm-x in the water and that is it so far. God I'm so worried about them, I love them to bits and really don't want to see anything happen!
  12. Today they don't look any worse than yesterday however Im booked in to the vets. Can I ask, if you are using a permanent area for the eglu to sit, what ground sanitiser do you use, and where do you get it from? L
  13. Ok so Maciss has these odd looking black marks under her skin on the comb and wattles. I have also noticed that both Mavis and Flossie are preening their down feathers on their behinds alot more than normal. I did a full clean last night with total mite kill (pink liquid spray) of the eglu, and doused loads of diatom in the egg box, but I can ever see anything on them. What am I looking for and would I be better off going to a vet to diagnose the problem? I am registered with Silva in Midsomer Norton near Bath. Also can you use the pink spray on the girls or just the eglu? So far I have not sprayed them with it. If I can though is there a time period I can't eat the eggs for? Thanks Lloyd.

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