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  1. Lily is such a cutie! Can't believe I missed this post, LOVE cockers! Need more pictures of her
  2. Thanks, they are only very young hens. The two were around POL and the one that died today was only about 16 weeks so definitely something not right.
  3. My Nan has a very small collection of seven pekin hens and very sad to say in the last 3 - 4 days she has lost three hens for unknown reasons. The first we knew about it was that on Thursday/Friday morning (sorry can't remember which day) she went up to let them out in the morning and noticed that two of the hens didn't come out so checked in the coop and they were both there dead, they had been fine as far as I know the night before, both on the perch with all the others, although my Nan did say the day before they passed one of them was quieter than normal. I thought it was very odd that both had died at the same time (they were two that we got together a couple of months ago). Then this morning my Nan went up to let out & feed and she found one of our new pullets in the nest box all floppy, so brought her down and put her in an isolation hutch but I thought she had gone past the point of no return and sadly, she died not long after. But again, yesterday/last night she was fine and was perched with the others at night time. I have told Nan not to do anything with the one that died today (she buried the other two) and I'll take it to the vets for a post mortem. Just wondering whether anyone on here had any ideas???
  4. Last time I came on here was when my dog killed one of my girls and another died the next day. Well since then we have thought through thoroughly the set up and brought them a new coop with a run on it and then now this week we had some panels delivered to put up a walk in run for them so they get to have a bigger run. I've also added four more pekin hens (oops!) A lemon cuckoo, gold birchen, gold partridge and an unknown colour (perhaps I can have suggestions on what she is??) Heres the new pen.... The lemon cuckoo and gold birchen, Dilys and Mabel All four, Mabel, Dilys, Dorris and Beryl The newbies, No name & No name
  5. Well.... for the first time since having the chickens we have a rat visiting! Noticed a few 'signs' and then saw it yesterday, came out when we were up the garden!! Not good Have just read the sticky on here about rat problems and we have set a trap but at the moment it is being very clever and has missed it! Fingers crossed we can get the problem sorted soon!
  6. Has anyone else got REALLY fussy pekins? I've tried to give my girls some treats (rice, lettuce in a food ball, sweetcorn and a few others) and they just aren't interested at all They like their daily bit of corn and occasional couple of handfuls of mealworms but don't seem interested in treats except for a pecking block I got them the other week. As they are in a run all the time at the moment I tried to make it abit more fun for them to have the food ball and sweetcorn on a skewer type thing but they aren't bothered by them Just wondering what treats you give your chickens?
  7. I have a couple of litters of baby bunnies in the nest at the moment & look at this sweetie! Nearly 3 weeks old... Morning!!
  8. Yeah they are, they are great! Very pleased and the girls love scratching around in them
  9. Yeah thought that myself when the other person said about the comb, think he's staying put for now anyway
  10. Ah right, never knew that! Would he be a cross breed then? They had three 'pullets' there and apparently the person having the other two didn't want this one, they weren't in the best of conditions either. Think the amount they had had got on top of them, hence why they were selling up
  11. She lives in a cottage on a farm so no problems noise wise but he is a very strange character! She is keeping him for the time being but was thinking of asking a friend if she wanted him as she breeds and then get a couple more hens to go with her two girls.
  12. she is a he!! This is my auntie's scots grey 'hen', we brought him/her from someone selling up as a hen and over the past couple of weeks he has got a very big, red comb, wattles etc and has been attempting to crow and now he has mastered the crow! Here is Izzy........ or now better known as Eddie
  13. The hardwood chippings for the chickens run arrived today and I'm really pleased with it. Ordered three bags and only needed one and a half so the rest I can keep for when it needs changing. The girls seem happy and there's some pictures below of them and their new home. Plus they are both now laying - Bonus! (Sorry about the picture overload)
  14. My two girls talking to each other whilst Dorris was laying
  15. Thanks Was going to see if I could put anything more 'interesting' in there for them to do, perches sounds like a great idea, will see what I can do

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