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  1. The government have just announced all hens will need to be kept indoors from 14 December due to bird flu. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55201167 I'm wondering if an eglu and run is classed as indoors? I'm currently assuming so as it keeps the chickens away from wild birds. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?
  2. RIP Sweet&Sour and Roadrunner. I went out this morning to check their water, but it looks like a fox had got both of them. I've had the Eglu netting up for a while, and had obviously got complacent, because I didn't close their run or the actual eglu. I found one tangled up in the netting, and after a long search, I found the other halfway down the garden. Both minus their heads (does that sound like something a fox would do - I'd have thought he'd either eat the lot, or take them away?). Feel stupid now because I've been so careful in the past, but after a couple of times forgetting to secure them in, and without any drama, I'd just got so complacent and stopped worrying. BIG mistake. Not sure whether to get some more soon, or leave it for a while.
  3. Ahhhh, thanks. That puts my mind at rest. Thinking about it, she has done it before, a few weeks ago when it was hot but that was both wings and only lasted for a few hours.
  4. Hi all, I've noticed that one of my chickens' wings is sticking out slightly - it's been like this for a few days now, and I can't figure out why. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, and she can flap it ok, a few feathers on the outside of the wing seem a bit ruffled, but the inner ones seem to be fine. Has anyone come across this before? Is it normal?! Here are a few (not very good) pics... You can't actually see it very well on the pics, but it's very noticeable when she's wandering about. Is it anything to worry about?!
  5. I had to wait for my wife to get back from work so I could show off, but then it was straight in the pan! Delicious! Jayne wasn't totally convinced that it tastes better than shop bought eggs but I was! Just hope S&S sorts her timings out now though cos I want breakfast eggs! I've got a feeling that she might not lay for a little while because of the stress of the move (plus somebody keeps shooting her with a water pistol!). I'm back to work tomorrow so I won't see much of them til the weekend now, but at least Saturday is FR day! Can't wait. Hopefully I'll calm down soon and stop worrying about every little detail (no promises though), but until then, thanks everyone for your patience and advice!
  6. I now forgive Sweet&Sour for all the pecking..... She must have laid it just before 4pm. I was so excited! It's not her first ever egg, but it's her first egg here! Goujon the Cream Legbar seems to like the broom handle. I might have put it up a bit too high for Blackbean the silkie though. Goujon did consider roosting there for the night, but the torch managed to persuade her that the Eglu would be a better option again! I've witnessed them all eating from the Grub now, and I even checked with the Lady I got them off, and they are used to the pellets, so it's just me worrying! I still had loooooaaaaads of food left in the grub though - do I throw it out, or can they have it back tomorrow? I chucked it last night, cos I'd attempted a mash (they weren't keen so I assumed I'd done it wrong). Last night I thoroughly cleaned the grub and glug too, but I'm now thinking that might be a bit OTT to do that every day? What's everybody elses daily routines?
  7. I'll do that now thanks, I managed to break a broom handle while I was preparing the run for them so that's handy!
  8. I've left another bowl of pellets in the run but they haven't even noticed that! I wonder if they're just not used to pellets? They seem to love them if they find one on the ground but they couldn't be less interested with the grub feeder or the bowl full of them. I hope they're eating enough! Also, with this pecking order thing, when should I start to worry? Sweet&Sour (might have to change that name!) is definitely in charge and it seems the other two try to keep well out of her way, but occasionally she'll chase them and give them a peck on the back. There's a bit of squawking but I haven't noticed any feathers being picked out yet. Please reassure me that this is all completely normal and that Blackbean and Goujon are ok!
  9. Ok. Definitely don't want to go down that road. I'm desperately hoping they're not noisy in the mornings! S&S seems to have figured out the grub, but not sure about the other two, and I'm worried that they might not risk going near it anyway while S&S is there! Hopefully I'm just being overly worried for no reason!
  10. Well, they're out again! S&S is still trying to be the boss. She's not very keen on them going near 'her' food so I'll have to watch out for that. None of them seem especially keen on the pellets. Not sure if it's the food and/or the eglu grub that's causing them problems. I've put some pellets out in a bowl which got a bit more attention but they're far more interested in tiny pieces of lettuce from yesterday. Should I try making a 'mash'?! (recipe required!) or something? Or will they figure it out? Oh, and still no eggs! It's a travesty!!
  11. Is it morning yet? Can they play out again now?!
  12. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight! I want to go and wake them up now!
  13. Is the anti peck stuff worth getting just in case? Coco - I got them from Lou today. What an amazing place! I just know I'll be back there at some point to expand my flock!
  14. Here are some (not very good) pics...
  15. Aren't they just! They're in bed now - the gingernut ranger (currently called 'Sweet&Sour'*) was already in the Eglu when I went to check, with the other two waiting outside. I shone a torch into the eglu and the Cream Legbar (currently called 'Goujon'*) headed straight in. Then, after a little bit of pecking around the White Silkie ('BlackBean'*) finally found her way inside and I closed the door. Hope they're ok. Sweet&Sour was getting very bossy earlier (although the water pistol helped!). I can't wait to let them out in the morning! Pics will follow shortly. *all names are under discussion, and awaiting approval and authorisation from my wife!

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