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  1. I only lost my dog 4 weeks ago, it didn't make any difference how often he saw them off they still came back - just found a small lilac ripped to pieces as well .
  2. My running battle with the deer who leap over the lade and into my garden has really stepped up a gear this year. I always have to protect my vegetables and fruit from them but all the time they find something else to eat - it's not as if there isn't enough wild vegetation and crops in the farm fields, they just seem to love challenging me . They have now start stripping the bark from the trees in my garden, which they have not done before, so using a combination of tree guards and chicken wire I protected all the vulnerable ones; now this morning I find they have stripped the branches from a beautiful small variegated Acer, and what's even worse they haven't even eaten them, just left them lying all over the ground . I think I shall give up and leave them to it .
  3. After 5 days I am finally starting to come to terms with the fact that my beloved chocolate Labrador has gone. He collapsed and died on Friday when OH was taking him for a gentle stroll first thing in the morning. He had appeared to have a return of his arthritis and had been given a full health check by our senior vet on Tuesday, he saw him again on Thursday and Raisin was his normal pain at the vets - full of life, eager to see the vet and generally bouncing around. He was quiet on Thursday night, ate his dinner, but didn't want any supper - we put it down to his busy afternoon entertaining everyone at the vets. But by 6.30am on Friday, whilst I was talking to the vet, he passed away. We won't have a post mortem, nothing can bring him back; it appears from his behaviour in the moments before he died that he had a blood clot, we have had long discussions with the vet and this seems the most likely scenario. Life will never be the same without my crazy Raisin.
  4. We were watching and fell in love with the Chesapeake Retriever. Looked at some gorgeous chocolate coloured puppies on-line, but as there are only 150 puppies bred in the UK each year I don't think we'll be getting one any time soon.
  5. Looks like we're both coming to the same conclusion - which is no conclusion at all .
  6. I decided to look into another tracker that I can use when I'm swimming and also one that records heart rate. It looks as if the Fitbit is not supposed to be worn when swimming, the Jawbone UP 3 seems to be the best for what I want (although I'm not sure if the UP 3 has been released in the UK yet) - but lots of people have reported reliability issues with Jawbones. Decisions decisions
  7. Today I made a Battenburg cake - I was going to save it for the weekend but it's so delicious we have had 2 large slices already .
  8. Thanks Olly and everyone else , not raining on my parade at all, I knew there were things wrong with this system but couldn't put my finger on what there were. We have already looked into joining the local Division and attending all the courses - at the moment we think a move may be on the cards, so if that is the case we will wait until we move before doing anything as I don't think I would want to move bees 300 miles down the country. OH is a great deliberator so I know he will look into everything very carefully before we go into bee keeping, in fact I think we would still be deliberating about chickens if I hadn't put my foot down 6 years ago and ordered the house after 6 months of him wondering whether to buy a Solway or an Eglu .
  9. . Can you expand on that Olly? I'm interested in keeping bees eventually and this looks like a miracle hive (in fact if it was April 1st I'd definitely have my doubts).
  10. Goodness, I remember my mum learning to make a crocheted shopping bag from supermarket bags many years ago, didn't know it had a name though. I'm afraid we all laughed at her making one bag from loads of others .
  11. I had one hen who I could never break the pecking habit with - she ended up living mostly on her own in a house and run next to the other girls. Ironically she is now my only remaining girl and lives as happy as Larry in her eglu with a large electric run fenced area, she is also one of my first girls and is now 6 years old and still lays occasionally. Obviously all that feather protein did her some good .
  12. Interesting comment, we found some here when we moved in 15 years ago, I found it reasonably easy to get rid of as well and it hasn't reappeared for over 10 years. Also, when I was at horticultural college a lecturer asked me to bring a root in so he could grow it and show other students exactly what it looked like. However there is a huge swathe of it about a mile away, by a, now empty, farm cottage. It is quite apparent the farm have no interest in removing it as they are frequently up there doing other field works and the area just gets bigger every year.
  13. We've had some beautiful weather over the last few days, cold and crisp in the morning but the sun soon coming up and warming the house via our south facing conservatory. Managed a good cycle ride on Saturday and also catching up with the hedge cutting that got missed in the autumn.
  14. It's quite interesting round here, some years the hedges appear ripped to pieces other years they are beautifully neat, this year they look really smart. I often wonder whether it's the skill of the tractor driver or whether the machinery blades are sharp enough. I would like to have the courage to ask but I don't like the idea of tackling the tractor driver with that great big cutting arm waving over my head .

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