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  1. Our girls (ex battery and Blue Orpington) free range in our large garden and into the surrounding fields. We have 2 Cubes with extended runs and have been keeping chickens for over 10 years. This afternoon around 2.30 we heard squawking and rushing outside saw a stoat chasing a terrified chicken. The stoat continued to attack the girls while we tried to grab them and put them into their runs. In the 30 years we have lived here we have never seen a Stoat. What I would like to know is are the girls safe in their run and house? Can a stoat get through the wire of the run and through the ventilation slot in the cube? How can we make our very large, rural garden and land safe for our girls to free range? Do we consider our girls safety or their quality of life? I know they will be very unhappy if they are confined, but having witnessed the vicious attack, fear for their lives. Any advice gratefully received.
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    Many thanks for your advice. Ruthy XX
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    Hi New member Ruthy here asking for help. I have had 4 Black Rocks since April living in a cube and free ranging around garden and fields during day. All happy and laying an egg each every day. This evening I could only find 3 girls so went to search. Eventually as going dark found 4th sitting very quietly in a slightly overgrown area of garden/field. I picked her up and found blood on her face and neck. Washed with warm water and cotton wool. No deep cuts, in fact difficult to find where blood coming from. She was in shock - very quiet. Offered food and water but didn't want anything and looked a little unsteady on her feet. Decided to put her in cube with others and monitor her condition. If not as normal in the morning will take to vets. Could she have flown into some barbed wire and caught her face? Have I done the right things? Never had an injured chicken before and really not sure what to do. My girls are pets and I want to do the best for them. Help please....feeling very worried about my girl!