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  1. We put netting down over our whole lawn last year in a last ditch attempt to save it. its worked an absolute treat! This year, the grass has grown through the netting and we've even been able to mow the lawn as the netting has slowly been pushed further down towards the roots. When the girls do scratch now, they can't do any real damage as they can't get to the roots, so the grass quickly recovers. We can't see the netting at all now and have a lovely green lush lawn that looks better than our neighbours
  2. Sorry for delayed response and thanks both for your advice. I have a broody cage that she regularly goes on holiday to. Problem is, despite it not being a very comfortable place to hang out in, I think she rather likes it, or at least pretends to just to get one over on me - I'll often let her out briefly to stretch her legs and I'll find her back in there, looking all mardy-bum at me Long story short, a fellow keeper has kindly offered to take her off my hands, but then when faced with the real possibility of saying goodbye to her, I just couldn't bring myself to do it! So, I've resigned myself to just putting up with her broody ways and accept that she's a high maintenance little madam and always will be! Ho hum...
  3. I'm really struggling with my 2 year old Wyandotte hen. She is constantly going broody - every 3 weeks - and she hasn't ever really fitted in with the rest of the flock, just her personality I think. I feel really bad considering it, but I am thinking of whether it would be possible to rehome her, maybe to a breeder who could put her maternal tendencies to better use than I'm able to. Just not sure how to go about rehoming a hen and hoping some of you may have some advice for me please?
  4. Thanks girls, and sorry you've also lost hens to this dreaded illness Hilda is the fourth chook I've lost to peritonitis, but my first pure breed. I went over to pure breeds in the hope of avoiding it, but it seems no girl is 100% safe. One week on and I'm still missing her terribly. Have started thinking about getting some new girls but will wait a few months first I think as can't quite face the thought of replacing her just yet.
  5. That's useful info, thanks Beantree. Ooh Big Flo looks gorgeous! I do love a striking black hen Great news LottyJ1, thanks for the positive feedback on them, just what I was hoping for. Peter replied back really quick and was very helpful and friendly so I had a good feeling about them. They breed a lot of my favourites so I suspect I may have an attack of the old Morehens Disease when I visit!! Thanks again.
  6. Hi - has anyone had any experience with Cosyhens breeder in Monmouthshire? A bit of a trek for me but they breed Sussex and Marans (my faves) so happy to make the journey if they come recommended... Thanks.
  7. Well my worst fears over Hilda a couple of months ago have been confirmed and we lost our dear sweet girl yesterday to the dreaded peritonitis Kicking myself now as I should have implanted her back in Feb when I took her to the vet with a squishy tummy. I don't like how the implant changes their personality so I didn't seriously consider it as she seemed ok otherwise but she swelled up so quickly the last few days and it was all too late by then. If only I'd done it back then we'd still have her today. That's my second girl lost in as many months and I'm heartbroken. She was gorgeous, so tame, really friendly and chatty and an absolute beauty. Only 2 years old, no age at all for a pure breed. Will miss her so much and just can't stop crying
  8. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. Poor Millie and poor you Losing them so young is the most heartbreaking I think, but at least she didn't suffer with a long drawn out illness and although her little life was short, I'm sure it was very sweet. RIP Millie xxx
  9. Tee-hee, thats so funny I've just done a spot of gardening with 6 little sauce pots all trying to jump in the holes and refill them as fast as I can dig! Its amazing how they recognise the spade and fork set, they even know where they live and get all excited whenever I go to the shed door. Every time I turn around they are all standing right behind me expectantly!
  10. Has she got a hot, swollen tummy? If not, I doubt its peritonitis. It does sound like laying tackle problems though, maybe a softie on its way? Does she look like she's straining or pulsating round the fluffy bottom area? That and walking very slowly with a waddle is a sure sign that there's a softie brewing with my girls. Or she could have a tummy infection, in which case you should pop her to the vets for some antibiotics to help clear it up. A softie is normally resolved in hours though, not days, so if she's no better by tomorrow I'd take her anyway.
  11. Ah so sorry to hear about little Didge Been wondering how she was doing since your post a few weeks ago and hoping no news was good news. I still cry when I think of the girls I've lost, I don't think it ever gets any easier saying goodbye, but she did at least know some lovely days of fine feathered freedom with you, so you were lucky to find each other. Thinking of you and sending hugs x
  12. Oh so so sorry to hear about Doris Don't feel bad about giving her an extra couple of days, I did the same with my Maude, you have to go with what you think is best at the time. You gave her a fighting chance, so don't beat yourself up, I'm sure you're feeling upset enough without that as well. RIP Doris and big hugs to you x
  13. Sounds like peritonitis to me I'm afraid. I've lost 3 girls to it, the first 2 went downhill very quickly and died in my arms. The 3rd one had sterile peritonitis for quite some time and it didn't affect her at all for ages. I then implanted her twice which really gave her a good year more, but she wasn't the same hen and so when the last implant wore off I decided to let things run their course and did sadly have her pts when it clearly became painful for her. My Hilda had a big squishy belly recently and that went down after a while, so there is always hope. If it feels tight and hot thats probably not a good sign though. So sorry, know how you must be feeling. Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you get on
  14. Oh Libby I'm so so sorry to hear about Pickles I can't believe after everything you've been through with her that she didn't make it. But…..it sounds like you made the right decision today, albeit an incredibly difficult and painful decision. I felt the same with Olive, watching her dozing and realising she wasn't doing the chickeny things she should be doing and you know in that moment that its time to say goodbye. Gosh its just so hard though isn't it. Saying goodbye when they are such dear little friends. I wish you'd had a happy ending with Pickles and been able to spend more time together, but the time you had was special and she was much loved and cherished and I'm sure she knew that. Thinking of you, know exactly how you must be feeling, so go easy on yourself the next few days OK? You did everything you could, you couldn't have done or cared for her more. Big hugs xx
  15. Ah really sorry to hear about Barry, bless her. I'm sure the time with you completely eclipsed her life before and thank good she had those lovely 18 months to live a good chicken life. Bigs hugs down the line to you x I mixed pure breeds with my hybrids. Didn't really think about any pitfalls at the time, but in hindsight I probably should have considered the whole vaccinated/non vaccinated side of things. I've lost 3 girls since then, two to peritonitis and one to gapeworm, so nothing that could be linked back to mixing them up I think. Others will have more experience and advice I'm sure, I'm looking forward to seeing the piccies once you've got them!

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