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  1. Hi guys, I have my 6 girls in a cube attached to a shed and a good siz outdoor space. Every morning, one or two of them are making a real racket and I'm worried it'll be getting on the neighbours nerves. It's getting on mine! In winter, I lock them in the cube to sleep but now it's light before I even wake up, I've been leaving them to it. They all chose to sleep on a mezzanine level in the shed which is also open to their outside space. Do you think I should be putting them in the cube every night still or is there something else I could do? I dont want to get a complaint and lose them.
  2. Thank you all so much for the replies guys, you've all helped! Definitely food for thought but I do think a frank discussion is needed. I just need to think about how I'm going to broach the subject without causing any friction. I can't just grin and bear it as that'll probably end up with a fall out. I'll let you know how it goes
  3. Thanks for the reply. They usually drive but it turns out it's just my mum coming so she'll be coming on the train. Still a hassle though with the food drama and it'd mean my son would be expected to go on an airbed for a week in our bedroom. Not really fair on him. Think it's too late to say we have something planned now as we've already spoken about her coming and I never mentioned anything. I don't think they do notice that they're getting under our feet. I like the hotel idea, a mutual place with our own spaces, only downside is eating out at a restaurant; an absolute nightmare with Mrs fussy who claims to be lactose intollerant (unless it's something really tasty/sweet/fattening/unhealthy).
  4. I really doubt anyone is pinching the eggs. Our garden is surrounded by 4 other gardens and we know all the neighbours. Plus, We we're in all day on Sunday and still no eggs. I'm going to buy some and put them in the nesting box in the hopes it might remind them of our mutual agreement! I provide shelter, food, drink, entertainment, cleaning and a pamper service in return for my poached eggs on toast! I'll let you know if my trickery works.
  5. Hi guys, hoping you can help me out. My folks live 8 hours away and we get on fairly well until we're together for more than 3-4 days. We don't argue or anything but they take over the house and say they want to visit to see the kids then spend the week sat on their ipads. It almost feels like we're getting in the way of their routine even though they are in our house. It's all the little things that build up that make it all so annoying and my wife and I end up really hating the last few days of their stay and really can't wait for them to leave. Sounds awful but they always just invite themselves for a week! A WEEK! I could handle a few days but a week is way too much. We both work full time with 2 kids at school and their visits are always planned when we're all of together around school holidays. Just had the latest booking for April telling me they're coming Wednesday-Wednesday during the Easter holidays. Already we're feeling stressed about it and desperately looking for excuses to shorten the visit. To add to it, my mum is the most fussy eater and everything is a massive drama and we don't really have the room either. I don't want to risk falling out with them but what do I do to avoid such long uninvited stays?
  6. Hi, they're all hybrids and are about 30 weeks old. From the 6 of them, we were getting roughly 5 eggs per day for the last month and then all of a sudden none at all. I could understand if we were just getting less eggs but for it to be none is just weird.
  7. Hi guys, I have my cube attached to a 6x4 shed on stilts with a vinyl floor which I cover with a layer of Fresh Bed. Wondering if anyone else uses this and if anyone can advise on whether aubiose is better/worse/same. Fresh Bed seems to be OK until the slightest bit of damp and then you need to change the whole lot. I'm still undecided but I can't have them tap dancing on the lino.
  8. Hi guys, My girls are looking particularly miserable being confined to their WIR as I'm sure yours are too. I have my cube attached to an old 6 x 4 shed which is on stilts with a mezzanine floor and what was nice fresh bed flooring on top of vinyl. I'm doing my best to keep them entertained and happy with a ball, CD's hung up, grit, meal worms, whole cauliflower etc. The last couple of days they have been excited at the thought of being let out on the 6th Jan but when I broke the bad news to them about confinement until 28th Feb, they have all stopped laying. Now on a serious note, they really have ALL stopped laying out of the blue. They all look healthy; bright eyes, pert, bright combs and nice clean legs and vents. Is this something to do with them being unhappy at being lock up or do I have an egg thief or is it something more sinister? I did think they might be eating them themselves but there is absolutely no trace of egg or shell at all. Any help or advice greatly appreciated!
  9. Good evening fellow Omleteers, After a move around with work, we now have our perfect run set up and 3 (soon to be 6) girls happily homed. We had hens 4 years ago and had to move with work but kept our cube. Really pleased we did as we now have the space to keep them again. One question though. Are the girls really warm enough at night now it's getting colder or do they need something to make life a little more comfortable? I close the cube door every night to keep the cold out but I'm not convinced it's enough for them. Any tips or advice welcome.
  10. Morning all, Just been doing my weekly clean out and there seems to be loads of tiny flies crawling around on the poo trays. Any ideas? Also a few of my girls still have issues with bald patches above their tail feathers. I have wormed them, used stockholm tar, tried lice/mite powder. I give them apple cider vinegar one a month and they have veg and mixed corn regularly but they are still bald. The patches are red and look a bit sore. I just dont get how some people keep their birds at show standard? I want mine to be like that but just dont have the knowledge. Would a bath help with some sort of lice/mite killing additive in? TIA Paul
  11. Hi all, Anyone ever used stockholm tar before? What is it actually supposed to be used for? I am using it on some bald patches just above my girls' tail feathers and bellies which I think might be some sort of mite but don't know how often to re-apply. Thanks
  12. Just moved my girls to their new home in the garden. This spot really cathes the sun in the afternoons and they love to dust bathe there.
  13. Thanks for you advice. I always used a pre-mixed wormer from Mini Meadows but I have since moved and struggle to find any chickeny places. Just had a quick look around and found some Flubenvet, just want to check this is what you suggest using - http://www.bhwt.org.uk/shop/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=129 Also, how long would this last for my 5 girls? Also getting some aplle cider vinegar for the first time. Do any of you use it?
  14. Hi, My girls are due to be wormed and Im unsure what to use. Any advice please? Thanks in advance. paul

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